Chris Brown makes comeback, For One Night

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It has been over a year since Chris Brown beat his way from the top of the charts. While most of his fans turned against him, Brown always had the support of BET. But, last year, the network thought it would be best if he did not have much of a role during the BET Awards, this year was a different story.

One year after the death of Michael Jackson, a tribute to Jackson was held during the ceremony. Many artists did tributes, but the one performed by Brown. During his tribute, Chris Brown broke down in tears. His display easily won the crowd over and he was already forgiven.

After he cried, each time Brown took the stage, the people could not get enough of him. To add to his tearful display for MJ, the man some poised to replace him apologized for his public fight with Rihanna last year. BET accepted his apology and they treated Brown as if "Kiss Kiss" had just been released.

But, following the 2010 BET Awards, things went back to normal for Chris Brown. Outside of the urban media markets, there is no one who brought Brown's tears. Newspapers from the major cities across the nation feel he cried to win the fans back over. He was able to win the majority of the people who saw him at the BET Awards. In addition to dissing his tears, not too many people bought his apology for his actions from last year.

For one night, Chris Brown was back on top of the game. Brown left the 2010 BET Awards on a high, but he has been deflated back to reality by the media. Surely, he has heard the names they called him after his actions were revealed. Those names have only gotten worse after Chris Brown attended the awards ceremony the other night. Despite what the media says, Brown said everything he did came from the heart and he would do it again.


Michael Jackson prospering from the Grave

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

While it does not seem like it, a full year has passed since pop icon, Michael Jackson died. After years of being bullied by the media, Jackson ended his fight. Even after his death, the stories have continued through gossip blogs and other media outlets. In 2009, Jackson died trying to land the biggest comeback in history.

Ironically, Michael Jackson would land this comeback following his death. His music began selling as if he had just released Thriller. After all of the allegations, Michael Jackson had lost all credibility with the people. Despite this, Jackson still wanted to live the lifestyle of a wealthy man. The King of Pop died with his estate in debt.

The sales of Michael Jackson had dropped drastically in the last years of his life. But, after he died, his sales began to increase and the prices of his music doubled. Because he was dead, people wanted to hear his old music. Michael Jackson had not recieved profits of this measure since his peak in the 1980s. Finally back on top of the game, it was sad it took him dying to land the major comeback.

While he is no longer headline news, Michael Jackson is still selling a lot of records. When he died, he was able to take over the rest of the year. But, with Kanye West taking center stage at the MTV Video Music Awards and the Tiger Woods controversy, Michael Jackson was pushed to the side. By the time 2010 got into full swing, Jackson was buried by other stories. But, marking a year since his death, people are digging up the memories to get another look at the icon. No longer documented by headline news, Michael Jackson is still one of the top-selling artists in the business and his estate is prospering.


Taye Diggs defends Slim Thug and Interracial Couples

Monday, June 21, 2010

Earlier this month, Slim Thug revealed his true feelings about black women during an interview with VIBE. In the past, Slim Thug has dated black women. He has a brother who has always dated white women and his brother often rubbed this in his face. Both men feel black women are the lowest on the totem poll. Slim Thug is currently dating a woman mixed with black and white.

The comments made by Slim Thug have made waves across the entire black community. After all, Slim Thug is a rapper, so someone has to buy his albums. Dissing the backbone of the black community is not a great way to sell music, especially to a black audience. Despite the backlash, Slim Thug has stuck to his original statement. He is not the only black man who feels this way.

Taye Diggs understands exactly where Slim Thug is coming from because he gets the same treatment. Diggs is one of the biggest black stars on the planet. Any person who grew up in the 1990s in a black household got a first-hand view of Taye Diggs. It surprised a lot of people when he went out and married Idina Menzel, a popular white actress. Because of the role he plays with the black community, not too many Taye Diggs fans have approved of his marriage.

For the first time in his career, Taye Diggs has opened up on relationship preference. He said he used to be bothered by men who said they only liked one type of woman. Despite being a black man married to a white woman, Taye Diggs said he is not biased. Before he got married, Taye Diggs said he dated women of all races. Speaking on Slim Thug's situation, he said he sees exactly where he is coming from. Still, at the same time, he does not like it when a black man openly turns his back on the black woman. Taye Diggs said it is almost like rejecting the black community when a black person dates outside of the race.

Because the future is seemingly here, in 2010, Taye Diggs is upset because interracial dating is still a major topic to many pepople. He feels, by now, people should know things are different and not freak out when they see people of different races having a relationship. Growing up, Taye Diggs admitted he got caught up in what race was dating another race. He said he had friends who only dated black women and friends who only dated white women. Coming as a surprise to many, Taye Diggs said he used to judge the black men who only dated white women. He said he would never become that guy.

To this day, Taye Diggs says he is not the kind of person to judge a relationship based simply off of race. He is a man, overall, and he fell in love with a woman. It just happened to be the woman he fell in love with was white, but he still loves her. As he got older, Diggs said he did not care what people thought of him and he decided not to miss out on happiness out of loyalty. Once he became a celebrity, he began dating women of all races. After living in the fast lane, he met his future wife. Soon, they slowed down for each other and became a couple. It did not take long for their relationship to blossom into a marriage.

Because he is older and wiser, Taye Diggs does not let the thoughts of other people about race bother him because he has a woman he loves in his life now.


Nicki Minaj denies dating Sean "Diddy" Combs

There have been rumors about the relationship between newcomer, Nicki Minaj and Sean "Diddy" Combs for the past few months. Recently, Diddy has been spending more and more time with Nicki Minaj and Rick Ross. Rumor has it, he has been managing both of them. Many people feel his aim is to turn them into the new version of Lil' Kim and The Notorious B.I.G.

While Diddy and Rick Ross have come to love each other like brothers, the relationship with Nicki Minaj is more than family. In her verse on "Lil' Freak," Nicki rapped of how she would take the rumored girlfriend of Diddy, Cassie, away from him. The song dealt with women accepting sexual favors from other women. In the time since the song's release, Nicki and Diddy have gotten close.

Instead of taking Cassie away from Diddy, Nicki Minaj has replaced her in his eyes. When he would make public appearances, he would bring Cassie along. But, for the past few months, he has been rolling around with Nicki Minaj. Diddy has been asked about Nicki Minaj quite a few times, but he has never come out and said he was dating her. However, he has hinted at it each time he was asked about the situation.

For the most part, all of the questions have been directed towards Diddy. Since he has yet to give a clear answer, the search has begun for someone who will. Recently, the other half of these rumors was asked about the situation. To be clear, Nicki Minaj was asked if she was dating the Bad Boy mougl. In response to the question, Nicki made it loud and clear she was not dating Diddy. She admitted the two were close friends, but their relationship just is not there right now. While she denied dating Diddy, she did not say it could not happen in the future. Diddy is looking for love.


Jay-Z settles lawsuit with Red Sox' David Ortiz

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Earlier this year, David Ortiz made news outside of ESPN. In his native Dominican Republic, Ortiz opened a club named the Forty Forty. Jay-Z runs a string of nightclubs named the 40/40. Because of the name infringement, Jay-Z filed a suit against the baseball star. Despite being a frequent visitor of the 40/40, Ortiz claimed to not know he had taken the name.

Regardless of what he knew, Jay-Z knew the 40/40 named belonged to him and it did not matter how it was spelled. Their issue has been in the news for some time. But, the issue did not make headlines until earlier this year. David Ortiz was willing to go to court with Jay-Z, until he realized he was going to lose the case. A settlement was soon reached outside of court.

Jay-Z was awarded $5 million in the suit and Ortiz has agreed to change the name and cease operations. Additionally, he also decided to pull the website for his club from the internet. Jay-Z named the club after a record set by the New York Yankees. Ortiz is the star for their primary rival, Boston Red Sox.


Teairra Mari has girl crush on Nicki Minaj

Finally preparing her long-awaited sophomore album, Teairra Mari is back in the spotlight. In an effort to get herself back out there, Mari is working with all of the stars. Last year, she started working with Nicki Minaj. At the time, she was basically a no-name, but Teairra Mari said she worked with her because she liked her.

Now, a rising star in the game, the world wants to know Teairra Mari. She has had more interviews than she had throughout her time with Roc-A-Fella Records. Recently, Teairra Mari revealed she had a thing for shorter men. She also revealed she had a thing for celebrity, Megan Fox.

But, if she could be with any woman out there, Teairra Mari said she would date Nicki Minaj. The two have a personal relationship and they genuinely like each other. For any relationship, liking each other is important. The main thing which has gotten Teairra Mari looking at Nicki is her swagger.

