Keyshia Cole pregnant again?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

This year, Keyshia Cole was supposed to come back with a new album. Those plans may be on hold if the rumors about her prove to be true. Only a few years ago, Cole took over the female R&B game, but she gave it all up to start a family. She had even become the face of BET when her reality show, "The Way it Is" set record ratings. Keyshia Cole did not want any cameras in her face when she gave birth to her child with Daniel Gibson.

After being away for nearly a year, Keyshia Cole returned to the spotlight. Throughout her pregnancy, she did not make any public appearances. She did not want the public to see her pregnant. But, once she had the baby, in March, she returned to the public. Late last year, the singer revealed she would return in 2010. First, new music was to come, then her first public appearance. Last, her album, Keyshia was to be released.

But, even after rumors of her wanting to break things off with her NBA boyfriend, Daniel Gibson, it is being said she is pregnant again. Gibson is said to be the father of this child, too. A source close to Keyshia Cole said this pregnancy was not planned, but they do plan to go ahead with their second child. If the rumors are true, the second child will be born during the same month, March, as the first child.


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