Are Tyler Perry and Janet Jackson dating?

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Last year was very tough for Janet Jackson. It was preparing to be a big year as she had signed on to star in Why Did I Get Married, Too? The film served as a sequel to the original film created by Tyler Perry. But, the death of her older brother placed the film on hiatus.

Not only did Janet Jackson lose her brother, but she would soon end her relationship with Jermaine Dupri. With everything going on, she felt that her relationship could not survive. Despite breaking things off with Dupri, they would remain friends. They even worked together on the soundtrack for this film.

While she was going through her tough times, Janet Jackson turned to Tyler Perry for comfort. She began seeing Perry, but not in a romantic way. Recently, Jackson appeared on "The Tyler Perry Show," and she told Perry that she did not know where she would be without him.

Dating back to last summer, Janet Jackson has not had a male relationship in her life. Meanwhile, there have been many questions about Tyler Perry and his sexuality. While he was able to prove that he was not gay, Perry denied being in a public relationship. There have been times when Perry admitted to being in a relationship with someone "special," but he has never announced a lady in his life. Recently, Perry said that he was seeing someone. When he was asked of who he was seeing, Tyler Perry said that he was not going to tell who it was. It is possible that he and Janet Jackson have been dating ever since 2007.


Mariah Carey turns the Big 4-0

Over the past two decades, Mariah Carey has been one of the biggest stars. Her image has been the symbol of youth for the past two decades, but she is no longer a spring chicken. Aside from Janet Jackson, the only relevant star from the 1980s that is still going strong is Mariah Carey.

Ever since her 2008 comeback, Mariah Carey has been the most-popular female R&B singer in the game. Around the time of her comeback, Carey shocked the entertainment world when she married television personality, Nick Cannon. Cannon is still in his twenties, but he was said to be in love with Carey, as she was with him.

Despite being a fixture in the music industry for the past twenty years, it is hard to imagine Mariah Carey being 40 years old. But, she turned 40 back on March 27, 2010, Carey turned 40. She may have turned a corner, but Carey is confident that age is just a number. Mariah Carey has no plans of adjusting her style to her age.


Taraji P. Henson joins "Larry Crowne"

Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts are set to star in the new film, Larry Crowe. Independently financed, the film was picked up by Universal Pictures. The film centers on Hanks trying to reinvent his life after living through multiple disappointments. Not only will Hanks be the star, but he will also be the director of the film.

Larry Crowe will be the first film that Tom Hanks has directed since his 1996 film, That Thing You Do!. Hanks also co-wrote the 2004 hit feature, My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Coming with the role of director of the film, Tom Hanks has also become the unofficial spokesperson. A perk of being the director is meeting the rest of the cast.

Following their first cast meeting, Tom Hanks released some photos of the rest of the cast via Twitter. Among the photos released, the headshot of Taraji P. Henson was released. While her appearance has been confirmed, it is unknown what type of role she will play in the upcoming film. She will likely portray a small role.


Wendy Raquel Robinson speaks on BET and "The Game"

Ever since May 2009, there has been a push to save the hit sitcom, "The Game." Last year, the sitcom found a new home on BET and when The CW ridded the show from their schedule. From that point on, BET has been trying to land "The Game" for a fourth season. The fans of the show have been left out when trying to figure out the status of the show. Many people turned to the stars of the show, but they knew just as much as the fans.

Wendy Raquel Robinson has been hoping that something would happen that would bring "The Game" back for another season. Now that the show is off of The CW, she has been watching the BET reruns. BET recently began broadcasting the third season of the show. It was during this third season when "The Game" finally got personal. In the first two seasons, "The Game" relied on famous guest appearances. But, they toned down on that later on.

Earlier this month, news broke about BET finally reaching a deal to bring the hit sitcom back for another season. Just like the rest of the public, Wendy Raquel Robinson had to go to the internet to discover the status of the show that gave her career a second life. When it was finally revealed that BET and "The Game" had reached a deal, Wendy Raquel Robinson was truly happy. She said that she applauded the move to Atlanta, for means to produce at the same top-quality, but to save money.

Despite Coby Bell (Jason Pitts) landing a role on "Burn Notice," Wendy Raquel Robinson remains hopeful about him being able to work both programs at the same time. While he has moved on, Coby Bell said that he will make appearances, when needed. Having him down as a recurring character would still keep him in the plot, but he would not have nearly as big of a role. Because he was one of the core cast members, Robinson hopes that something can be done for Bell to keep his old job and move on to a new one.