If alone in a room with Nicki Minaj, Teairra Mari admitted something would likely happen between them. Still, Mari maintains she is not a lesbian, so she would not let things go too far. Teairra Mari admitted she may actually go for a kiss on the lips with Nicki Minaj. But, if anything else were to happen, she would not be the one starting it. While Teairra Mari would not stop somethig more from happening, she said she is not willing to do anything more than a simple make out with Nicki Minaj.


Lil' Kim comes under fire for Nicki Minaj feud

Saturday, June 19, 2010

It is no longer news about the way veteran femcee, Lil' Kim, feels about newcomer Nicki Minaj. With the female rap game in shambles, Nicki Minaj saved it. Now, the rappers of Lil Kim's generation are a distant memory. Along the way, Minaj has incorporated Kim's style into her own. Lil' Kim says all she wants is homage.

But, because of the way she has gone about asking Nicki Minaj for respect, Drake said she does not deserve it. Growing up a fan of Lil' Kim, Drake has lost all respect for her. In response to him, his former role model, Lil' Kim, called him a little pussy. She also had a lot of respect for him. Nicki Minaj refused to use any of her fire to light Lil' Kim's candle.

Even her longtime friend, Jadakiss, said she was taking things too far with Nicki Minaj. After explaining herself, Kim said she had problems with her for over a year. Jadakiss feels she is corny for bringing it up a year later. It comes off as Lil' Kim wanting attention by going against a star. Jadakiss thinks if the beef was real, she would have addressed it right then, instead of waiting until Nicki Minaj became famous to take her on.

Dissed by one friend, another in Ja Rule said Lil' Kim was completely wrong for dissing the up-and-coming female rapper. He said Lil' Kim is out here embarassing herself and for no reason. There is no real beef there and Ja Rule feels it can be ended in a quiet manner. At this stage in her career, Rule feels she is a little too old to worry about petty feuds. After all, he was in a similar situation to Lil' Kim when he first addressed his feud with 50 Cent and look at him now. Without a doubt, Ja Rule wishes he had handled things differently because he may still have been on top. He does not want the same thing to happen to one of his friends he entered the game with.


Kelis talks divorcing Nas

The happy marriage between Kelis and rapper Nas came to a crashing end last month. It came after a serious divorce battle between the musical couple. Kelis had grown upset with Nas for still living the single life. They reached a truce and the result of their happier time was Knight, their son. The couple agreed, under Kelis' wishes, to keep the pregnancy a secret. But, Nas informed the world she gave birth last July.

Already tired of Nas, this was the last straw for Kelis and she filed for divorce. There was so much on her table and Kelis did not want to be bothered with Nas and his mess. During their divorce, Kelis tried to take Nas for a ride. She demanded $800,000 from him in spousal and child support. The court ruled against this, but Nas did pay her. Even with the money, Kelis refused to allow Nas to see his son.

The divorce went final earlier this year and both parties were glad to be away from each other. Recently, Kelis began putting her career back together and she signed with's label. Early next month, on July 6, Kelis will release her next album, Flesh Tone. Kelis denied her divorce from Nas being bitter, but said the two were only friendly towards each other sometimes. During the divorce, Kelis and Nas tried to get back together for the sake of their son, but things did not work out. Officially over Nas, Kelis is dating someone new, but she is not giving out any names.

Nas recently dissed Kelis on his song, "Strong Will Survive."


Allen Iverson plots NBA return

In December 2006, Allen Iverson was traded to the young Denver Nuggets. Already led by scoring big man, Carmelo Anthony, the Nuggets were expected to rise to the top of the West. Instead, Iverson did not fit in well with the Nuggets. Despite having a strong personal relationship, there was no chemistry between the two superstars. Expecting a title, all the team offered was more of the same and a bigger name. Going into the 2008-2009 season, a move had to be made, so Iverson was traded to the Detroit Pistons. In exchange, the Nuggets landed Chauncey Billups and it was a good move for the Nuggets.

With the Pistons, Allen Iverson was benched for the first time in his career, as the Pistons went from the top of the East to only the eighth seed. Following the season, Iverson was a free agent with no intentions of returning to Detroit. He was on the radar of several teams, but they all passed on him. Eventually, he ended up with the Memphis Grizzlies. After only three games, he did not like the organization, so he decided to buy out his contract and retire. For one week, Allen Iverson retired before his Philadelphia 76ers offered him a one year deal. Back at home, Iverson played minimal minutes, but the Sixers lost throughout the season, well out of playoff contention before warm weather.

Meanwhile, Allen Iverson's daughter was dealing with illness and his marriage was on shaky ground. Due to all of his problems, Iverson decided to retire one more time. This time, however, it was on his terms and not because no team would take him. Having been away from the game for a few months and watching the recent finals, Allen Iverson misses the action. He still feels as if he could help a team reach the top of the heap as he no longer plays for money. Allen Iverson has returned with the same words Michael Jordan used fourteen years ago, "I'm back."


Kelly Rowland to release New Album this fall

One of the many early summer R&B bangers is Kelly Rowland's new single, "Commander." With the proper promotion, the song could easily rise the charts. Her boss, Matthew Knowles, wants to make sure of this. For this album, Rowland has decided to take the self-titled route.

Before she releases the album, Kelly Rowland wants to build up a major head start. She is not happy having one summer hit. A few years ago, Rowland topped the Billboard Hot 100 with Nelly in their duet, "Dilemma." Hoping to recreate magic, the two have reunited for the sequel.

If she and Nelly end up hitting the studio, the song should be the second or third release from the album. Kelly Rowland is still recording for the album despite releasing singles. Her plan is to take the best right from the top. Even after Beyonce denied a reunion with Destiny's Child, it will happen.

Excited about the reunion, Kelly Rowland has not been able to stay out of the studio. She wants her album to not interfere with the new album from the group. Because of this, Kelly Rowland has decided to hold off until at least October of this year to release her album. This way, she also will bypass any chance of her album being pushed back throughout the summer. Over the course of the past few years, this has been the way the industry works and people lose steam like this. But, Rowland wants things to be different with her.


Amber Rose says Kanye West saved her life

Until she began dating Kanye West, no one knew who Amber Rose was. Rose had recently stopped stripping because she had finally earned a job as a model. Kanye West often bragged of how he dated models, but never had much proof. A little over one year ago, he finally had proof when he began dating Amber Rose. In the months they have been dating there have been plenty of rumors about them.

Despite constantly being in the gossip headlines, not too many people know of Amber Rose's story. She grew up very poor and was raised by her mother. Like many people who grew up without opportunities, she had no male role model in her life. Insecure, Rose became a stripper even though she had dreams of being a model. Working hard, she was finally able to become a model.

While Amber Rose had accomplished her dreams of becoming a model, things were still hard on her. This would change when she met rapper Kanye West. From the start, the two were attracted to each other and they began dating. Their relationship blossomed and public appearances were soon made. Because she was with Kanye West, people noticed her and she landed major contracts. These contracts paid off for her.

Mainly due to her relationship with Kanye West, Amber Rose was able to land modeling gigs and her life forever changed. Now, her poor past is a distant memory as she is a very wealthy woman. But, she hardly ever has to pay her way with Kanye West as her boyfriend. When they are together, they are in public and being in public with Kanye West means he pays the tab. Had he never come into her life, Amber Rose admits life would be a lot harder on her. She probably would have returned to stripping because it pays more money at a lower level. Never wanting a life like that, Amber Rose credits Kanye for saving her life.


Keyshia Cole pregnant again?

This year, Keyshia Cole was supposed to come back with a new album. Those plans may be on hold if the rumors about her prove to be true. Only a few years ago, Cole took over the female R&B game, but she gave it all up to start a family. She had even become the face of BET when her reality show, "The Way it Is" set record ratings. Keyshia Cole did not want any cameras in her face when she gave birth to her child with Daniel Gibson.

After being away for nearly a year, Keyshia Cole returned to the spotlight. Throughout her pregnancy, she did not make any public appearances. She did not want the public to see her pregnant. But, once she had the baby, in March, she returned to the public. Late last year, the singer revealed she would return in 2010. First, new music was to come, then her first public appearance. Last, her album, Keyshia was to be released.

But, even after rumors of her wanting to break things off with her NBA boyfriend, Daniel Gibson, it is being said she is pregnant again. Gibson is said to be the father of this child, too. A source close to Keyshia Cole said this pregnancy was not planned, but they do plan to go ahead with their second child. If the rumors are true, the second child will be born during the same month, March, as the first child.


