Nicki Minaj denies having Butt Pad

Friday, April 30, 2010

When Nicki Minaj first surfaced, in 2007, she built a large fan base because of her lively shape. Most of her core fans were men and they were not sticking around to hear her rap. Nicki Minaj admitted that she used her body to her advantage, but when she began releasing official music, the focus would shift. For a few months, now, Nicki Minaj has been releasing official music.

There may be some men out there who would love to accept Nicki Minaj as simply a rapper, but the outfits and the “Lil’ Freak” verses keep most men focused on other things. With every person that is successful come the haters. Two weeks ago, Khia spoke out against Nicki Minaj, calling her image fake. For years, there have been people who have called Nicki Minaj’s body fake.

Nicki Minaj admitted to having implants in her breasts, but she said that the rest is natural. Despite what she says, there are a lot of people who think that her butt is simply too good to be true. Many people say that Nicki Minaj has a butt pad. After being dissed by Gloria Velez, who said that Minaj has taken butt injections, she has responded.

In response to all of the people who say that her butt is not real, Nicki Minaj said that they hate for either one reason or another. One reason is that they have no butt and want one. The other reason is that they have had injections and still do not have a butt like hers. Either way, Nicki Minaj wants these people to leave her alone.


Tameka Foster says Usher is engaged, he denies

The happy marriage between Usher and Tameka Foster came to a crashing end towards the end of last year. This was revealed in his single, “Papers.” Not only did the song signal the end of his relationship with Foster, but it gave birth to a new phrase for people seeking to divorce. In the time since she and Usher ended their marriage, Tameka Foster has insisted that they are still close.

Usher has hardly spoken on his relationship with his ex-wife. Instead, he focuses all of his attention on the promotion of Raymond v. Raymond. Most fans felt that the title of the album was fueled by his divorce from Foster. Even with the “Papers” single, Usher said that he did not know why people assumed this. He said that the title for the album came from the battle going on inside of himself.

While Usher has been mum, Tameka Foster recently informed the public that Usher had officially moved on from her. She said that Usher has been dating Grace Miguel for some time since their split. After a picture of Usher with Miguel and her children surfaced to the internet, Foster said that he was engaged to her. The reason that they were engaged so quickly was because Usher had gotten her pregnant.

After Tameka Foster pulled these rumors out on Usher, he responded by saying that none of what she said was true. Usher said that he and Grace Miguel were only friends, far from being engaged. Then, as far as having a child with her, Usher said that nothing could be farther from the truth.


Lil Wayne denies dating Shanell

Ever since their collaboration on 2009’s “Prom Queen,” there have been rumors of a romantic relationship between Lil Wayne and Shanell. This came even as he was dealing with the birth of three sons. Initially, they laughed the rumors off. Earlier this year, there were multiple rumors about Wayne being involved with Shanell.

In February 2010, Lil Wayne was rumored to have his fifth child on the way. The mother of choice was Shanell. She signed with his Young Money label towards the end of 2006 and she is supposed to release her music after Nicki Minaj. Even after rumors of her having Wayne’s baby were dispelled, rumors continued about their relationship.

Recently, from behind bars, Lil Wayne finally spoke out against the rumors. He again denied having impregnated Shanell. Wayne would go on to deny any form of a romantic relationship with her. Instead, he insists that their relationship is purely professional. After all, she is an artist for Wayne’s record label.

There is no set company policy at Young Money, but it would be an obvious distraction if Shanell was actually dating the boss. With all of the women that Lil Wayne has, it is doubtful if he would choose to carry out a relationship with one of his own artists.


Nicki Minaj is not with Diddy yet, splits with Longtime Boyfriend

Yesterday, JR reported that Nicki Minaj and Diddy may be a little more than friends. Because they travel in the same circles, the two have begun to see a lot of one another. Recently, Minaj provided the rapping vocals to Usher’s “Lil’ Freak.” In her verse, she raps of how she could take the rumored girlfriend of Diddy’s, Cassie away.

But, by the looks of things and Nicki Minaj’s interactions with Diddy, it appears that she was trying to take him away from Cassie. Despite what her aim may have been and what it looked like, that was not the case. Many other websites also reported on the rumors of Nicki Minaj possibly dating Diddy. All of these websites have been proven wrong.

Currently, Nicki Minaj did have a boyfriend in hype-man, Scottie Billips. It was said that the two had been living together since 2006. However, her recent celebrity status may have been too much for him to handle. Recently, the two broke up and Nicki Minaj has gone on to make raps about seducing women.

If the rumors of the former boyfriend are true, it is possible that she may have left him in order to have a new relationship. Given the publicity, it is possible that Nicki Minaj may be plotting to take Cassie away from Diddy, or vice versa.


Common speaks on Serena Williams and Queen Latifah

Common has been in the news, as of late, because of his recent activity. In his return to the big screen, Common finds himself playing opposite of Queen Latifah in Just Wright. However, in real life, he finds himself in a relationship with Serena Williams. Both Williams and Latifah are notable stars and Common’s association with both was bound to cause a stir.

Recently, Common discussed his relationship with Serena Williams. After two years of rumors, last year, the two officially became an item. When asked about how he landed a woman with a profile such as hers, Common played it off. The question was if he used pick-up lines. Common denied using any special tricks to land Serena; in fact he denied ever using pick-up lines.

Being a slim man, there is often the question of if he would date a bigger woman. In his upcoming film, Just Wright, Common does end up in a relationship with a bigger woman. When he was asked about dating a woman the size of Queen Latifah, Common said that he would have no problem being with a woman her size. Common said that weight is not a requirement.

Common said that in order for him to love a woman, she first has to love herself and then love him. In return, he would love her and the size is regardless. Right now, it appears that he is into the athletic type and it is obvious that Serena Williams loves herself.


Ice Cube may do another "Friday" film

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It has been eight years since the last Friday film. The last film was titled Friday After Next. Unlike the first two films, the production and quality was obviously cheaper. While a few of the performers in the original film returned, most of the supporting cast was replaced. This included the role of "Deebo."

Because of all of the replacements and Deebo being replaced by Damien, portrayed by Terry Crews, the film was panned. Even the second film, Next Friday, was not as acclaimed as the original film. Following the 1995 film, Friday, Chris Tucker refused to come back to portray the role of Smokey.

For the following films, Mike Epps stepped in as DayDay, the cousin of Ice Cube's Craig. In 2007, Cube spoke of the possibility of creating another Friday film. He said that he had been speaking with some people and it could be coming. However, Ice Cube said that the only way that it could happen was if Tucker returned.

Obviously, Chris Tucker did not return for the 2007 film because the 2007 film never happened. Instead, Cube decided to create a new film series. Now, with demand for another Friday still high, Ice Cube is trying to make it happen once again. He has reached out to the same people and his condition is that Chris Tucker returns. For this film, he wants to unite DayDay and Smokey for the first time. In Next Friday, it is alluded to that the two do actually know each other despite not having any screen time together.

Because Chris Tucker announced himself as born again, it may be harder than ever to get him to return and play the role of Smokey.


Diddy and Nicki Minaj have a "Thing?"