Lisa Wu Hartwell talks Third Season of "Real Housewives of Atlanta"

Lisa Wu Hartwell rose to fame a few seasons ago behind the popularity of the reality television series, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." The show centers around wealthy housewives from the city of Atlanta. While the other theme of the program is the friendships that these women share, there is not too much love to spread. Easily, the housewife that is the most-hated is Kim Zoliak.

A few weeks ago, Lisa Wu Hartwell spoke on her relationship with co-star, Kim Zoliak. One of her primary rivals on the show, Hartwell said that everything that Zoliak does is just a show. Despite being on a reality show, Hartwell feels that nothing that Kim Zoliak does is real. She made this statement before Zoliak revealed that she was in a lesbian relationship. Recently, Hartwell spoke on the show, but she left that alone.

Lisa Wu Hartwell spoke on the third season of "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." When asked about another season, she said that the show would be returning. There have been many rumors about certain people leaving the show, but Hartwell stated that everyone will be returning to the show. It has yet to be determined if the new relationship that Kim Zoliak has will be integrated into the new season. There is no set date for the season premiere.


Erykah Badu sparks controversy with "Window Seat" video

Recently, the women of R&B have been causing quite a bit of controversy. Just as the talk of Beyonce's "Video Phone" video died down, Erykah Badu decided to go nude in her latest release. Because she had always marketed herself as a singer that used her words as opposed to her body, the video came as a surprise to many.

For the past few days, more and more people have watched the video. The more the people watch the video, the more the people talk about the video. A few days ago, the video premiered on the BET countdown series, "106 & Park," but it is likely never to again. Because of the image that BET is trying to project, they will likely ban the video.

The Erykah Badu video has caused quite a stir within the entertainment community, but now legal action may be taking place. After watching the video, select police officers are considering placing her under arrest for indecent exposure. Erykah Badu has recently discussed the video and the reaction across the internet. She said that she expected the gossip websites to react the way that they did. All that they saw was the negative and the fact that she was naked. Badu said that there was also meaning.


Matthew Knowles fathers Newborn Baby

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Perhaps best-known for leading Destiny's Child into fame, Matthew Knowles has also become known for being a force in the record industry. His demanding mentality has caused a strain within his family. There were always rumors about his relationship with his wife, Tina. Last year, those rumors were confirmed when she filed for divorce.

With their divorce final, Matthew enjoyed the single life. One of the reasons for their divorce was because Matthew was already enjoying the single life. Tina Knowles could put up with his demanding attitude, but she could not tolerate a cheating man. The family has been drawn into their battle, but they never turned on their father.

However now, Matthew Knowles has been proven as the father of a newborn baby. Initially, he denied fathering this child, but a paternity test has proved that he is indeed the father. Knowles has yet to come out and speak on this discovery. It is unknown whether he will claim the child as his own, legally take care of the child, or simply deny it.


Irv Gotti hopes to Rebuild struggling Record Label

Monday, March 29, 2010

For five years, Irv Gotti was the head of the most successful record label in the game. With a distribution deal with Def Jam, Murder Inc. Records dominated the game. They built around the big man with a small frame in Ja Rule. Eventually, he would be paired with Ashanti and together they made beautiful music.

But, when a federal investigation in his company arose, Gotti lost everything. The label was already in the middle of a high-profile feud. While some fans had turned their backs, but the ones that did stay left after the trial. Despite winning the case, Murder Inc. was dropped from Def Jam.

It would take two years for Irv Gotti to land an exclusive distribution deal with Universal Motown. But, his time with the new label did not bring any hits. Last summer, the deal lapsed and Irv Gotti found himself without a deal for his label. For years, he has discussed reviving the label.

Gotti hopes that he can finally get something going with Murder Inc. this summer, before the legacy and the label is completely forgotten.


LeBron James prepares for Playoff Run

With the close of the 2009-2010 NBA season, LeBron James has his Cleveland Cavaliers in a great position. The team currently sits on the top of the Eastern Conference standings. Not only that, but they currently hold the best record in the NBA.

LeBron James had his team in the exact position last season, but that did not stop the Orlando Magic from knocking them out of the playoff picture. This season, James is determined to not let any opposition come between himself and the NBA title.

