Alicia Keys puts her bachelorette pad up For Sale

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Recently, Alicia Keys confirmed months of rumors about her pregnancy. For nearly a year, she has been dating Ruff Ryders' label owner, Swizz Beatz. The couple has been in the news because of the issues with Swizz Beatz' ex-wife, Mashonda. She was jealous of the relationship of Swizz and Alicia, so she caused legal trouble. Swizz Beatz also has children with Mashona, who is also a R&B singer.

Said to be in love for the first time, Swizz Beatz proposed to Alicia Keys soon after they got serious. Things would become more serious when she told him she was pregnant. Excited, the two decided to keep it a secret. But, still being around and promoting her music, Alicia Keys could not keep the secret. While feuding with Mashonda, a baby bump was spotted. Keys still remained silent.

But, Alicia Keys had to break her silence when she was asked if she were pregnant. She broke down and told the media and revealed herself to be engaged with Swizz Beatz. Quickly, he confirmed her story and the rumors became headline news. Because the couple is in the spotlight, people are not giving them much of a chance. The things Swizz Beatz says about Alicia Keys are the same things he said about Mashonda. They were not famous at the start of their relationship, but were when it ended. Despite starting a relationship with a similar woman, Swizz Beatz is confident things will be different.

Proving her love to the famed hip hop producer, Alicia Keys has put her $4 million New York home on the market. The property includes a main house and a pool house, but Swizz Beatz wants to move the family into a new home. Because of this, she has decided to sell her house, and possibly use the money for their upcoming wedding. It would be highly unlikely because it is not like either Alicia Keys are Swizz Beatz is struggling for money.


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