When thinking of Sean "Diddy" Combs, people usually think of three things. Those three things are: money, women, and cars. Being one of the brightest media personalities in history, Diddy is not afraid to show off. Alongside his massive fortune has come the women and he has had many.

Early in his career, Diddy, then known as Puff Daddy, was known for his relationship with Kim Porter, the ex of Al B Sure. Following his relationship with Porter, he began promoting his player image. It was not uncommon to see Puffy with many beautiful models. But, in the late 1990s, he began dating Jennifer Lopez.

By far, his relationship with Jennifer Lopez has been his highest-profile yet. But, in his time since splitting from J. Lo, Diddy has gotten around. A few years ago, he married his on/off girlfriend Kim Porter and she gave him twins. However, their marriage would not last long and Diddy has been single ever since.

Ever since his most-recent split from Kim Porter, Diddy has been promoting the image of a player again. But, he is not the only entertainer who is down with the ladies. Young Money rapper, Nicki Minaj, has been identified as bisexual for as long as she has been in the game. Early last year, Nicki Minaj admitted that she was attracted to both women and men. But, once she got on with Young Money, Nicki toned down on the bisexual talk. However, on the Usher single, "Lil' Freak," she raps about her way with women.

Nicki Minaj's verse on "Lil' Freak" has become quite popular. On the song, she raps about approaching a woman and hooking up with her. She jokingly states that she would take Cassie away from Diddy. Ever since 2007, there have been rumors that Diddy and Cassie have more than a business relationship. He signed her to his Bad Boy label in 2005. Realizing her looks, Diddy made her into the face of Sean John and his fragrance lines. Because of these sudden promotions, rumors began about their relationship.

Of course, Nicki Minaj does not know what is going on, but perhaps she had a plan of her own. While she rapped about stealing Cassie away from Diddy, it appears that she may have stolen Diddy away from Cassie. Rumors across the internet have Diddy paired with Nicki Minaj. The two have gotten to know each other, as they are both industry insiders. Diddy and Nicki have become fast friends and rumor has it that their relationship consists of more than what happens between friends.


Usher not Getting Dropped by Record Label

For his entire career, Usher has recorded for LaFace Records and he has set many records for the label. Only a few years ago, Usher was the only artist selling records. His 2004 album, Confessions, carried the label until Ciara released her debut album. But, the post-Confessions career has not been all that spectacular.

Even though he topped the charts in 2008 with "Love In This Club," Usher's Here I Stand album did not sell very well, early on. But, in the two years since the album came out, it has gone platinum. His most-recent album has not had the impact that it was expected to.

Currently, Usher has two hit singles out on the radio, but it has not been enough, according to most rumors. Even after everything that Usher has done for the LaFace label, there were rumors that he was about to get dropped. Despite his minor struggles, Usher is still a big name so not too many people believed the rumors.

However, there were some media outlets that fed into the idea of Usher being dropped by LaFace Records, but it has been revealed that Usher will remain on his label. Given his name and the fact that he is the hottest name in male R&B right now, it would be absurd to believe that LaFace would drop Usher.


Bobby Brown is not Dead

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yesterday, many online media outlets reported that former R&B superstar, Bobby Brown had died. Given his history as a smoker, it came as no shock when rumors said he had lung cancer. The shock came when the rumors also said that he had died. Brown has revived his career as a reality television star, currently starring in "Celebrity Fit Club."

The rumors started when a series of texts went around that said that Bobby Brown was dead. One person came up with the idea to spread the rumor. After one person caught wind, the rumors spread like wildfire. For the past day, rumors of Brown being dead have floated around. No one from his camp ever came out and confirmed the rumor.

Most likely, the reason that no one came out and confirmed the rumors were because he is alive. Bobby Brown has been on tour since he began filming "Celebrity Fit Club" last year. Brown was spotted performing at a concert in New York City. Once he came out and began performing, writers for websites across the world began taking back the "death" rumors. This is not the first time that Bobby Brown has been rumored to be dead.

Barely one year after Michael Jackson died and it appears as if people are trying to take another legendary R&B singer away from here.


Chris Brown still wants Rihanna?

After a strong year on the charts, Chris Brown's career took a tough hit. He had been dating Rihanna and they had become the young "it" couple. Their relationship appeared to be perfect when it was revealed that they were actually violent. One February 2009 morning, Brown publicly beat Rihanna.

In the time since then, both of their careers have fallen off. Because she was the victim, Rihanna's career quickly rebounded. Meanwhile, Chris Brown accused Wal-Mart and other retail outlets of hindering his career. Throughout the summer of 2009, rumors stated that the two were still seeing each other.

However, soon it became clear that Chris Brown and Rihanna were over. Early this year, both entertainers were revealed to be in new relationships. Despite both Brown and Rihanna moving on, the media wants them back together. Recently, rumors have spread that Chris Brown has been trying to get Rihanna back.

On Rated R, Rihanna claims that she wants a rude boy. Chris Brown was quite rude to her whenever he beat her, so there may be a chance of a reunion. Currently, Rihanna's "Rude Boy" single is dominating the charts and the radio, so she may be calling upon Chris Brown for more of his services. It was said that Chris Brown was dating a video honey. He had even taken her back to his Virginia home last month. Even with his new relationship, Chris Brown will forever be linked to Rihanna and their feelings for each other will never die. The media realizes this and they play off of it.


Trey Songz sets September 14 release date for New Album

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

No one expected Trey Songz to blow the way that he did following the release of Ready. Having been in the game for some time, Trey Songz had yet to separate himself from the rest of the pack. Most people saw the male R&B game as too crowded for Trey Songz to stand out.

However, by the end of 2009, Trey Songz had the attention of everyone. Even the CEO of hip hop, Jay-Z, was listening and he added Trey Songz to his tour for The Blueprint 3. Not only did the two unite for the tour, but Jay-Z also wants Trey Songz for his next album.

Trey Songz would land a new friendship with Jeezy and Jay-Z and a starring role in a BET reality show. Capitalizing off of his popularity, energy, and success, Songz jumped right back into the studio. His album will continue some of the themes from Ready, but he will have two big name guests. Those guests will be Jeezy and Jay-Z.

Already talking with Kevin Liles and the rest of the brass over the Atlantic Records Group, Trey Songz has set a release date for his new album. Currently untitled, Trey Songz is expected to release his next album on September 14 of this year.


Monica ends feud with Brandy

Following their hit collaboration, "The Boy is Mine," a feud erupted between Monica and Brandy. Their collaboration sparked many comparisons between the two singers. Because of their youth, people were able to turn them against each other. They have feuded for some time since their 1998 hit collaboration.

However, recently, Brandy was talking about putting together her comeback album. She said that she has to follow the new standard of female R&B. When questioned about what that new standard was, Brandy said Monica. Putting their feud aside, Brandy said that Still Standing was a great album and that Monica set a new standard.

While the comments made by Brandy were probably simply comments, it was enough for Monica to put their feud to rest. She thanked Brandy for the praise and they ended their feud and now Monica wants to collaborate. As evidenced on her new series, "Family Business," Brandy is working on a new album. Having been out of the spotlight, she would benefit from a Monica cameo.