Despite there being no chance of any team catching them in the standings, LeBron James has decided to play out the final games of the season. Usually, late in the season, the stars sit out until it is time for the playoffs. But, in order to keep himself from getting rusty, James has decided to keep himself in the game.

While it is a common fact that LeBron James will be playing in the 2010 playoffs, there is no certainty with the lower-seeded teams. The Bulls, featuring All-Star Derrick Rose, and the Raptors, featuring All-Star, Chris Bosh are battling for the final playoff spot in the East. If one of these two teams ends up making the playoffs, they will draw Cleveland in the first round. More than likely, this means that they will end up losing in the first round to LeBron James and his Cavaliers.


Angela Simmons continues Hanging Out with Robert Kardashian

Two weeks ago, rumors began circulating about Angela Simmons dating Robert Kardashian. Because Simmons has dated outside of her race before and Robert comes from a family that includes Lamar Odom and Reggie Bush, the news came as no surprise. The two have made quite a few appearances together, but they have denied dating each other.

In a recent rant, regarding her younger brothers, Angela Simmons took on all of the rumors. She said that the gossip blogs need to leave her and her family alone. Angela stated that everyone in the household is proud of Diggy and his new record deal. When asked about her relationship status, Angela questioned why she could not have male friends.

Despite her denial of dating Robert Kardashian, the two were spotted together at Wanderland in Hollywood. While Simmons denies dating Kardashian, they were seen holding hands. If the two were dating, it would provide a rare opportunity in reality television. Robert Kardashian is a regular on the E! powerhouse, "Keeping up with the Kardashians" and Simmons stars in the hits "Run's House" and "Daddy's Girls."

There is a strong chance of an unbelievable promotional push if the two were actually a couple. While it looks as if more is going on, if Angela Simmons says that she is not dating Robert Kardashian, Angela Simmons is not dating Robert Kardashian.


T-Pain and Jay-Z make truce Official

Following the massive Jay-Z comeback single, "Death of Auto-tune," T-Pain found himself without a career. He had built his career off of using the instrument and many other artists had followed suit. In actuality, Jay-Z had recorded an all auto-tune album, but he scrapped it.

Upon his official return, Jay-Z declared the death of auto-tune. Before the release of his single, the game was dominated by the machine. While he declared the machine dead, he said that this did no pertain to the likes of T-Pain. They would even take a stage together.

Despite everything appearing to be great between the two artists, T-Pain would diss Jay-Z at a concert event in Las Vegas. Just when it appeared that he had no issues, he went on a "f*ck Jay-Z rant." Following his outburst, Jay-Z went on the defense. He said that he made it clear that he was not dissing T-Pain. For a little while, Fabolous was even drawn into the feud. But, T-Pain and Fabolous would quickly end their feud. Jay-Z was not as forgiving. He said that he would not respond to Pain, but they were far from cool. However, a recent meeting between the two has led to an official end to their feud.

While T-Pain said that he would love to work with Jay-Z, it will not be happening on his newest album. In the past, he has loaded his albums up with guest features. But, for this album, T-Pain is trying to keep the guest appearances, and the auto-tune, to a minimum.


B.G. lands Endorsement Deal with Billionaire Mafia

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Over the past few years, B.G. has been falling off. In an effort to revive his career, he is returning to Cash Money. Long before the rise of Lil Wayne into the frontman of hip hop, B.G. and Juvenile carried the label. But, when it was time to receive proper payments for their services, they claim that they were shorted.

Not only did B.G. leave Cash Money Records following the dispute, but he also created a high-profile feud. The two crews would go back and forth until the death of Birdman's sister. While he was on the radio, speaking of her death, B.G. called in. He expressed his condolences and the feud was over.

Following the poor promotion of his last album, B.G. said that he could possibly return to Cash Money. In the end, B.G. would return to his original label. More than anything, B.G. is trying to rebuild the stardom that he once had. One of the best ways to do that is to get his face back out in the spotlight.

Recently, B.G. landed an endorsement deal with the up-and-coming clothing line, Billionaire Mafia. B.G. described the clothing line as a line for gangsters, like himself. The reason that the line pursued B.G. is because they love his "rags to riches" story. Both paries envision a long and productive partnership that will last for a long time.