Sean "Diddy" Combs vows to hold off on children Until Marriage

Recently, mogul Sean "Diddy" Combs spoke of the successes in his life. Before he had even reached the age of 40, Combs conquered music, television, clothing, and movies. He proved there was no excuse for any person with a dream. Sean Combs is the ultimate come-up story. Along the way, he has had a lot of women and a lot of children.

Outside of the money and the women, which make up his lavish lifestyle, Sean Combs has six children. Despite having six children by four different women, he does not have a relationship with any of them. He shares custody of all of his children. The one thing Diddy has yet to conquer is love. But, always the perfectionist, he said it is around the corner.

While he took on the world and won even before he turned 30, the one thing he does not have is one woman to share it with. He will always have his children, but there is not much more to show for his success, as far as sharing it. There have been many rumors of Diddy having a relationship with Cassie because she works in almost every division of his Bad Boy empire. Every now and again, Diddy gets a girlfriend and a child.

Feeling relatively young, Diddy said he wants to have more children, but he wants to have them the right way the next time around. When he began dating Kim Porter, she already had a child, but Combs stepped in and raised him as his own. During a breakup from Porter, Combs returned to his high school sweetheart and they had a child. A random woman claimed Diddy fathered her child and Combs soon took legal responsibility of him in 1998. In 2006, he had twins with Kim Porter and a child with a model, which would eventually cost him his relationship with Porter.

But, for the next woman, Diddy plans to do right and have six more children by one woman, his wife.


Alicia Keys puts her bachelorette pad up For Sale

Recently, Alicia Keys confirmed months of rumors about her pregnancy. For nearly a year, she has been dating Ruff Ryders' label owner, Swizz Beatz. The couple has been in the news because of the issues with Swizz Beatz' ex-wife, Mashonda. She was jealous of the relationship of Swizz and Alicia, so she caused legal trouble. Swizz Beatz also has children with Mashona, who is also a R&B singer.

Said to be in love for the first time, Swizz Beatz proposed to Alicia Keys soon after they got serious. Things would become more serious when she told him she was pregnant. Excited, the two decided to keep it a secret. But, still being around and promoting her music, Alicia Keys could not keep the secret. While feuding with Mashonda, a baby bump was spotted. Keys still remained silent.

But, Alicia Keys had to break her silence when she was asked if she were pregnant. She broke down and told the media and revealed herself to be engaged with Swizz Beatz. Quickly, he confirmed her story and the rumors became headline news. Because the couple is in the spotlight, people are not giving them much of a chance. The things Swizz Beatz says about Alicia Keys are the same things he said about Mashonda. They were not famous at the start of their relationship, but were when it ended. Despite starting a relationship with a similar woman, Swizz Beatz is confident things will be different.

Proving her love to the famed hip hop producer, Alicia Keys has put her $4 million New York home on the market. The property includes a main house and a pool house, but Swizz Beatz wants to move the family into a new home. Because of this, she has decided to sell her house, and possibly use the money for their upcoming wedding. It would be highly unlikely because it is not like either Alicia Keys are Swizz Beatz is struggling for money.


Katherine Jackson to publish book about Michael

There have been many stories about pop icon, Michael Jackson. Most of these stories have been untrue, but the media has eaten them all up. Of all of the books written about Michael Jackson and all of their authors, not many of them actually knew Jackson. The author of the latest book about the deceased pop legend does. Katherine Jackson has decided to write a book about Michael Jackson.

As the mother of Michael Jackson, she had a first-hand view of his childhood and she helped to shape it. There are many misconceptions about the way Michael was raised. Katherine Jackson may be the one to finally clear things up. After her ex-husband, Joe Jackson, publicly blamed her for the death of Michael, she may use the book to get back at him. It is more likely of Katherine Jackson to use the book as a way to honor her son.

One wish Michael Jackson always had was the people to actually understand him before they judged him. No matter what he did or how hard he tried, he was never accepted by the media. As he grew into adulthood, the media tried to portray him as a homosexual. But, with the way white women of all ages were all over him, this was clearly untrue. His love for innocent children was misconstrued and made into a sexual abuse story. The false stories of Michael Jackson raping little boys is what led to his untimely death nearly a year ago.

The book will be released next week and it will contain a picture on one page and Katherine's memory from the picture on the other page. She is expected to clearly define her son through these pictures and her memory from the provided picture. The book will be sold online through the website, Jackson has named her book Never Can Say Goodbye. Next week, she plans to take Michael's children, Michael, Jr., Paris, and Prince Michael to Gary, Indiana, the place their father grew up. She will do this on the anniversary of his death.


Rihanna working on "Explosive Album"

In a matter of only five years, Rihanna has gone from being a pop star into an international celebrity. Her hits have multiplied and it is expected of her to top the Billboard Hot 100. Each summer, the people expect a new anthem from Rihanna. While she is still viewed in the eyes of many as a anthem creator, Rihanna wants to do more. She has had dreams of being the biggest pop star in history.

Ever since Michael Jackson recorded Thriller, artists of all genres have compared their album to his. Most music fans regard Thriller as the best album in music history. The aim of a lot of artists out there is to top this album. Many have tried, but none of them have succeeded, still artists continue to try. Usher applies this pressure each time he goes to record another album.

Four albums deep, Rihanna has slowly evolved over time, but she is still not satisfied. All of her albums are platinum successes, but she wants the acclaim. Each time Beyonce releases an album, she is met with commercial success and critical acclaim. But, Rihanna only recieves decent reviews from critics on her albums. Instead of claiming bias, Rihanna works harder to prove the critics wrong. She works as hard as she can to make each album better than her last.

Later this year, Rihanna plans to release her fifth studio album. With this album, she is hoping to make a major jump as far as critical reception goes. Teaming up with Sean Garrett in the studio, Rihanna said her album will rival Thriller for the title of best album of all-time. She said it will easily be the most-explosive album of the decade as she has gone all out. Despite only being a singer, Rihanna said her lyrical level has drastically improved. Not only is she rhyming better, but she said her topics go more in-depth.


Is Drake a legend after One Album?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

There has been a lot of discussion about Drake over the past few years. People laughed when Jimmy from "Degrassi" decided he wanted to be a rapper. Around the same time, Lil Wayne was working with many different artists. Lil Wayne was featured on the first Drake mixtape. 50 Cent called Wayne a music whore after this.

50 Cent said Drake was not even a real rapper, instead he was an actor for a Canadian teenage soap opera. Drake knew about the diss from 50 Cent, but he chose not to respond. Instead, he gathered his thoughts and began working on his next release. Again, Drake teamed up with Lil Wayne.

The frustration and the help from Lil Wayne ended up making his second mixtape, So Far Gone. Because of the quality of the mixtape, some people mistook it for an album. It featured big-time collaborations and radio singles. "Best I Ever Had" and "Successful" both ended up having music videos.

Many people wanted Drake to rush and release an album before the end of 2009. This was something he could not do, even as badly as he loved his fans. Drake wanted to wait before putting out his debut album because he wanted it to be classic. He sat back and listened to Nas, much of Thank Me Later was inspired by Nas' debut album, Illmatic. Only one day after the release of Thank Me Later, it was hailed as an instant classic by Hip Hop Vibe. The album has been met with positive reivews and he has earned comparisons to the legends in the game.

Looking back at Jay-Z, The Notorious B.I.G., Nas, AZ, and Raekwon, those rappers were legends after the release of their debut album. In the time since their debuts, there have not been too many rappers to release classic debut albums. At the time of its release, 50 Cent's Get Rich or Die Tryin' was considered a classic, but it has not aged well over time. This is because of the hardcore focus of the album and his revenge against those who wronged him. Drake, on the other hand, is simply declaring his arrival to the game and assuming his position.

Thank Me Later has already gone down in the books as a classic album and Drake is being referred to as legendary. Of course, his performance on the album is legendary. But, after recording one album and it being well-received, is Drake a legend?


Prince to be honored by BET

The 2010 BET Awards has something special planned for cultural icon, Prince. Each year, during the awards show, a legend is award with the BET Lifetime Achievement Award and Prince is the 2010 recipient. He will be presented the award during the ceremony, hosted by Queen Latifah.

Stephen Hill, an executive from BET, said it was a no-brainer when they chose Prince. His legacy dates back well over thirty years. Even at this stage of his career, Prince is still relevant in the game. He said the body of work Prince has put out made it easy for him to be chosen.

The news has come as a surprise to some because they assumed the award would go to Michael Jackson. Jackson died only days before the 2009 BET Awards. The entire show was revamped as a dedication to him. Some thought he would receive the lifetime achievement award then.