The two have only had one talk about reuniting, so nothing is official. However, if the two were to reunite for a new song, it would be a sequel of their 1998 hit, "The Boy is Mine." But, with that said, Monica and Brandy were talking of "ifs" and not "whens." There is a strong possiblity that the two do not end up recording a track together for a long time in the future. However, it is clear that the two are friends again. They have been spotted sharing each other's company in public.


Maliah Michel talks Drake and Defends Image

For the past few weeks, Drake has been rumored to be involved with porn star, Maliah Michel. Their relationship has been the source of many stories. Drake has yet to come out and speak on his dealings with Michel. As far as the media knows, Drake is still single, but his rumored girlfriend has decided to speak on Drake.

Maliah Michel conducted a radio interview, earlier today, to discuss her relationship with Drake. Everybody wants to know if she is actually dating Drake. While most of her interview dealt with her relationship with the hot spitter, she avoided confirming or denying the rumors. All that she ended up saying was that they are very close.

Because of the fact that she did not confirm anything has led some to believe that she is more serious than Drake is. Usually, the first person to talk is the one that wants a relationship more. With Drake being the hottest rapper in the game, he may be looking for play. For that same reason, Maliah Michel may be looking for more.

There is no way to tell if the two are together or not. Drake has been spotted more than once with her, but he has yet to give what they have a title. The people interviewing Michel wanted her to define the relationship, but she slided across the issue. She would go on, however, to defend her image. Because she is nothing more than a porn star, a lot of Drake fans are hoping that he is not in a relationship with her. She said that despite her profession that she is a good person. People are so quick to judge based off of what they see, as opposed to getting to know the person for what they are on the inside.


"The Game" to return This Month

There has never been a black sitcom in history as fought for as "The Game." For years, networks have used the black community to build their viewer base. As soon as they land a hit series, they dump the black viewers for a "mainstream" audience.

Most recently, The CW was the network capitalizing off of black people. However, after they eliminated all of their black sitcoms in a matter of two years, the black community struck back. It was said that the network intentionally railroaded "The Game" in order to cancel it.

During its first two seasons on the air, "The Game" was a Monday night standout that brought in solid ratings for the network. Its third season, and final with The CW, saw the series pushed to Friday nights and the ratings dropped by 60%. BET came through and landed the syndication rights to the show before the end of the television season and introduced it to an entirely different audience. Together with the stars of the show and other fans, this new audience came together to create the "Save The Game" campaign. The goal was to get 1 million signatures signed to keep the show on the air. Eventually, the goal of 1 million would be exceeded, but The CW did not care.

Debra Lee, the CEO of BET, made it her personal mission to land "The Game" as an original series for her long-hated network. After months of deliberation, early last month, it was revealed that BET had secured the first-run rights to "The Game." The next move was to re-sign the cast and the crew. It was said that all of the cast agreed to return, but Coby Bell (Jason Pitts) would be reduced to a recurring role. Because he was informed that "The Game" was not returning, Bell signed on to star in "Burn Notice." Still, he agreed to stay with "The Game." Now, after that confirmation, it is being said that "The Game" will return to BET before the end of April 2010.

With only a few days left in the month, that is going to be a stretch, but there is time.


Usher questions "Raymond v. Raymond" title

Last fall, Usher returned with the first single from his sixth studio album. Around this time, Usher had filed divorce papers with his wife of two years, Tameka Foster. He had shut out people close to him because of her and their relationship had turned sour. The first single, "Papers," spoke on their relationship and what it cost him.

Weeks after the release of "Papers," Usher revealed the title of the album to be Raymond v. Raymond. He described the album as his most-personal release to date. Many people loved his Confessions album and how personal it was. While that album was great, none of the stories were true. On this album, it was coming from the heart and it was true.

Because Usher described the album as being his most personal release of his career, many people assumed that he named his album after his divorce. Now, months after the release of the album, Usher is now basking in his success. From the album, he has had two major hits in "Daddy's Home" and "Lil Freak." With his latest single, "There Goes my Baby," looking poised to become a hit, too, Usher is now speaking on the album.

In an interview with Concrete Loop, Usher said that most people feel that he was speaking of his divorce when he named his album Raymond v. Raymond. However, Usher said that the title runs much deeper than that. Not denying that the album is not his most personal yet, Usher said that was the case because he examined himself on the release. He said the "Raymonds" that are battling are the ones that reside within himself. Usher said that it is odd that people would assume that he was talking about his divorce when he came up with the title long before he had filed for divorce. However, initially he had planned to call his album Monster.


NeNe Leakes denies affair with NFL star, Charles Grant

NeNe Leakes has been involved in multiple relationship rumors ever since she signed on to do "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." The wives on the show are mostly in relationships on the brink of being over. Because she is so vocal, Leakes has been involved in many rumors. Last summer, she took aim at the critics and faked a kiss with co-star, Kim Zoliack.

Her husband, Greg Leakes, is said to want out of his marriage to NeNe. The recent arrest of their son, Bryson was said to cause additional friction in their marriage. BET personality, Wendy Williams recently reported that Leakes was involved with NFL star, Charles Grant. The rumors come after she hosted a charity event for Grant. Williams used her show to spread the rumors.

However, NeNe Leakes has taken to Twitter to defend her image. She sarcastically apologized to Wendy Williams over her false report. NeNe questioned how she could be dating Charles Grant when she does not even talk to him. She also questioned other allegations brought up by Williams on a recent airing of her show. While NeNe Leakes touched down on a lot of rumors, she did not confirm nor deny her separation from husband, Greg Leakes.


Rihanna's new tattoo sparks Lesbian Rumors

Ever since her high-profile split from Chris Brown, last year, Rihanna has been involved in a number of rumors. Most of which question her sexuality. Recently, she finally revealed to the public that she was carrying on a relationship with L.A. Dodger, Matt Kemp. Despite her proclamation, people still think something is going on with her assistant.

Melissa is her assistant and she has been with Rihanna for a long time. Many believe that their friendship turned into something more when Rihanna was reeling from the Brown split. In fact, they have each other's birthdays tattooed on each other. When that was revealed, the lesbian rumors officially began.

Ever since Rihanna and Matt Kemp began spending time with each other, the lesbian rumors have died down. Still, it is hard to shake the images of Rihanna holding hands with Melissa. If that was not enough, the birthday tattoos got a lot of people. Now, the duo have new matching tattoos. Both tats read "never a failure, always a lesson."


Jill Marie Jones lands TBS microseries

Jill Marie Jones made a surprising move in 2006 when she decided to leave the hit sitcom, "Girlfriends." The show had made her into a star and she was a fan-favorite. For as long as the show ran without her, they left the door open for a return for Jones' Toni Childs. That return never happened and the show was cancelled.

In the time since the questionable cancellation of the series, Jones has fallen completely off of the map. She has been long gone from the spotlight. Some were beginning to assume that she had given up the limelight. It has been some time since Jill Marie Jones has been exposed to the public. However, she, like many others, is preparing a comeback.

