Stacey Dash blames failed relationships on Absent Father

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Stacey Dash still remains one of the most desirable celebrities after twenty years in the public eye. Unlike most women her age, Dash gets better with time. Some men would argue she looks better now than she did when she first arrived on the scene. While she has kept her looks, one thing she has not been able to keep is a relationship.

As a young girl, Stacey Dash had to deal with the loss of her father and she never got over it. Her father is still alive, but he walked out on Dash and her mother. She understands her parents grew apart, but she does not understand why her father stayed away. Even as she entered her adult years, her father never made the effort. This created an alarming trend in Dash's life.

Early in her life, her father left and there was nothing she could do about it. Throughout her adult life, Dash has had men in her life, but they never last long. She has been married quite a few times, still it does not match the feeling of having a father in her life. Her first husband was quite a few years older than her and she is currently single. More than anything, Stacey Dash longs for a father. Many of her relationships with men have suffered because of this.

Now, a little older and wiser, Stacey Dash has evaluated herself and she feels the only reason she has not had better relationships in her life is becuase she has not had a strong man in her life to start out. Dash feels if she had her father growing up, she would have not made as many mistakes as she made choosing the men to be with. She admits they were her mistakes, but she said she would not have made them if her father had been there when she was growing up.


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