However, Michael Jackson was not chosen and it seemed more likely he would be honored during the ceremony for 2010. This has not been the case as Prince will take home the award for Lifetime Achievement in 20010. There is a chance of Jackson taking the award next year or years in the future. Past winners of the award have been Gladys Knight, Whitney Houston, and Chaka Khan. Prince joins a legendary list as his own status is already legendary.


Kobe Bryant keeps Lakers alive in NBA Finals

In game five of the 2010 NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics perfected their craft. They forced Kobe Bryant to defeat them, taking the rest of the team out of the game. Bryant would explode for 38 points in game five, this included 23 consecutive Laker points. Despite his astonishing performance, the Lakers would lose.

The Boston win gave them a 3-2 lead in the series. Another win for the Celtics means they win the championship. Ever since he led the Lakers to the championship last season, Kobe Bryant has been focused on repeating. His focus never changed and the Lakers were almost given the best record in the West by default.

Last season was supposed to be when the Boston Celtics pulled off another incredible run to repeat as champions. But, injuries decimated the Celtics, leaving them in the cold. The Orlando Magic would inherit the Celtics' battles, falling in the Finals. Ever since their untimely defeat, the Boston Celtics have been thinking redemption.

During the offseason, Kevin Garnett worked hard to return to his form when he was first traded to the Celtics and the team made sure to add the right supporting cast to the squad. When the Boston Celtics took the floor for the first time in the 2009-2010 season, they defeated the Cleveland Cavaliers and got off to a quick 23-5 start. But, for the remainder of the season, they went 27-27. Their finish was good enough for a 50-32 record and home court advantage in the first round of the playoffs.

The Boston Celtics pulled off an improbable run which has led them back to the NBA Finals. Despite everything that has gone on, the Celtics are where they planned to be over a year ago. After knocking off the league-leading Cavaliers, and the second place Magic, it has become clear Boston is the real deal. It did not take long for the Celtics to soon have Kobe Bryant and the Lakers against the wall. Behind 3-2, the Lakers needed a miracle. Luckily Kobe Bryant plays for the team and he attacked, but got others involved.

Only taking 19 shots, Bryant scored 26 points, pulled down 11 rebounds, dished out 3 assists, and nabbed 4 steals. In the process, he led the Lakers to their best defensive game of the playoffs, beating the Celtics 89-67.


Tiger Woods fathered a nine-year-old child with Porn Star?

Just when Tiger Woods thinks he has finally escaped the scandal from nine months ago, it comes back. Initially, things were looking up for the golf superstar. He said his focus was on reclaiming what was his from the start. Woods planned to win his wife back and become the king of golf, again. Easier said than done with the media on his back.

Tiger Woods pleaded for the media to leave him alone so he could fix his marriage. Despite his pleas, things only got worse from there. Rumor after rumor was started until Elin could not take it any more. She filed for divorce with the chance to split his fortune in half. With more rumors coming, there is a slim chance of a reunion.

The latest rumor about Tiger Woods is not only about cheating. Long before he was with Elin, Woods supposedly had a sexual relationship with porn star, Devon James. She is now claiming her nine-year-old son is the product of this relationship. James claims to have fallen in love with Woods, but he did not feel the same way. Because of this, she kept the child, Austin T. James,' paternity a secret.

She dedicated the middle initial of her son's name to the man she fell in love with. No paternity test has been taken, but the boy does bear a striking resemblence to Tiger Woods. James said she was only 19 when she began seeing Woods. Because she was attending a Christian academy, she kept the paternity a secret. With no test, the only proof she has is her word. James said Tiger Woods was the only black man she had been with during this period of time, so she cannot deny the child. She now becomes one of many women trying to push their children off on Tiger Woods.


Rihanna "Madly in Love" with Matt Kemp

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Following the tragic end to her relationship with Chris Brown, Rihanna seemed like a lost cause. Often she would be seen on the news doing outrageous things. Many people thought she was acting out because she was abused. After the court placed the restraining order on Chris Brown, Rihanna still wanted to see him. Even after he beat her, Rihanna said she still had feelings for him.

The former "it couple" have not been together for some time and the separation has done them some good. Rihanna would date rapper Drake for a little while following her split from Brown. But, they just did not have any spark. Recently, Drake spoke on his former relationship with Rihanna. He said he knew he was being used to get back at Chris Brown.

However, late last year, Rihanna moved on from Chris Brown when she began dating L.A. Dodger, Matt Kemp. In the midst of lesbian rumors, Rihanna has been able to rely on Kemp. Their relationship has grown stronger and stronger as Rihanna has been attacked by the media. The couple gets away quite often and Rihanna said she now knows what true love feels like. Each day, her relationship gets stronger and she thinks Matt Kemp is the one.

The first big test in their relationship was when Rihanna met Kemp's family. At the time, Rihanna still denied dating the baseball player. Then, she would only say the two were good friends. But, Kemp's family loved her and she soon announced Matt Kemp as her boyfriend. It has been three months since Rihanna made the announcement of her relationship being official with Matt Kemp. As those three months have passed, Rihanna finds herself growing closer and closer to Kemp. Initially, they were simply causally dating, but things have gotten serious between the couple.

Explaining how she felt about Matt Kemp, Rihanna said she was "madly in love" with him.


Ginuwine takes credit for Nas' crossover appeal

Monday, June 14, 2010

When Nas first came into the game, he took rap back to its core. Nas did not make records for the pop charts and his popular collaboration, "If I Ruled The World" with Lauryn Hill, was still a song about the issues. To this day, Nas focuses on the issues, but he knows how to loosen up.

Eleven years ago, Nas released Nastradamus. The album was not much of a critical success. However, one single that stuck out was "You Owe Me." All of a sudden, Nas was openly rapping like other rappers. This was the first crossover single from Nas and it was very popular. It led to more crossovers.

On Nas' new album, he plans to step outside of his comfort zone and record songs like "You Owe Me." Ginuwine said if it had not been for his vocals on the song, Nas would not be doing this. For years, he was in the corner, but Nas came out after they collaborated.

Ginuwine credits Nas for staying true to himself, but still finding a way to cross over and reach the mainstream crowd. Had it not been for "You Owe Me," there is a chance Nas would have not branched out the way he did over the years. Ginuwine feels Nas has a message in his music which needs to be heard. Because of this, he is glad Nas has been able to cross over. His words have reached a lot of people and has inspired change in a lot of communities. There is a chance this would have never happened if "You Owe Me" never came.

The song, in Ginuwine's opinion, was one of the biggest songs of Nas' career because of the doors it opened up for him. He said no rapper wants to keep themselves in a box and he was glad Nas found a way to keep himself out of the box and reach the people. Ginuwine said the song still receives love when he performs it at clubs across the world. "You Owe Me" is one of Ginuwine's personal favorite songs and a song he loves to go out and perform.

Ginuwine urged all rappers to think outside of the box and expand themselves. If they do, they may be surprised with what they may come up with.


Drake has fallen in love with Nicki Minaj?

Last week, an article on Hip Hop Vibe spoke of the new music coming from Young Money. The latest singles from both superstars, Drake and Nicki Minaj deal with love. With so much hate surrounding the duo, a change in topic will do everyone some good. Recently, Drake spoke on something not dealing with the feud.

Drake met Nicki Minaj for the first time last summer while touring with Young Money. He said he fell in love with her the first time he saw her. She had everything he liked and he wanted to be with her. Despite his name being linked to the likes of Rihanna, he has crushed on Nicki Minaj. He tried flirting with her, but she was cold to him.

Because of this, Drake said he tries to keep things on a friendly basis with Nicki Minaj. But, on "Miss Me," Drake professes his love for Nicki. Even with everything laid out by Drake, Nicki Minaj denied the rumors. She said Drake does not have a crush on her and he never did. She credited Drake for knowing what to say to gain attention from the media. Recently, Drake spoke on his past relationship with Rihanna and now he wants more with Nicki.

Still, she denies any feelings from Drake.


Diddy defends buying son Expensive Car

Ever since he crossed the line of rap mogul to international businessman, Sean "Diddy" Combs has been trying to change his image. For the past few years, he has stayed out of the way of the law. It does not look good on Combs if he is in and out of jail. With a change in his lifestyle comes a change in his family's lifestyle. Last January, Diddy changed the life of his second son, Justin.

For his sixteenth birthday, Diddy gave his son a 2009 silver Maybach, which cost over $300,000. In addition to the car, Diddy also gave his son $10,000 to open a bank account. The entire birthday bash was featured on MTV's "My Super Sweet 16." Some people questioned if the young Combs could handle all of the gifts. People in his situation tend to be spoiled brats.