Because it has been four years since she was among the top black entertainers, she will not be thrust right back into a marquee role. Instead, she will be starring in a microseries on TBS, similar to the one Elise Neal stars in. Ever since UPN merged and folded, there has been a void in the black community and TBS has been there trying to fill it. They have taken another step in that direction by linking with Jones.

Jill Marie Jones will star in the new series, "Gillian in Georgia," which follows Gillian (Jones), as she visits her family in Georgia. She is a hip New Yorker that is not used to visiting in the country. The microseries will also star Darrin Henson, as her love interest, Shondrella Avery, as her sister, and James Mathis III.


Kim Kardashian hits back at Kanye West rumors

Dating back to last summer, there have been rumors of Kim Kardashian carrying on a relationship with Kanye West. Some credited her summer 2009 breakup with NFL star, Reggie Bush to her budding relationship with West. At the time, he had broken up with his longtime girlfriend, Amber Rose. It was said that the two were seen very intimate together.

Earlier this week, there were rumors, reported here on JR, that said that Reggie Bush and Kanye West almost came to blows over Kardashian. Rumors said that Bush and Kardashian were still together over the summer. Their latest breakup was initially said to be because of Reggie Bush cheating. However, the blame was soon shifted over to Kim Kardashian.

Before long, rumors of her cheating on Reggie Bush with Kanye West had spread across the internet like wildfire. But, just as rumors of her "affair" with West began to spread, Kim has decided to set the record straight. She said that when she first heard the rumors, she laughed with Reggie Bush about them. Kim Kardashian denied ever being with Kanye or him ever fighting Reggie Bush.

Kim Kardashian said that it is truly sad that when two high-profile people break up that the media has to associate some sort of drama with it. She did not confront rumors, though, about her cheating on Reggie Bush or him cheating on her. The only thing that Kardashian confronted were the Kanye West rumors and she made sure to let the people know that she would remain friends with Reggie Bush.


50 Cent movie goes Straight-To-DVD

Monday, April 26, 2010

Last year, 50 Cent hyped his return to the big screen in his upcoming Caught in the Crossfire. The last time that 50 had starred in a film, it was his 2005 hit, Get Rich or Die Tryin'. In the time since, he had returned to running his G-Unit operation. Because his music has struggled, as of late, 50 Cent has decided to take on other projects.

Among them was supposed to be his soon-to-be hit feature film. Filming for the movie was supposed to have ended last summer. Despite the planned dates, this did not happen and the date was pushed back. Recently, a trailer for Caught in the Crossfire was leaked to the internet. This was 50's big return to the big screen with veteran actors.

While the movie will still be 50 Cent's big return to the big screen with veteran actors, it will not be a feature film. There is no set date, but the film will be hitting stores before the end of the year. Plans of having the film in theaters have been ended and the movie will be released on DVDs across the nation in retail stores.


Stacey Dash stars in Rick Ross' video

Having been in the game for some time, there is not much that Stacey Dash has not done. She has made a career for herself based off of her looks. Her pretty face made her into a star, but her curvy body is what kept her in business. Because the times have changed, her star has dimmed. Despite all of that, Dash remains in the game.

In 2004, rapper Kanye West gave her a much-appreciated boost when he featured her in the video for "All Falls Down." It did wonders in reintroducing Dash to the game. She went on a bit of a rise. Last season, Stacey Dash landed a recurring role on the hit sitcom, "The Game." But, the cancellation and renewal has wiped her role out.

While she may not have a television show, Stacey Dash will be on television screens for a while. Rapper Rick Ross released the first single from his Teflon Don album last month and the song has become a hit. As it currently stands, Rick Ross is one of the hottest rappers in the game. Most of his music ends up being popular.

With Stacey Dash in the video, her face is likely to appear on MTV, VH1, and BET throughout the summer of 2010. Because of who she is, Dash will draw in a large male audience to the video, herself. Because of who he is, Rick Ross is likely to have this video top "106 & Park" regardless of who is featured alongside he and Ne-Yo in the video.


Mo'Nique is upset with Oprah over Interview

Last week, Oprah Winfrey conducted an interview with Gerald Imes, the older brother of comedienne, Mo'Nique. She credits a lot of her inspiration to her older brother who sexually abused her. The anger displayed in her role on last year's Precious was because of the memories that he gave to her.

Gerald Imes went on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" and answered some questions for Winfrey. He ended up apologizing for what he had done to his younger sister. It turned out that he had been sexually abused as a child and he was a part of a cycle. In the end, though, he took credit for Mo'Nique's success.

Despite giving Oprah her blessing beforehand, Mo'Nique is very upset with the talk show queen. The reason that she is upset is because of the way that the interview turned out. Mo'Nique felt that her brother had lied about the ways that he abused her and he was not sypathetic enough.

Even after years of being sexually abused by her brother, Mo'Nique maintained a relationship with him well into her adult years. However, she revealed to her family the abuse that had taken place in 2006. She did so after the birth of her twins. Mo'Nique did not feel comfortable having him around her young children. From that point forward, she has not had any contact with Gerald, or the rest of her family.


Diddy apologizes and Ends Vodka Wars

Friday, April 23, 2010

Last month, Sean "Diddy" Combs made comments about the Vodka makers that compete with his line. Not only did he call his Ciroc line the best, but he said that all of the competition was "pee pee." In response to the comments made by Combs, some rival Vodka creators sent to his offices toilets filled with their Vodka.

Contrary to all of the rumors, however, the Vodka never made it to the mogul's Manhattan offices. As they arrived on the scene, the security detail denied them an actual entrance. Most of Diddy's competitors saw that as a weak move. Usually, when businesses end up in rivalries, such pranks are never turned away.

In an effort to avoid anything else happening, Sean Combs released a statement of apology. He said that he comes as a man to apologize to all of his Vodka competitors. Combs admitted that his comments were uncalled for. However, he also apologized for his Ciroc brand being the best one out.

In what started as a sincere apology from Diddy ended with him gloating about the accomplishments of his new Vodka line.


Ronald Isley is Free, prepares New Album

Back in 2006, Ronald Isley was busted for tax evasion and he was sent to prison. In 2007, Isley began his prison sentence, but he was recently released on good behavior. Said to have learned his lesson, Mr. Biggs is ready to begin his comeback. Still with Def Jam, he is working on a new album.

Throughout his career, Ronald Isley has been hailed as one of the top R&B artists of all-time. His career was on the brink of nonrelevance when he was revived by R. Kelly. Ever since that time, he has made a habit of working with some of the top artists in hip hop and R&B. His new album will continue that trend.

Earlier today, the legend sat down with Steve Harvey to discuss his upcoming projects. Immediately, Isley met with L.A. Reid to begin his next album. For his next album, Ronald Isley is working with the likes of T.I., Rick Ross, and Lauryn Hill. Aside from the music, he said that he has a new lease on life.

Ronald Isley said that he is overjoyed to be back home with his family. With a three-year-old son at home, he wants to be around for as long as he can to set a good example. Their relationship got off to a rocky start, as Isley began their relationship as an inmate. In every relationship with every person, the first impression is everything and Ronald Isley was lucky that his child is young. Given his age, statistics say that he only has so much time with his son. Using that as his main inspiration, Ronald Isley has plans of staying out of prison and being there for his son as much as possible.


