Rihanna "Madly in Love" with Matt Kemp

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Following the tragic end to her relationship with Chris Brown, Rihanna seemed like a lost cause. Often she would be seen on the news doing outrageous things. Many people thought she was acting out because she was abused. After the court placed the restraining order on Chris Brown, Rihanna still wanted to see him. Even after he beat her, Rihanna said she still had feelings for him.

The former "it couple" have not been together for some time and the separation has done them some good. Rihanna would date rapper Drake for a little while following her split from Brown. But, they just did not have any spark. Recently, Drake spoke on his former relationship with Rihanna. He said he knew he was being used to get back at Chris Brown.

However, late last year, Rihanna moved on from Chris Brown when she began dating L.A. Dodger, Matt Kemp. In the midst of lesbian rumors, Rihanna has been able to rely on Kemp. Their relationship has grown stronger and stronger as Rihanna has been attacked by the media. The couple gets away quite often and Rihanna said she now knows what true love feels like. Each day, her relationship gets stronger and she thinks Matt Kemp is the one.

The first big test in their relationship was when Rihanna met Kemp's family. At the time, Rihanna still denied dating the baseball player. Then, she would only say the two were good friends. But, Kemp's family loved her and she soon announced Matt Kemp as her boyfriend. It has been three months since Rihanna made the announcement of her relationship being official with Matt Kemp. As those three months have passed, Rihanna finds herself growing closer and closer to Kemp. Initially, they were simply causally dating, but things have gotten serious between the couple.

Explaining how she felt about Matt Kemp, Rihanna said she was "madly in love" with him.


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