Taye Diggs defends Slim Thug and Interracial Couples

Monday, June 21, 2010

Earlier this month, Slim Thug revealed his true feelings about black women during an interview with VIBE. In the past, Slim Thug has dated black women. He has a brother who has always dated white women and his brother often rubbed this in his face. Both men feel black women are the lowest on the totem poll. Slim Thug is currently dating a woman mixed with black and white.

The comments made by Slim Thug have made waves across the entire black community. After all, Slim Thug is a rapper, so someone has to buy his albums. Dissing the backbone of the black community is not a great way to sell music, especially to a black audience. Despite the backlash, Slim Thug has stuck to his original statement. He is not the only black man who feels this way.

Taye Diggs understands exactly where Slim Thug is coming from because he gets the same treatment. Diggs is one of the biggest black stars on the planet. Any person who grew up in the 1990s in a black household got a first-hand view of Taye Diggs. It surprised a lot of people when he went out and married Idina Menzel, a popular white actress. Because of the role he plays with the black community, not too many Taye Diggs fans have approved of his marriage.

For the first time in his career, Taye Diggs has opened up on relationship preference. He said he used to be bothered by men who said they only liked one type of woman. Despite being a black man married to a white woman, Taye Diggs said he is not biased. Before he got married, Taye Diggs said he dated women of all races. Speaking on Slim Thug's situation, he said he sees exactly where he is coming from. Still, at the same time, he does not like it when a black man openly turns his back on the black woman. Taye Diggs said it is almost like rejecting the black community when a black person dates outside of the race.

Because the future is seemingly here, in 2010, Taye Diggs is upset because interracial dating is still a major topic to many pepople. He feels, by now, people should know things are different and not freak out when they see people of different races having a relationship. Growing up, Taye Diggs admitted he got caught up in what race was dating another race. He said he had friends who only dated black women and friends who only dated white women. Coming as a surprise to many, Taye Diggs said he used to judge the black men who only dated white women. He said he would never become that guy.

To this day, Taye Diggs says he is not the kind of person to judge a relationship based simply off of race. He is a man, overall, and he fell in love with a woman. It just happened to be the woman he fell in love with was white, but he still loves her. As he got older, Diggs said he did not care what people thought of him and he decided not to miss out on happiness out of loyalty. Once he became a celebrity, he began dating women of all races. After living in the fast lane, he met his future wife. Soon, they slowed down for each other and became a couple. It did not take long for their relationship to blossom into a marriage.

Because he is older and wiser, Taye Diggs does not let the thoughts of other people about race bother him because he has a woman he loves in his life now.


Anonymous,  June 22, 2010 at 7:07 PM  

everybody hatin on da black women

Anonymous,  June 22, 2010 at 7:09 PM  

It is not everybody "hatin on da black women" as you say, but rather more black men are finding women of other races more interesting. Maybe if most black women would display themselves in a better light instead of making comments like the one you just left, black women may have more men, as opposed to turning to women the way a lot of them have

Anonymous,  July 7, 2010 at 10:07 PM  

i really dnt like the fact that we BLACK WOMAN are slowly losing our men to the white community its sad to say but its true its 2010 and wheather we like it or not everybody sooner or later is going to be mixed with another race instead of one.... peronsal i dnt like it but its reality

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