Kanye West and Reggie Bush feuded over Kim Kardashian

Much like Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian, Kanye West has been in an on/off relationship with Amber Rose. Usually, none of the four people mentioned are single at the same time. But, there was a time last summer when that was the case. In August 2009, there were rumors of Kanye West being involved with Kim Kardashian.

During that time, though, many people assumed that she had broken up with Reggie Bush. Not much came of the rumors because Kim was back with Reggie and Kanye was back with Rose the next week. By the time "Keeping up with the Kardashians" had returned, there was talk of Reggie possibly marrying Kim.

For almost three weeks, Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian have been broken up. Multiple rumors have spread because of why and Kanye West may be a factor. Back in August 2009, it was said that Kim Kardashian was actually still with Reggie Bush and that she may have cheated on him with Kanye West. It was said that around the time that all of this was happening that Bush directly confronted Kanye about what was going on.

While Kanye West tries to portray a non-violent image, he does have a very bad temper. He has become notorious for beating up papparazi at the LAX. Reggie Bush, on the other hand, is a professional football player, but Kanye West has made it clear that he is not afraid of anyone. Even with everything that has gone on, Kanye West has never acknowledged knowing Kim Kardashian, let alone having an affair with her. It is possible that he does not even know Reggie Bush, either.


Trina and Kenyon Martin are Still Together

Following her relationship with Lil Wayne, Trina began dating former NBA All-Star, Kenyon Martin. The couple began dating last summer and they became the "it couple" in black entertainment. There have been multiple rumors about the couple breaking up and many thought that they had really broken up.

Trina hit back at those rumors yesterday. She caught everyone by surprise when she spoke on the NBA playoffs. When Trina was asked who she was rooting for, she said that she hoped that the Denver Nuggets would win. Martin plays for the Nuggets, but had been injured for most of the season.

There have been rumors as recent as January that said that the two had broken up. Trina is one of the more private entertainers in hip hop, so she never confirmed that she was with Martin. However, he spoke on the relationship and he never denied the split. For the first time, Trina spoke on her relationship status.

Her revelation came after she was baited into answering a question about Lil Wayne. From 2005 until 2007, they were an item. Following their breakup, Lil Wayne began relationships with Nivea, Lauren London, and many other women. Most of the women that he began dating after his relationship with Trina ended up being pregnant with his children. After voicing her opinion on Wayne, Trina admitted that she was a Nuggets fan because of her boyfriend, Kenyon Martin.


Reggie Bush moves past Kim Kardashian, wants Jessie James

Over the past three years, Reggie Bush made himself famous for his relationship with Kim Kardashian. Early in 2007, the two began dating and he made more news because of her than because of his touchdowns. The couple became extremely close after Kardashian ridded herself of Ray J. In the time since, Reggie and Kim have had an on/off relationship.

Last month, it appeared that the two really had something going when they purchased a $5 million Los Angeles home. Kardashian had slowed her schedule so that she could spend more time with Reggie Bush. When it appeared that the two were finally a happy couple, news of cheating broke. It was first said that Reggie had been cheating on Kim, but it was later revealed to be the opposite.

Regardless of what was going on, it was clear that Reggie Bush would take Kim Kardashain back regardless of the situation. It has become so common to see him with her, that it is hard to imagine Reggie Bush with anyone else. However, recently there have been rumors of Kim Kardashian being cozy with several new men. Not to be outdone, rumor has it that Reggie Bush has been trying to have more than a friendship with country singer Jessie James.

Despite the attempts from the Super Bowl champion, it has been said that James has avoided entering a serious relationship with Bush. However, it is said that Reggie Bush is very persistent in trying to make James into his rebound woman.


Mz. Berry is over Ray J

Fans of "For The Love of Ray J" received closure on the last episode of his new series, "Family Business." For those who watched both seasons of his first VH1 series, they know how Ray J played with the feelings of the women. Following the first season, Ray began a relationship with Cocktail. Despite being with her, he began a second season of "For The Love of Ray J."

During the reunion show, Cocktail made a surprise appearance and she had some disparaging things to say about Ray J. Their relationship was denied by Ray J and he argued with Cocktail. In the end, Ray J was honest with Mz. Berry. Towards the end of "For The Love of Ray J," she admitted that she was falling for him. On "Family Business," he questioned how she could have fallen so fast.

In a never-before-seen clip featured on Ray J's new show, Mz. Berry asks Ray where they stand. When he does not give her a straight answer, Mz. Berry tells him to come back to her when he is ready to settle down. In the months that have passed since the reunion, Ray J has gone about his life as a single man that loves it. Because she is not getting any younger, Mz. Berry has continued her quest for love. While she still has feelings for Ray J, it has been said that Mz. Berry is over the entire Ray J situation.


Brandy and Ray J talk New Show

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last year, Ray J began his quest for love and he wanted the whole world watching. VH1 gained popularity from the world through Flavor Flav. Following the success of his show, many spin-offs and imitations were created. Ray J wanted a turn and he became more popular than Flav ever was.

After two failed attempts at love, Ray J ended up landing a solid relationship. Obviously, it was not with Cocktail and it was not with Mz. Berry. Instead, he found a great relationship with VH1. Because he did not want to put his romantic business out there, Ray J ended his dating series. Still, VH1 wanted to do business.

Because of this, they decided to create a personal reality show around Ray J. In an effort to help his family out, Ray J also brought the rest of the family along. While he never quite could conquer the music industry, Ray J has become the man in reality television. Even after negative reviews, his new show is a hit.

Recently, Ray J appeared alongside Brandy and the rest of his family to talk about their new show. This morning, they appeared on NBC's "The Today Show." Speaking with Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb, they answered a few questions. Brandy informed them that the show was created by Ray J, based off of an idea that he has had for years. With so many rumors about the family being at odds, he wanted to do something to bring the entire family together for the public to see. The family spoke on each of their roles with the duo and cleared up a few of the rumors.

Kathie Lee asked many questions about Ray J and his sexual lifestyle. Because of his sex tape with Kim Kardashian and his "For The Love of Ray J" show, people have come to think of Ray J as some sort of sex symbol. Ray J admitted that the person that was shown on his previous reality show was not him. His other reason for creating this show was to show the real Ray J. Ray J said that he would not get away with the things on this show that he did with the last one because his mother is watching. Brandy spoke on her 2006 car accident and she said that the family is getting to know each other as adults.


Lauren London talks Motherhood and Lil Wayne

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

For years, Lauren London has been known as one of the hottest women around. She has become a successful model and a woman that most men would love to have. Her looks have made her into a star and her figure has made her into a mother. Last year, she gave birth to her first child.

Lauren London opened up on motherhood for the first time today. She said that she never thought that she would do some of the things that she does. Becoming a mother put a major change to her life. Instead of it being an unwilling change, Lomdon has enjoyed the change. Lauren London said that she truly enjoys motherhood.

She said that her son has helped her to calm her temper as he puts things into perspective. Despite not having a relationship with the father, Lil Wayne, London said that he is a great father. Even with Wayne behind bars, she said that she is blessed that her child has two active parents.


