Drake afraid to diss Ray J?

Monday, June 14, 2010

The feud going on between Lil' Kim and Nicki Minaj has spread outside of the hip hop community. The feud has spread outside of those two rappers. This feud is currently headline news on regular news sites and others are involved. However, one participant never mentioned is Ray J, who actually said Nicki Minaj should pay homage to Lil' Kim.

Ray J quickly sided with Lil' Kim when she made it known she had issues with Nicki Minaj. He said Nicki needs to go ahead and let the people know where she came from. Upon discovering Ray's comments, Lil' Kim agreed and repeated what was said. Drake quickly stepped up to defend his label-mate. He said Lil' Kim really needs to calm down.

Drake said he used to have a lot of respect for Lil' Kim, but it had changed because of her actions. Because of how she was acting, he said she did not deserve the homage. Like Drake, Lil' Kim also had a lot of respect for Drake. But, after he called her out the way he did, Lil' Kim referred to him as a punk. The comments came from Ray J.

Lil' Kim feels the only reason the non-confrontational Drake decided to diss her was because she was a woman. She said it looks bad on any man who engages in a public feud with a woman. If he had a real issue with her, a man would speak with a woman in private. But, Lil' Kim said he should not be upset with her over the comments about paying homage. Instead, he should be channeling this energy over to Ray J. By the way things are looking, Drake is not going to respond to Ray J.

Some assumed Drake would address Ray J once he discovered he was the one who actually made the statement about paying homage. However, Drake said the issue has nothing to do with Ray J. Drake said he cannot be upset for the man voicing his opinion on the feud. But, Lil' Kim argues she was only voicing her opinion, too. Somewhere, Drake sees a difference and it has kept Ray J from being brought into the feud. In the past, Ray J has been known to stand up for himself in the middle of feuds.

Perhaps Drake is looking to avoid the same fate as Marques Houston, Omarion, and Flo Rida.


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