Tiger Woods fathered a nine-year-old child with Porn Star?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Just when Tiger Woods thinks he has finally escaped the scandal from nine months ago, it comes back. Initially, things were looking up for the golf superstar. He said his focus was on reclaiming what was his from the start. Woods planned to win his wife back and become the king of golf, again. Easier said than done with the media on his back.

Tiger Woods pleaded for the media to leave him alone so he could fix his marriage. Despite his pleas, things only got worse from there. Rumor after rumor was started until Elin could not take it any more. She filed for divorce with the chance to split his fortune in half. With more rumors coming, there is a slim chance of a reunion.

The latest rumor about Tiger Woods is not only about cheating. Long before he was with Elin, Woods supposedly had a sexual relationship with porn star, Devon James. She is now claiming her nine-year-old son is the product of this relationship. James claims to have fallen in love with Woods, but he did not feel the same way. Because of this, she kept the child, Austin T. James,' paternity a secret.

She dedicated the middle initial of her son's name to the man she fell in love with. No paternity test has been taken, but the boy does bear a striking resemblence to Tiger Woods. James said she was only 19 when she began seeing Woods. Because she was attending a Christian academy, she kept the paternity a secret. With no test, the only proof she has is her word. James said Tiger Woods was the only black man she had been with during this period of time, so she cannot deny the child. She now becomes one of many women trying to push their children off on Tiger Woods.


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