Rosa Acosta denies biting Amber Rose's style

Rosa Acosta has risen to fame by being one of the models of the popular KING magazine. With the recent rise of Amber Rose, the girlfriend of Kanye West, Acosta and other models have struggled for attention. Rose is known for her eccentric style and her bald head. Recently, Acosta cut her hair.

Once it was revealed that Rosa Acosta had cut her hair, the critics piled on her. Almost everyone accused her of imitating Amber Rose. Her primary rival, Kat Stacks, called out her haircut and her sexual encounters. Despite all of the negative feedback, Acosta decided to keep quiet.

Finally having enough, Rosa Acosta has struck back at all of the talking people. She informed the public that her hair is her hair and she does not have to answer to anyone. Rosa made it clear that she was not imitating anyone when she cut her hair. Since the people wanted to know so bad, she told them.

Rosa Acosta revealed that her hair has been falling out over the past ten years. Finally ready to confront the issue, she decided to cut her hair off. She said that she is sexy, regardless, and that she does not need any hair to prove that point. While admitting that she can pull off the bald look, the main goal for Rosa Acosta is to go through treatments to make her scalp healthy. Once she does that, she can grow her hair and keep it.


Kelis ready for Nas divorce

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

For the past year, Nas and Kelis have been involved in a nasty divorce. Their divorce comes after a seemingly happy marriage. Many people considered them to the one of the top powercouples in hip hop. Unlike a lot of publicized relationships, the one between Nas and Kelis seemed solid.

Things are not always what they appear to be and the ongoing divorce dispute makes that obvious. The once-strong relationship between Nas and Kelis has become very bitter with no signs of reconciliation. Nas had been facing contempt of court because he owed $200,000 in backed child support.

Once Nas paid over $300,000 back to Kelis, the charges were dropped. Now that she has her money, Kelis has refiled her divorce papers. The-once happy couple in hip hop is officially over and Kelis wants the papers signed. Kelis said that it would be in both's best interests if they divorced.

Kelis fears that the divorce proceedings could take years to resolve, but she hopes to address other issues. She also said that her relationship with Nas is beyond repairable.


Jay-Z vs. David Ortiz over 40/40 Club

Monday, April 19, 2010

During the summer of 2003, Jay-Z expanded his business interests from simply music and clothing into the nightclub scene. The club has become a staple in his music. On his "retirement" album, Jay rapped multiple times about the club. It has become a hot spot for other rappers.

In the seven years since the launch of the 40/40 Club, the name has become very popular. Once the name became a marketable brand, Jay-Z licensed it. This licensing was not limited to the United States. The 40/40 name is controlled by Jay-Z. MLB star, David Ortiz, ignored this when he opened his own 40/40 Club.

Perhaps because it is in the Dominican Republic, Ortiz felt that he could get away with doing it. Despite what he may have felt, Jay-Z has stopped his plans right in their tracks. Jay has filed a lawsuit saying that Ortiz is looking to capitalize off of the 40/40 name. Oritiz often visits the club, so he knows that the name exists.

Neither Jay-Z nor David Ortiz has spoken on the club issue or the lawsuit.


Ginuwine says Timbaland deserves to be Called Out

Last week, Ginuwine caught the attention of a lot of people when he called out Timbaland. Early in his career, Timbo produced a lot of his songs. Without the production work of Timbaland on his early music, Ginuwine may have never made it. For the past few years, Timbaland has not worked with Ginuwine.

Ever since his 2003 "retirement," Timbaland has not been too active on the black music front. Many people consider him a sell-out. However, despite those accusations, he still works with Magoo and is close with Missy Elliott. But, along the way, he has forgotten about Ginuwine. It is not like he has not reached out to Timbo.

Ginuwine explained his feud with Timbaland after his diss last week. He said that he paid Tim $50,000 to appear in a video for a single. Timbaland accepted the money, but did not show up for the video shoot. Because of that, an animated version of the video was released. He has kept his feud silent, but now has had enough.

Timbaland has yet to respond to the man who helped to make him famous.


Ginuwine sounds off on Timbaland

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Early in his career, Ginuwine's music was shaped around the production from Timbaland. Before he began working with Ginuwine, Timbo was a small-time producer. However, after the success of his debut single, "Pony," both Ginuwine and Timbaland were famous. That song gave birth to what is known as the "Timbaland sound."

In the fourteen years that have passed since the release of "Pony," the careers of the two have gone in different directions. Ginuwine has posted a few hits since then. Meanwhile, Timbaland retired in 2003, but returned to become one of the top hip hop producers. Despite being one of the best in hip hop, Tim is quitting hip hop.

Ginuwine does not have the star power that he had a few years ago and he was hoping to work with Timbaland. He said that there was a time when Timbo was his closest ally in the industry. However, over time, Timbaland has not been as close with him. Each time that he has reached out, Ginuwine said that Timbaland has ignored him.

For the past few years, it has appeared that the only black artists who can get a Timbaland beat are Jay-Z and other big names. While he still associates with Missy Elliott, he is not as close with her as he used to be because of his new connections. Ginuwine is truly upset with Timbaland and he feels that Timbo owes him an apology. He said that there is no need in Timbaland reaching out to him now, because he did not do it in the past and Ginuwine is going to go at his next album alone. Before the end of this year, he wants to release another album.


Ray J puts Flo Rida on Blast on "Family Business"

Because of the success of "For the love of Ray J," VH1 wanted to lock Ray J down in a new series. Because his sister, Brandy, is trying to revive her career, Ray J allowed her to also star in the series. Recently, she has admitted to her relationship with rapper, Flo Rida, and it has become a key theme of the series.

On the first episode of the show, Brandy is just beginning to see the Miami rapper. He invites her to come along with him to the Grammys. Upon receiving the news, Brandy informs her family of the invitation. At the time, they had only been dating for three weeks and she wanted to know if their outing was too soon.

Upon asking her family, Ray J wants to know if he is offering to pay for her. He said if Flo Rida is not paying that he is a "sucka." Ray stated that no real man would invite a woman to attend a ceremony like the Grammys and not cover the costs. Brandy did not respond to Ray J's statements.


Shaq wants to end "Basketball Wives"

The nasty divorce between Shaquille and Shaunie O'Neal has been no secret. In fact, their divorce has become the talk of the entertainment and sports community. There was a chance that his divorce proceedings could have kept him out of some games. With the basketball regular season over, Shaq did not miss any games, due to divorce.

For years, the O'Neals appeared to be the model couple in the sports world. When news broke of their divorce, it sent a shock throughout both the sports and entertainment sectors. Shaunie O'Neal later revealed that Shaq had been cheating on her during his stay in Miami. Perhaps a bit paranoid, Shaquille feels that Shaunie is plotting revenge.

Recently, her long-discussed "Basketball Wives" series finally aired and Shaq is trying to put an end to it. He feels that she is using the show to make him look bad. Ever since his college days, O'Neal has been trying to portray a role model persona. For the most part, Shaq has lived up to that, but this scandal has put a dent in his image.