Justin Combs proved to be a little different when he donated the $10,000 to the Haitian relief. Still, Diddy came under a lot of fire for giving his children such expensive gifts. Recently, Diddy hit back at the critics on "Nightline." When the question came up about the gifts he gives his children, Diddy said whatever he gives them is the right thing for him to give. Because his children love him and because of his relationship with their mothers, Diddy feels it is his business how he raises his children.

Despite being rich, Diddy said he has taught them the necessary values they need to know in order to be productive members of society outside of his wealth. Because of the values he has instilled in all six of his children, he feels they can handle any gift. In his mind, size does not matter because the Combs kids will accept it and handle it, big or small. Diddy said he gave his son an expensive car because he wanted him to have it. He wanted to end the story there because it is his business why he did it and not the business of anyone else.


Drake afraid to diss Ray J?

The feud going on between Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj has spread outside of the hip hop community. The feud has spread outside of those two rappers. This feud is currently headline news on regular news sites and others are involved. However, one participant never mentioned is Ray J, who actually said Nicki Minaj should pay homage to Lil' Kim.

Ray J quickly sided with Lil' Kim when she made it known she had issues with Nicki Minaj. He said Nicki needs to go ahead and let the people know where she came from. Upon discovering Ray's comments, Lil' Kim agreed and repeated what was said. Drake quickly stepped up to defend his label-mate. He said Lil' Kim really needs to calm down.

Drake said he used to have a lot of respect for Lil' Kim, but it had changed because of her actions. Because of how she was acting, he said she did not deserve the homage. Like Drake, Lil' Kim also had a lot of respect for Drake. But, after he called her out the way he did, Lil' Kim referred to him as a punk. The comments came from Ray J.

Lil' Kim feels the only reason the non-confrontational Drake decided to diss her was because she was a woman. She said it looks bad on any man who engages in a public feud with a woman. If he had a real issue with her, a man would speak with a woman in private. But, Lil' Kim said he should not be upset with her over the comments about paying homage. Instead, he should be channeling this energy over to Ray J. By the way things are looking, Drake is not going to respond to Ray J.

Some assumed Drake would address Ray J once he discovered he was the one who actually made the statement about paying homage. However, Drake said the issue has nothing to do with Ray J. Drake said he cannot be upset for the man voicing his opinion on the feud. But, Lil' Kim argues she was only voicing her opinion, too. Somewhere, Drake sees a difference and it has kept Ray J from being brought into the feud. In the past, Ray J has been known to stand up for himself in the middle of feuds.

Perhaps Drake is looking to avoid the same fate as Marques Houston, Omarion, and Flo Rida.


T.I. becomes spokesman for Remy Martin

Ever since he was released from prison, things have been looking up for T.I. He went from being looked at as an example of what not to be to being on "Larry King Live." People now see T.I. as the posterchild of a reformed inmate. He has returned with a new focus on his music and his business. Simultaneously, he is building the Grand Hustle brand and working on his new album.

T.I. has set up his King Unleashed album for an August 17 release date. Meanwhile, he is holding meetings with the artists signed to Grand Hustle. They are discussing when they will begin to put new music out. The goal T.I. has is trying to become the top rapper in the game. In order to do this, his crew needs to be strong, too. This is evidenced by watching Lil Wayne.

Out of prison, T.I. is trying to open doors for himself outside of the hip hop world. He landed a deal with General Motors months ago and he has another deal on the table. T.I. was approached by the cognac brand, Remy Martin, about being their spokesperson. This is a major deal for T.I. and for the hip hop community. A few years ago, the liquor brand came down on Remy Ma because of her name. Initially, she went by the name Remy Martin and they made her change it, which caused friction.

Not only has Remy Martin aligned itself with the hip hop world, but they have reached out to the highest-profile gangster in the game. T.I. said he was trying to change, even before he went to prison. Now out of prison, he has changed everything. No longer does he walk like a thug, instead he walks like a professional businessman. T.I. has even changed the way he talks in an effort to sound more professional.


Fat Joe owes over $100,000 in Back Taxes

Fat Joe has always presented himself as one of the "money rappers" in the game. In most of his songs, he raps about the money he makes and the women he beds. The videos fit the lyrics with fancy cars and half-naked women. But, when 50 Cent, a real mogul, began his feud with Fat Joe, he said it was all lies. He often disses Fat Joe for not having any money.

Their feud received new energy in 2007, when 50 Cent signed the deal with Vitamin Water. Meanwhile, Fat Joe signed a deal with Koch Records. To 50 Cent, this is the ultimate sign of rappers showing how poor they are. Fat Joe hit back claiming to be worth millions. He pointed to his videos and said his lifestyle was better than what he shows.

Three years later, Fat Joe has changed his tone just a little bit from what it was. Last week, he made headline news for putting his Florida mansion up for sale. The mansion is worth over $2 million and apparently the money is desperately needed by Fat Joe. He owes $71,000 on the mortgage of the home for sale, he owes the state of New Jersey $105,000 for a tax lien, and Mercer County, New Jersey an additional $32,000 for a tax lien.

Fat Joe and his people have yet to respond to the accusations made about his financial status.


Terry Crews is Black America's Dad because he needs the Work

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Recently, the United States pulled out of its worst economic recession since The Great Depression. There were not too many people who avoided being hit by the poor economy. Despite becoming one of the biggest black stars out, Terry Crews was hit by the rough economy. It was rough on Crews, but he decided to work his way out of the situation.

For a long time, Terry Crews worked hard to land quality roles on television and film projects. His big break came when he played as the replacement of Deebo on Friday After Next. The role led to a string of guest appearances, including "My Wife and Kids." Soon, Crews would find himself playing the father in a family sitcom. In 2005, he was cast to play the father to a childhood Chris Rock on "Everybody Hates Chris."

The fans quickly fell in love with Crew' Julius, the super-cheap father of three in 1980s Brooklyn, New York. For four years, he played the role and the show became a crossover hit. To this day, people still quote some of Julius' money-saving tips as a joke. Despite the popularity of "Everybody Hates Chris," the network cancelled the show because they were headed in a different direction. Right after the announcement was made, Terry Crews reached an agreement with BET for his own reality show, "The Family Crews," where he continues to play the dad.

Due to the popularity of "The Family Crews," it will be returning for a second season on BET this summer. In addition to his BET reality show, Terry Crews was also cast to play the lead role in the new TBS sitcom. For the second time, Crews has partnered with Ice Cube and he is playing the dad again in "Are We There Yet?" This time around, Crews is the stepfather of two children who are not fully sold on him. The first week ratings for the show were high and Terry Crews received acclaim for his role on the show. However, the rest of the show has been considered an all around disappointment.

Ever since the cancellation of "Everybody Hates Chris," Terry Crews has appeared on almost everything, earning the nickname of Black America's Dad. This is no coincidence because Crews was laid off during a tough economic period like many other people. He pulled himself up by the bootstraps and decided to make things happen. Terry Crews said he needs the work just like everybody else, so he used his popularity to build a brand. Outside of the television shows, he even has a contract with Old Spice to do their commercials and he has no plans of slowing down.


Whitney Houston turns heads after Weight Gain

A few years ago, Whitney Houston hit rock bottom in her career as she was revealed to be hooked on drugs. Around the same time, her relationship with Bobby Brown had become a freak show. The couple had come together to profit off of their pain in 2005. "Being Bobby Brown" would become the breakout hit of the summer of 2005. But, it did nothing to help their relationship.

Bobby Brown opened negotiations with Bravo early in 2006, but the deal fell through when Whitney Houston revealed she would not return to the show. Possibly because she turned down another season of the show, Houston's marriage to Brown soon ended. As a single lady, she soon began a close friendship with Ray J. Ray J would help her begin her comeback.

Before the end of 2008, Whitney Houston began making public appearances again. In the past, Houston made public appearances and she seemed to be out of it. But, for the first time in years, Houston was calm and collected. Towards the end of 2008, Whitney Houston revealed she was working on a new album, her first since 2002. In the fall of 2009, Houston released her comeback album and it debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 200. Right before the public eye, she had transformed back into a star.

In the celebration that came after the release of her album, Whitney Houston has been revealed to possibly have another addiction. During her past few outings, Whitney Houston has been seen a lot bigger than most people know her to be. Houston has gotten very big in the months since the release of her album. She argues she is simply healthy, but she has gone through a lot. Her ex-husband, Bobby Brown has a child and is engaged to the mother of his child. Once he creates another family, Brown is planning his own comeback album. The news of Brown's comeback has spread like wildfire and this could have been too much for Whit.


