Amber Rose says Kanye West saved her life

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Until she began dating Kanye West, no one knew who Amber Rose was. Rose had recently stopped stripping because she had finally earned a job as a model. Kanye West often bragged of how he dated models, but never had much proof. A little over one year ago, he finally had proof when he began dating Amber Rose. In the months they have been dating there have been plenty of rumors about them.

Despite constantly being in the gossip headlines, not too many people know of Amber Rose's story. She grew up very poor and was raised by her mother. Like many people who grew up without opportunities, she had no male role model in her life. Insecure, Rose became a stripper even though she had dreams of being a model. Working hard, she was finally able to become a model.

While Amber Rose had accomplished her dreams of becoming a model, things were still hard on her. This would change when she met rapper Kanye West. From the start, the two were attracted to each other and they began dating. Their relationship blossomed and public appearances were soon made. Because she was with Kanye West, people noticed her and she landed major contracts. These contracts paid off for her.

Mainly due to her relationship with Kanye West, Amber Rose was able to land modeling gigs and her life forever changed. Now, her poor past is a distant memory as she is a very wealthy woman. But, she hardly ever has to pay her way with Kanye West as her boyfriend. When they are together, they are in public and being in public with Kanye West means he pays the tab. Had he never come into her life, Amber Rose admits life would be a lot harder on her. She probably would have returned to stripping because it pays more money at a lower level. Never wanting a life like that, Amber Rose credits Kanye for saving her life.


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