Lawyers for Shaquille O'Neal have written a letter to VH1 to have them halt production on any new episodes of "Basketball Wives" that will mention his name. Shaq feels that enough damage has been done to his image without anymore input from his wife. The lawyers claim that Shaunie signed a confidentiality clause when they first wed each other. This means that anytime that Shaunie O'Neal mentions her relationship with Shaq in person, he reserves right to take her to court. Shaq is taking action after the first episode of the show aired and was centered around Shaunie's relationship with him.


Toya Carter will not Drop Last Name

After being married to Lil Wayne for two years, Toya Carter had enough of him always being gone. Because she was young with her whole life ahead of her, she decided to divorce the rapper. This was right before he became the boss of the rap game. Despite their divorce, the two remain good friends.

During the first season of "Tiny & Toya," Toya admitted that she was not over Lil Wayne. However, recently she said that she is happy for him and his other children. Toya went as far as to say that she is actually good friends with Nivea. It was then that she admitted that she was moving on with her life.

Many assume that in order to move on with her life, Toya would first have to give up her last name. Despite divorcing Lil Wayne, she has kept his last name. Even as she moves on with her life, Toya will remain a Carter. When she was asked about possibly taking her old last name, Toya said that she will keep the Carter name.

While some feel that she is doing this to stay close to Lil Wayne, that is not the case. Yes, she is still friends with Lil Wayne, but she no longer desires a relationship with him. The reason that Toya wants to keep her last name is because of her daughter, Reginae. She has Lil Wayne's last name and Toya wants the same last name as her daughter. Toya does not want to bother her daughter in all of the hassle of changing the last name of a child. It would be a lot easier on her to simply keep the Carter last name as opposed to changing her child.


Mary J. Blige took Oprah to Yonkers

Earlier today, Mary J. Blige appeared on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Her appearance was similar to that of Jay-Z's from last summer. During his appearance, he told Oprah of his rise from the projects to a hip hop mogul. In order to give her the feel of where he came from, Oprah visited his old neighborhood.

Following the successful release of her album, last year, Blige was invited to appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show." Since she has such a large fan base, Oprah decided to visit her old neighborhood. The episode was taped in Yonkers, at the projects where Mary J. Blige grew up.

During the episode, Mary J. Blige told of her life story and how she went from the projects to becoming a legend. The episode aired earlier today.


Brandy talks Flo Rida and Reality Show

Monday, April 12, 2010

Rumors have spread like wildfire about Brandy and her relationship with Flo Rida. For the past few months, the two have been spending time together. Each time he is asked about his relationship with Brandy, Flo has admitted to wanting more. But, Brandy has been through tough relationships in the past.

When Flo Rida is mentioned, Brandy has found ways to avoid the topic. Usually, she diverts the attention on how great of a guy he is. Each time Brandy is asked about Flo Rida, she calls him a great friend. The pictures of the two across the internet would suggest that she is more than a friend to him. Finally, she has admitted to that.

Brandy recently said that Flo Rida is the current man in her life, but he will not appear on her new show. Brandy and Ray J are currently starring in the new show, "A Family Business," which premiered last night on VH1. The show is an attempt to show a personal side to Ray J and to Brandy. Ray J has had tremendous success with his dating shows on the network. VH1 felt that he was such a hot commodity that they decided to keep him long-term.

However, with Brandy trying to move to the next level in her career, she needs a channel of distribution and she was thrown a bone by her little brother. Brandy is hoping that a look inside her personal life will take the attention away from the things said about her. Many people are trying to write her off as insane, but she argues that she is misunderstood. No matter what she does, Brandy is always reminded of her fatal 2006 car accident and she does not want to be reminded of it on her new show.

Brandy said that the car accident will have no parts of her new reality show. "Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business" airs Sundays on VH1.


Jay-Z teaches Beyonce to Drive

Over the past few years, hip hop has not had fairytales like the one shared between Jay-Z and Beyonce. Jay-Z began his career as a rapper-turned-drug dealer. He was over 25 when he released his debut album. Around the same time, Beyonce was a member of the girl-group Destiny's Child. She began her career as black America's sweetheart. She was under 21 when she made her debut.

Despite all of their differences, they found each other and they make each other very happy. Jay-Z used to portray himself as a player. His videos from the late 1990s detail this. Also, Jay-Z's public life also showed this. Never would Jay be seen with the same woman after an appearance. The only serious relationship that he appeared to have was with Rosario Dawson. They would soon break up, though.

By 2002, all of the rumors of Jay-Z and Beyonce were confirmed when they released "Bonnie and Clyde '03." The song would go on to chart the tops and kick off the highest-profiled relationship in hip hop since Sean "Diddy" Combs and Jennifer Lopez. Over the past eight years, it has appeared as if the couple has gone through almost everything. There have been breakup rumors and rumors of infidelity on both sides from the start. The couple has kept their relationship on the low and they married each other two years ago.

While it appeared that Jay-Z and Beyonce have done it all, one thing that they had not done was driving lessons. Because she has been driven around her entire life, Beyonce has never had to drive. Due to the fact that she has never had to drive, Beyonce has never driven. However, her husband was willing to teach her how to drive. Always the eager student, Beyonce jumped right in as Jay-Z, an experienced driver, helped her to learn the way. Jay-Z has driven throughout his adult life and in New York City.


Rihanna upset with Nicki Minaj

Rihanna has held the limelight for the past five years as the most popular female in black music. However, with everything that has gone on with her, Rihanna has lost her spot. With the overall female game lacking, Nicki Minaj has taken her spot. As opposed to singing, Minaj relies on rhymes for her limelight.

Hoping to place Rihanna back into the spotlight and give Nicki Minaj additional exposure, Rihanna's people wanted her to tour with Nicki. Initially, Nicki Minaj agreed to do the tour with Rihanna. As a matter of fact, she said that she was thrilled by the opportunity to work with Rihanna.

However, as the tour went underway, Nicki Minaj backed out, meaning that a replacement needs to be found. Because they felt as if they had what they needed, a strain has been put on the people of Rihana. After all, they are the ones who are behind the tour.

Nicki Minaj has let Rihanna down in a serious way and there are rumors that Rihanna is furious with Nicki Minaj. There has been no word from Rihanna's camp, but it is said that she is not very fond of Nicki at the moment.


Kelis prepares "Flesh Tone" release

Following the release of "Bossy" and her 2006 album, Kelis has been away from the game. For years, she has been around and she has posted hits from time-to-time. But, for the most part, Kelis has never been a household name. However, after the release of "Bossy," things looked as if they were going to change.

Had she and Nas not put the brakes on a four-year marriage, things may have turned out better for her career. Once the seemingly-happy couple fell out of love, Kelis had to change her plans. She soon made news by fighting Nas for child support money. Her divorce from Nas has provided Kelis more attention than her music ever did.

Kelis is hoping that the attention will soon switch back to her music, as she is working on a new album. The new album, Flesh Tone, is already in production. The first single from the album "Acapella," which has topped some international charts. Kelis will release Flesh Tone on July 6, 2010 on Interscope Records.