Teairra Mari makes strong comeback

Before the days of Rihanna dominating the radio, the female product from Jay-Z was supposed to be Teairra Mari. She was signed directly to Roc-A-Fella Records and there were big plans laid ahead of her. During the summer of 2005, she released her debut album, "Make Her Feel Good." The song would land in the top forty and her name rang bells the entire summer.

However, after the release of her debut single, the focus shifted from the rising Roc-A-Fella star to Rihanna. Rihanna was also signed by Jay-Z, but she was signed to Def Jam. At the time, Jay-Z was running both Roc-A-Fella Records and Def Jam. Because Def Jam paid more money, Jay-Z focused on Rihanna. His focus on Rihanna cost Teairra Mari big time.

After being constantly pushed back, Teairra Mari decided to leave the Roc. For a short period of time, she would sign with Interscope Records, but Keri Hilson was their focus. Last summer, Tearri Mari would sign with Asylum Records, a label all about creativity. They gave her the money and the time to record her new album. Before the end of this month, Teairra Mari will release her long-awaited sophomore album, At That Point. Her lead single, "Sponsor" featuring Gucci Mane and Soulja Boy is quickly rising the charts.

For the past four summers, hits have come from Beyonce, Keyshia Cole, Rihanna, Ciara, Keri Hilson, and Melanie Fiona. But, the future was hailed as Teairra Mari because she had Roc-A-Fella Records behind her, but Roc-A-Fella Records is now fighting for position in the game. Jay-Z has left the entire situation and he now runs a new label, Roc Nation. After five years, Teairra Mari is getting airplay like it is 2005. Her single is all over the radio and her album is expected to sell very well when it comes out on June 29. "Sponsor" is her most star-studded single and her second-most successful single.

Teairra Mari will release At That Point on June 29, 2010 on Warner Bros. Records.


Common confirms split from Serena Williams

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Common has been romantically involved with Serena Williams for some time. Rumors of the two dating have gone back ever since she appeared in his "I Want You" video. At the time, he was dating Alicia Keys. However, within a year, Common was seeing Serena Williams. This was confirmed last summer.

Earlier this year, Common was in the news because of his film with Queen Latifah, Just Wright. Because the film was a romantic-comedy, people had an excuse to ask Common about his relationship. He said he likes women of all colors and sizes. But, the only woman he was looking at was Serena.

A few weeks ago, rumors began about Common looking at different women. It was said that the two had broken up after being with each other for a year. Serena Williams refused to talk about the relationship, but Common did not. Recently, he was asked about his relationship status.

When Common was asked if he was single or dating, Common said he was definitely single. After saying he was single, Common was asked about Serena Williams. He confirmed their relationship over the past two years, but he said they had grown apart. However, they are still on good terms with each other.


Diddy drops Donnie from Bad Boy

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When Diddy was working with Day26 for his "Making the Band 4," he had a lot of talent. There were many men vying for a spot on the final band. Along with the people he liked, there were the people he did not like. From the start, he clashed with Donnie, but he could not deny the talent he was.

Diddy portrays a nice-guy demeanor, but he is very demanding when it comes to his work. Despite mistakes being a part of the learning process, they are not accepted in Bad Boy. Diddy can be very stubborn and downright mean when mistakes occur. The pressure he put on his workers did not compare to the pressure Donnie put on himself.

There was one time when Diddy was getting on the entire crew for not doing their job. In the middle of his rant, Donnie yelled out "really?" and Diddy lost it. From that moment on, he rode the lone white guy left harder than any other person competing. In the end, he explained to Donnie that he liked the attitude he displayed. However, he would not tolerate being disrespected especially in a company he build. Soon, he had Donnie placed into the band, but he did not fit in.

Because of this, Diddy soon had Donnie removed from Day26 and he made him into a solo artist. For the past two years, Donnie J. Klang has been a solo artist. To date, he is most-known for a song which featured both Diddy and Ja Rule. The song had nothing but star power behind it. It did not even make a dent on the charts. Still, Diddy realizes the potential Donnie has, but because he is reorganizing the company, Diddy decided to allow Donnie to leave the label and pursue other opportunities.


T.I. and Tiny are Still Together, Wedding Still On

Ever since T.I. rose to become the star he is, a lot of people felt as if he were too good to be with Tiny. There were times when they made public appearances when it looked as if T.I. was not interested in her. But, since his release from prison, T.I. has made more of an effort to be around her. However, some look at this as him trying to control her.

Earlier this year, T.I. revealed he had plans of marrying his longtime sweetheart. They have a wedding planned for later this year. T.I. had the wedding date pushed back a little bit. Before he even thinks about marriage, T.I. wants to get his career back on track. Doing this takes time and it will not be until late in the year when he can think about a wedding.

Last week, there were rumors of T.I. actually leaving Tiny. When he appeared on "The Mo'Nique Show," he came with reality television star, Hoopz. There were rumors of those two seeing each other. It has been said they carried on a relationship following her split from Flavor Flav. This is something both T.I. and Hoopz have denied for years. One thing which could not be denied, however, was Hoopz being on the set of "The Mo'Nique Show." Hoopz was front and center while Tiny was nowhere to be found.

Things are not always as they seem as T.I. and Tiny were spotted together in New York. It was the first time in their relationship that the two got away for a little while. When the rumors first began about T.I. slipping out on Tiny to see Hoopz, the two were in New York. Now, there a photos to back this up. Despite T.I. not being a convicted cheater, their relationship has taken a few hits. For seven months, T.I. was away in prison and when he came back, he went directly in the studio. The couple slipped away to Paris, France to get some alone time and perhaps talk about the wedding.

While there is no set date for the wedding, T.I. has made it clear that he wants to spend the rest of his life with the woman he loves, Tiny. The couple have three children together and he will do all he can to make sure they have a wonderful family for these children. However, supporting this family comes first and T.I. knows his career is the primary source of income. This is why he pushed the wedding back to promote his album. It was not a sense of selfishness, instead it was a sacrifice for his family.


Todd Bridges has choice words for Coleman's ex

Last month, the death of Gary Coleman shocked the entire world who knew him. The life Coleman lived and how tragic it was was known to the general public. His death had one bright spot, the fact he was finally able to rest. While Gary Coleman has been resting for a few days, the people around him are not.

Two years ago, Gary Coleman divorced his wife, Shannon Price, but he left her in charge of his estate. Despite leaving her in charge, he left Todd Bridges in control of his will. But, his actual life was in the hands of Price. It was ultimately her decision to pull the plug on the former child star.

After learning of exactly who was behind the death of Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges is very upset. Even after the cancellation of "Diff'rent Strokes," Bridges and Coleman remained friends. He appears to be one of only a few people who genuinely care about the man who was lost. Bridges was upset when he discovered the truth.

Once it was revealed Shannon Price allowed the plug to be pulled, Todd Bridges released most of his anger out onto her. He asked the question of how she could be so selfish. Yes, she had the power, but why did she make this decision. Even if Gary Coleman remained on life support, he was still out of her life. Price was pretty much impartial to the situation, but she made the choice to end his life. Bridges is very upset with her and does not know if he could forgive her for doing this to his friend.


Stacey Dash blames failed relationships on Absent Father

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stacey Dash still remains one of the most desirable celebrities after twenty years in the public eye. Unlike most women her age, Dash gets better with time. Some men would argue she looks better now than she did when she first arrived on the scene. While she has kept her looks, one thing she has not been able to keep is a relationship.

As a young girl, Stacey Dash had to deal with the loss of her father and she never got over it. Her father is still alive, but he walked out on Dash and her mother. She understands her parents grew apart, but she does not understand why her father stayed away. Even as she entered her adult years, her father never made the effort. This created an alarming trend in Dash's life.

Early in her life, her father left and there was nothing she could do about it. Throughout her adult life, Dash has had men in her life, but they never last long. She has been married quite a few times, still it does not match the feeling of having a father in her life. Her first husband was quite a few years older than her and she is currently single. More than anything, Stacey Dash longs for a father. Many of her relationships with men have suffered because of this.

Now, a little older and wiser, Stacey Dash has evaluated herself and she feels the only reason she has not had better relationships in her life is becuase she has not had a strong man in her life to start out. Dash feels if she had her father growing up, she would have not made as many mistakes as she made choosing the men to be with. She admits they were her mistakes, but she said she would not have made them if her father had been there when she was growing up.