Barack and Michelle Obama hit up "American Idol"

The President and the First Lady of the United States will be appearing soon on "American Idol." News of their appearance has spread across the internet. Initial rumors suggested that they would appear together in the actual show. But, that will not be the case.

Instead, the Obamas will be making an appearance through live video as opposed to being there. Their appearance is going to be during a results show. While they aim to have fun during their appearance, Barack and Michelle are there on business. The episode has already taped, but their appearance is to help raise money.

The Children’s Health Fund, Feeding America, Malaria No More, Save the Children’s U.S. Programs and the United Nations Foundation, are the foundations that the fundraisers are for. The episode will air on April 21, 2010.


Oprah turns to Jay-Z for Television Network

For years, Oprah Winfrey has been a force within the television industry. In a few short years, Winfrey was able to go from a local talk show host into a multimillion dollar entity. Not only is she into television, but she also does television production and magazines. It was beginning to look as if she could not take anything else over.

However, in January 2008, she got one over on the world again, when she announced that she was going to create a television network of her own. Sensing the significance of the word "own," Oprah decided to name her network OWN. The three letters are an acronym of Oprah Winfrey Network.

The network has been in planning for two years and it will launch on January 1, 2011. For the launch, Oprah has some big plans, which include major celebrities. Ever since she first crossed over into the mainstream, Winfrey has been a major opponent of hip hop music. This has led to many rappers going against her.

Despite her apparent disdain for hip hop music, Oprah Winfrey invited Jay-Z to appear on her show last summer. The result of their interview led to a lifelong friendship being made. Winfrey referred to Jay-Z as her new best friend and a wonderful person. Meanwhile, Jay-Z boasted about having Oprah sitting on the steps of his old home at Marcy Projects in Brooklyn, New York. Oprah is preparing for the launch of her new network and she needs someone with the reach of Jay-Z.

Recently, she reached out to her rapper-friend and he reached back. When the Oprah Winfrey Network launches, on January 1, 2011, Jay-Z will be among the first people ever seen on the new network.


Shaunie O'Neal takes aim at "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Now that she is seeking to gain independence from her larger-than-life husband, Shaunie O'Neal has become a reality television star. For this new reality show, O'Neal has taken the theme of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." Because she has lived the life as the wife of a basketball player, Shaunie has recruited many other basketball wives to uncover the real behind the scenes life.

Over the past few years, VH1 has become the top channel for black reality shows. But, in recent years, a competitor has risen in Bravo and they have taken a chunk out of VH1. The main reason that they have become a competitor to VH1 is because of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." While the edge still remains with VH1, Bravo has taken their audience and VH1 wasted no time in dealing with Shaunie O'Neal.

Because of the theme of her program and the fact that VH1 hopped on the opportunity to broadcast it so fast, many people have called her program a rip-off of the Bravo hit. After hearing this comparison for months, Shaunie O'Neal has responded to the critics. She said that there are similarities between the two programs. However, the only difference is that on her show, the women actually get along with each other and act in a professional manner.


Trey Songz continues takeover with BET Reality Show

Last year, Trey Songz rose to become the top male R&B singer in the game. His popularity did not go unnoticed by Jay-Z. Always looking to work with the hottest entertainers out there, Jay-Z invited him to join his tour for The Blueprint 3. Sensing the opportunity of his career, Songz agreed to join. He would be joining Jeezy on this tour.

When Trey Songz first joined The Blueprint 3 tour, he did not know either of the rappers that well. However, after spending four months on the road together, a bond was made. Jay-Z has thought so much of Trey Songz that he wants to record with him. Not only that but, Jay-Z also wants to form a supergroup alongside Jeezy.

Plans for the supergroup may be on hold, but BET has liked the chemistry between the men. Because of that, they have reached out to Jay-Z about a reality show. The series will follow Trey Songz and Jeezy and Jay-Z will simply be a producer. Expected to premiere sometime in the near future, "Blue Print" will soon be on BET.


Brandy opens up Flo Rida relationship

For the past two months, rumors have flooded the internet about a possible romance between Brandy and Flo Rida. The two have been spotted sharing more and more time together. Initially, both entertainers denied their relationship. When asked about their situation, they would say that they were only friends.

Despite their denials, more and more cameras began spotting the two together. Flo Rida did say that he was interested in having a relationship with Brandy. In the past, Brandy has been in high-profile relationships and they did not work out too well. Recently, she has been trying to live the single life.

While she has been trying to live the single life, Brandy has had a hard time shaking her attraction to Flo Rida. Because of this attraction, she admitted that the two are in a relationship. However, Brandy said that they are not serious. Sometime in the future, she wants a relationship, but Brandy admitted that she is afraid of being hurt.


Jada Pinkett Smith excited about "HawthoRNe" return

Saturday, April 10, 2010

For years, there has been the question of if a black drama could survive on television. The big four broadcast networks have denied this for years. However, the Turner Networks have been attempting to lure the black audience for some time now. Their first move was with Tyler Perry on TBS and the second move was "HawthoRNe" on TNT.

Jada Pinkett Smith was cast as the lead in the series and the show quickly took off. Unlike other networks with black dramas, TNT did what they had to do in order to promote the series. The end result was "HawthoRNe" being one of the highest-rated programs within black households. Despite the high ratings, some did not expect the show to return.

In the past, high rated, black television programs have not earned another season. "HawthoRNe" has appeared to put a halt to that trend, as they are returning for a second season. The star, Smith, said that she has never had more fun playing a role. Of course, she knew that the show would return and with the second season underway, she is very excited about the return.


LisaRaye leads TV One reinvention

Friday, April 9, 2010

Black media giant, Radio One, Inc. stepped into the television business over six years ago. Previously, the company had been very supportive of BET. In later years, though, BET would shun them and create their own radio network. This would lead to the company investing in NUE TV. After that network shut down, plans were made for a new television network for black people.

Before the network was even launched, all of the Radio One stations and shows were plugging it. When TV One actually launched, in 2004, it was launched with financial backing from Comcast. Despite being essentially white-owned, TV One was embraced by the black community. The secret behind its success was the programming featured on the network.

BET skewed the younger audience and TV One was marketed towards the older audience. The early years of TV One were very successful, but the original programming suffered. In 2009, the network made a bold move and decided to target younger viewers. Looking to step into the void created by the UPN merger, they began airing an original sitcom produced by the same producers for the old network. That proved to be a bad move as the show was universally panned.

Realizing the risk that comes with scripted programming, TV One has taken a page out of the book of its older, but younger, rival, BET. The network does not trust scripted programming, but the executives realize that celebrities can sell anything. While they would not be comfortable giving a celebrity a sitcom, they have realized that people love to get a look inside the personal lives of celebrities. In 2007, BET began taking those major risks and the protests have finally stopped. TV One has signed LisaRaye up for their first-ever reality show that features a celebrity.

Last night, "LisaRaye: The Real McCoy" premiered to the highest ratings of any season premiere in the history of TV One. With things looking up for this new program, it is likely that TV One will become a true competitor to BET and begin courting other black celebrities. If they are able to land a few more, TV One will become a reality television powerhouse, much like BET. Once the network begins bringing in ratings, they would possibly be able to buy Comcast out of the network.

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