Chris Brown is banned from the UK

The past sixteen months have been incredibly tough on former R&B standout, Chris Brown. He had portrayed himself as a golden boy and the fans ate it up. Brown was known for his songs which often dealt with him trying to win the heart of a young lady. It was as if he could do no wrong with the females.

The fans fell more in love with Chris Brown in 2007 when he revealed he was dating Rihanna. Similarly to Brown, Rihanna had won the teenage audience over. She was known for her upbeat, sing-along type songs. Many felt Chris Brown and Rihanna were good for each other.

For nearly two years, they played the media with this story about being a happy couple. Soon, though, it was revealed they were not good for each other. Instead, they were toxic to each other. Right before the Grammy's, Chris Brown publicly beat Rihanna and he was forced to break up with her. The two are now with other people.

When it was revealed that Chris Brown was an abuser, his fan base turned on him. For years, he had marketed himself as a lover as opposed to a fighter. But, he was revealed to be a fighting lover on the inside and no woman wants to be beaten. Some argued Rihanna pushed him to his limits and Rihanna was known for beating him, too. Brown issued a public apology and he revealed he was abused as a child. He tried to say fighting was the only way he knew how to solve problems.

Despite his plea with the media and the fans for a second chance, many radio stations pulled Brown's songs from the rotation. The aftermath of his fight with Rihanna has cost him his career. On his first two albums, Chris Brown averaged double platinum status. His last album barely sold 100,000 copies. Brown even accused retail giant, Wal-Mart of not selling his CDs. He would go into some stores and see his album buried among all of the other albums.

Perhaps the biggest loss in Chris Brown's fight with Rihanna has been him being banned from entering the United Kingdom. In the past, the UK has banned criminals from entering the nation. Brown now joins a long list of rappers, including Ja Rule, who cannot enter the country. This all stems from the fight Brown had with Rihanna sixteen months ago.


Beyonce shoots down Destiny's Child reunion

From the beginning, Matthew Knowles had plans of turning his daughter, Beyonce, into a solo superstar. Growing up, Beyonce and her friends loved to sing. Realizing their talent, Matthew Knowles quickly turned them into a girl group. Before the end of the 1990s, he had them signed to a major label. Quickly, Destiny's Child became a household name.

However, the overall plan was for Beyonce to become a solo star and she was often the lead singer. Early in her career, however, Beyonce was not too great of a singer. People argue to this day Kelly Rowland is the best singer in the group. In 2002, Rowland broke away from the group and released her debut album. Soon, Rowland found herself a star in her own right.

Looking at the success of Kelly Rowland, Matthew Knowles soon had a plan laid out for Beyonce. He used her relationship with Jay-Z to have her placed on his album, The Blueprint 2. The result of her appearance on the album was their massive hit, "'03 Bonnie & Clyde." This served as the launching pad for her own debut album in 2003. She recruited Jay-Z for the sequel to their original hit, "Crazy In Love." The song would top the Billboard Hot 100 during the summer of 2003.

With Beyonce and Kelly Rowland both major mainstream stars, Destiny's Child was falling apart. The group consisted of Beyonce, Rowland, and Michelle Williams. Matthew Knowles felt it would be best if the group recorded one last album. The fact of the matter was Beyonce was doing too good as a solo star to be a part of this group. There were rumors of friction, anyway, and it was best to simply end things. Matthew Knowles also realized how big both Beyonce and Kelly were and he felt this, coupled with a goodbye album, would result in high record sales for the album.

In 2004, Destiny's Child reunited for one final album, named Destiny Fulfilled. The title of the album stemmed from the overall goal of the group. While the girls were in the group to be successful, they all knew one day they would go solo. Kelly Rowland went solo in 2002 and Beyonce followed in 2003. In November of 2004, the album was released to the public. Five singles were released from the album and the first three singles all landed in the top five on the Billboard Hot 100. At the 2005 BET Awards, they performed their final hit, "Cater 2 U," and performed it for Magic Johnson.

This was the perfect way to say goodbye, but for the past few months, there have been rumors of a possible reunion for the group. In the time since the release of Destiny Fulfilled, Beyonce has gone from superstar status to megastar status. She is currently in the studio working on her fourth studio album, while Rowland is trying to rebuild her career. While the girls still talk with each other on a regular basis, they have outgrown each other. As big of a star as Beyonce is now, she would not be able to revert back to being in a girl-group, especially in her late twenties. Recently, Beyonce addressed the rumors about the reunion.

When she was asked about Destiny's Child reuniting, Beyonce said the group will not be reuniting. She said she still loves the group and the members, past and present, but her schedule is too hectic to take away time and record an album with the group. However, she did not write off possibly collaborating with the girls on one of their albums. All of the girls from the group are working on new albums. Michelle Williams, however, now records only gospel music.


Slim Thug says Black Women should be More Supportive

Yesterday, Houston rapper, Slim Thug wrote an editorial for the website, In the section, he wrote about his opinion on relationships. As a black man, Slim Thug said he found it hard to trust black women. For years, he dated former Destiny's Child star, LeToya Luckett. Earlier this year, they broke up after Slim Thug's infidelity.

Slim Thug said the mind of most black women is different from women of other races. He says black women feel as if their man should do everything for them. On the other hand, he feels couples should work together as a team. Slim Thug admitted there are not too many good black men left and black women have their standards too high.

If a black woman does land a good black man, such as himself, Slim Thug feels they have to bring something to the table, too. Because of his wealth, money is not an issue. Slim Thug hopes to have a woman to cook, clean, and do dishes. He said black women cannot think they are above this or they will be alone.

Slim Thug said he has a brother who has a white girlfriend and he often brags of how she gives him no problems. However, Slim Thug said he has a girlfriend who is mixed with both black and white. He said he guesses the white half is the half that does the cooking and cleaning for him. But, Slim Thug admitted she is more than this to him. She is capable of carrying herself because she is college-educated and Slim Thug loves her for this. Before hooking up with this girl, he ran through his fair share of slower girls.

In the end, Slim Thug wrapped things up saying white women treat their men better than black women treat their men.


Antoine Walker reality show?

Monday, June 7, 2010

At the height of his career, Antoine Walker had a net worth of $110 million and he lived accordingly. His fortune came from playing in the NBA. Early in his career, Walker was very talented and many people thought he would go down in history. Because his focus was hardly ever on the game, Walker would be reduced to a back-up.

Much like his superstar status, Antoine Walker's money also went down the drain. Walker had mansions, cars, women, and a passion for gambling. This, along with friends forcing him to spend and spend led to Walker losing everything. The only thing he had to fall back on was basketball and he was no longer very good at that.

In an effort to pay off his debts, Walker has filed for bankruptcy and is trying to rebuild himself. Despite being blessed with the world, Walker blew it. However, he is trying to redeem himself, asking to keep one car and one home, along with $2,000. This is what Antoine Walker feels will help him get a new start in life. For the summer, Walker has decided to go back to Kentucky and rebuild his game. Over the years, Walker forgot how to play.

What Antoine Walker has on his hands is the premise of the next hit reality. If he is truly trying to regain his fortune and revive his career, the best way to do so would be through a reality show.


DMX will not do "Celebrity Rehab"

For the past year, there have been rumors of DMX joining the cast of the VH1 hit, "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew." DMX has had an addiction to drugs for almost twenty years. At times, he has been in control of his addiction. But, since his music career has fallen off, he has relied heavily on drugs to keep himself going. His drug use has gotten in the way of his comeback.

DMX's constant drug use has led to him committing various crimes and he has spent time in jail. In 2008, X picked up some sort of charge at least once a week. He was kept out of jail because he agreed to leave his addiction to crack/cocaine. However, he violated his probation when he was found with the drug on him. As a result, he was sentenced to prison in Arizona.

After vehemently dening his participation on "Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew," DMX announced he would take part in the program. He actually seemed excited to be on the show. Due to his prison sentence, he will be unable to be a part of the show. There is no chance of him being released to do the show. The season will go along without DMX. Because DMX is in prison because of drugs, he feels he should be released from prison to participate in the show.

The program could help him finally kick this addiction and move on with his life.


Todd Bridges stands by Gary Coleman

Sunday, June 6, 2010

During his life, Gary Coleman was mistreated by the media. Most child stars have a very rough time transitioning into adult life. This was much harder for Gary Coleman. Even into his adult years, he was smaller than most children. Because he acted so tough, the media made fun of him. Coleman carried himself with attitude.

Todd Bridges grew up with Gary Coleman on the set of their hit sitcom, "Diff'rent Strokes." They played on the show as brothers and a brotherhood was created. Every time the media jumped on his television brother, Todd Bridges was there for him. When Bridges got in a little trouble with drugs, Coleman stuck up for him.

Last month, Gary Coleman made their relationship a little crazier when he died. Even in death, the media will not allow him to rest. To the rescue has been Todd Bridges. He has stepped up and revealed he has the secret will of Gary Coleman. Bridges said they will soon reveal the secret will to the public.

Still, as the stories have piled on about the actions of Gary Coleman, Todd Bridges has been right there to set the record straight for everybody.


Keyshia Cole in talks with Murder Inc.

For the first time in her career, Keyshia Cole is in control of her own destiny. Soon after being discovered, Cole was quickly signed to Interscope Records. She signed a three-album deal with the label. In 2008, following the release and promotion of her third album, Cole decided to take a break. During this break, she started a family.

Keyshia Cole has everything she could ever dream of within reach. Cole has a man she loves in her life with NBA player, Daniel Gibson and she has an adorable son. Aside from the family, money will never be an issue for Cole. She acquired this lifestyle from singing songs. Despite taking a break, she has plans of returning in a major way.

Now the power is in her hands because she is proven. Before, she had to pitch herself to labels. The labels now pitch themselves to her. Irv Gotti, of Murder Inc. Records has been close to her ever since the release of her sophomore album. Cole has a strong relationship with Ja Rule and many feel she would be a great asset for the label. If given the chance, she could do very well with the label because there is still a lot of talent surrounding the crew.

However, Keyshia Cole wants to have a much stronger voice and a bigger role than what Ashanti had during her time with the label. Each album Keyshia Cole has recorded, she has had full creative control on. Irv Gotti is known for filling any album, not recorded by Ja Rule, with appearances from the other artists. Cole still wants to work with other producers and artists not signed to Murder Inc. Still, Gotti would love to test her chemistry with Ja Rule. Rule is known for songs he has recorded with female vocalists. Early in his career, he had great chemistry with Lil' Mo and he hit his stride with Ashanti, then bombed with Ashley Joi.

Keyshia Cole may be the female sidekick to help Ja Rule regain his spot in the game.


Usher still dominating with "Raymond v. Raymond"

Initially, Usher planned to release Raymond v. Raymond before the end of last year. However, after the divorce from his wife, the album took a sharp turn. Usher had originally made plans to name the album Monster. But, with everything going on with his personal life, he renamed the album to Raymond v. Raymond.

Last fall, Usher released the first single from the album, "Papers." In the time since the release of the song, many people use this quote when they are in the middle of a divorce. Usher kept things rolling with his hit, "Daddy's Home." The song peaked at number two on the R&B chart. Usher would even welcome the summer with his "Lil' Freak" with Nicki Minaj.

Towards the end of March, Usher released Raymond v. Raymond and the album debuted on the top of the Billboard Hot 200, his third consecutive album to do so. For the first time in two years, Usher found himself with the number one song in the nation with his hit "OMG," which features a collaboration with Even with topping the Billboard Hot 100, his other singles remain in rotation on urban radio and "There Goes My Baby" is poised to rise the charts.

Raymond v. Raymond has been discussed since last summer. The first time any single off of the album landed on the charts was in October. For the past eight months, Usher has been back in the game and he easily regained the top spot from other male crooners. His album is still selling very well three months after its release and the singles are still doing very well. Additionally, his videos from this album can still be viewed on a daily basis on almost every music video channel. Ever since the death of Michael Jackson, there has been a void in the R&B game and Usher is hoping to fill it.


Trey Songz calls Keri Hilson a "Great Glass of Wine"

Earlier, questions about the sexuality of Trey Songz emerged. This came after his very sexually-explicit album, Ready. But, as the album's popularity has increased, it has become clear what Trey Songz likes and it is women. At the time when people were questioning his sexuality, Trey Songz said he had a relationship with Whitney Houston.

For the past year, Trey Songz has been releasing singles off of his album, Ready. The album has been compared to the music released by R. Kelly during the late 1990s. Some people have said he has been trying to 50 Cent R. Kelly. Songz has been one of his more vocal critics and he has adapted elements of his style.

Trey Songz has spoken on this multiple times and he said R. Kelly stole the style from another singer from the 1990s. Recently, Trey Songz was asked to rate some of the women in hip hop and R&B. Among the women he rated was his recent collaborator, Keri Hilson. On a scale of 1 to 10 he rated Hilson a 9.

Aside from giving her a personal rating, Trey Songz also had a lot of things to say about her. Like many other heterosexual men on the planet, Songz is a big fan of Hilson's buttox area. He mentioned her thick things and wide hips, mixed with her height. This, along with her pretty face led Trey Songz to refer to Keri Hilson as a "great glass of wine." He would compare her shape to a wine glass turned upside down. Never one to shy away from his opinions, especially on a female, Trey Songz is a major fan of Keri Hilson.


Ciara talks New Album and responds to Lloyd

Last year, Ciara released her first album in three years with Fantasy Ride. The album was a commercial success and Ciara reached the top ten with her hit, "Love/Sex/Magic." Her music dominated the summer of 2009. Even into the fall, people were still with Ciara as she went on this wild Fantasy Ride.

In an effort to keep her wave going, Ciara stepped right back into the studio after she completed Fantasy Ride. Not only is she very popular, but Ciara finds herself in a creative groove. Her album has come together quite nicely and her video for "Ride" made headline news for a while. Ciara plans to release Basic Instinct later this summer.

Last summer, Ciara was unexpectedly dissed by Lloyd. Early in their mainstream careers, the two were very close. Ciara appeared in the video for his "Hey Young Girl" single. But, as time went on, the two grew apart. Lloyd spoke on their relationship and said they no longer talk because Ciara went Hollywood.

While Ciara's career had hit an unexpected height, Lloyd's career had hit an unexpected low. In 2007, Lloyd was thrust into the spotlight by Irv Gotti. His Murder Inc. label had fallen off and Ja Rule was not being properly marketed. Also, Ashanti could not get a single to stick to the radio waves. The only artist on the label who could receive air play was Lloyd. But, by 2009, not even he could sell records, so the label stopped backing him.

Recently, Ciara responded to the comments made by Lloyd. She said his comments have come from left field because she has not spoken with Lloyd in a few years. The reason is not because she has changed, it is because the two have grown apart, as people do. Ciara said if he reached out to her, she would be more than happy to spend some time with him. She said instead of talking about her to the press the way he has, Lloyd should have been man enough to come to her if he had a problem.


Ice Cube's "Are We There Yet?" sitcom flops

Watching the success Tyler Perry has had using his film following to create hit sitcoms, Ice Cube decided to use the same playbook. Long before Perry became the movie giant he is, Ice Cube was the film creator the black community turned to. Ever since the first Friday film, Ice Cube has been hailed as a comedic genius.

Initially known to the world as a "gangsta rapper," Ice Cube crossed over into the mainstream. First, he would play roles in many gangster films. Usually, Cube was the character considered rough around the edges. But, slowly Hollywood realized how marketable Ice Cube was.

Not much time passed before Ice Cube was the one creating the films. Over the years, he has written many films which are family friendly. His most-notable child-friendly film was 2005's Are We There Yet? Playing opposite of Nia Long, Ice Cube vys for her attention.

After the two begin dating, Long's character reveals to Ice Cube's character that she is the mother of two children. Upon revealing her children to him, Ice Cube is forced to take them on a road trip. Fearing he is trying to take their mother, the children rebel against Cube. But, during the trip, they discover he is actually a good guy. The film would be a success and Ice Cube soon made plans of doing a sequel. He began writing the sequel, Are We Done Yet?.

In the second film, Ice Cube has stepped into the role of father and the children love him. Now as the father of two children, he decides to take the family out on a roadtrip. Much like the last time, the mother cannot come and Ice Cube has to handle the children alone. The sequel would also be very successful and the idea to continue the film came. Feeling as if there would only be a matter of time before people got tired of the films, Ice Cube decided to adapt the films into a sitcom.

Last summer, Ice Cube pitched his idea to TBS and they set him up with a deal similar to the one offered to filmmaker, Tyler Perry three years earlier. Currently, Ice Cube's sitcom airs on Wednesdays, right between the Perry sitcoms. Being placed in between the highest-rated programs in cable history brought a rather large audience to the series premiere of "Are We There Yet?" With the audience there, it was up to the sitcom to perform properly. Despite starring fan favorites, Terry Crews and Essence Atkins, the show failed.

Most of the jokes were considered to be corny and the laugh track was said to be a little over the top. The same criticisms were intially made about Tyler Perry's TBS sitcoms and it has become one of the highest-rated sitcoms in the history of cable television.

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