Rev Run tells Angela to Put School on Hold

Ever since they first rose to fame, the Simmons family has been all about the money. Rev Run began his rap career in the late 1980s, simply going by Run. He was one-third of the rap crew, Run DMC. As soon as his group became famous, his little brother became the first hip hop mogul. Russell Simmons would work closely with Run DMC and they helped to launch Def Jam.

For the next ten years, Simmons would be the complete owner of the label. Meanwhile, he would offer his older brother some shares in the company. By 1995, the price was good enough for both Russell and Run to sell their shares in Def Jam to Universal. Following the sell of the label, the brothers ventured into clothing with Phat Farm. The line would go on to become one of the top clothing lines out there.

With the popularity of his MTV reality series, "Run's House," Rev Run has eclipsed his brother in terms of popularity. Most of the popularity that Run has comes from his children. Each of his children has some sort of business venture that they are trying to push at all times. The most-successful of these ventures come from his daughters, Vanessa and Angela. They partnered to create the Pastry shoe line and Angela has been trying to create her own magazine for some time.

Angela, his second-born child, has been in college since 2005. For those who watch "Run's House," the first episode was dedicated to Angela and her party. She hosted the party because she had just graduated from high school. In her time out of school, Simmons has taken on the family name and in a major way. Because of all of her business ventures, Rev Run told XXL that he advised her to push her businesses. Her hectic schedule makes it a choice of either school or business. Rev Run has admitted that he told his daughter to wait on graduating from college to continue developing her businesses.


Beyonce denies Pregnancy Rumors

Friday, March 26, 2010

Yesterday, Media Outrage reported that Beyonce was pregnant. Ever since her relationship with Jay-Z became public, there have been rumors of the two having children. From the beginning, Jay-Z has wanted children. Bey has also admitted to wanting children, but she wanted to wait until her career slowed down. More recently, her mother has even expressed an eagerness for Beyonce to reproduce.

Fans of Beyonce received the news yesterday. It may come as a shock to some. The news could make some happy, some male fans sad. But, everyone had the same reaction of the news grabbing their attention. The rumors were barely into its second day before they were responded to. A member of the camp of Beyonce has already come out to speak on the rumors. While Beyonce wants to have children, she does not have any as of yet.

Her media team came out swarming today to deny her pregnancy. By the looks of the wardrobe that she chooses and her recent video, Beyonce is not pregnant at the moment.


Diddy sparks a Vodka War

Credited as one of the first true hip hop moguls, Sean "Diddy" Combs has done it all. He began his career as a background dancer. Combs was able to stick around long enough to prove himself as a record producer. Soon, he would land a deal with the defunct Uptown Records. It would not take long for Combs to land an executive role with the label.

Because of his strong personality, Sean Combs would not last with Uptown. But, his career was far from over, as he would create his famous record label, Bad Boy Records. It did not take long for his label to be a success. Following the music, he expanded into clothes, fragrance, and other small businesses. Aside from  the music and the clothes and fragrance, Diddy has made his claim to fame with his television works.

Most recently, Diddy has expanded his business interests to a new line of vodka. While his Ciroc brand has been around since 2007, it did not gain fame until recently. Because of the newfound popularity of his brand of vodka, Diddy referred to all of the competing brands as "pee pee." His rivals took offense to this and they vowed revenge on Combs. They informed him that they would bring a large toilet full of their vodka to his Manhattan offices and they have done so earlier today.


Lil' Mo prepares Radio Return

At the beginning of the decade, Lil' Mo dominated the radio waves. Long before the days of Ashanti, Mo was the original Ja Rule sidekick. They put out many hits together. After Ja Rule and Ashanti formed a duo, Lil' Mo kept things moving and she and Fabolous became another force in the game. But, she and Fab lacked the chemistry that she had with Ja Rule.

Following her 2003 album, Lil' Mo has fallen from mainstream attention, but she has released albums since. Her most-recent album came in 2007. But, because she is no longer signed to a major label and no longer works with the major stars, her popularity has dwindled. When people speak of Mo, they often think of her collaborations from the previous decade.

Now, all of this is coming to an end. There is a guarantee that Lil' Mo will be returning to the radio and at full-strength. No, she does not have a new album on the way. Lil' Mo will become a radio talk show host at WPGC 95.5 FM in Washington, D.C. She will be taking over the time slot held by former BET personality, Big Tigger. He has offered her a warm welcome to the slot. While she is best-known for her singing, Lil' Mo is positive that she will be accepted as a radio host.


Jill Scott writes off Another Marriage

Yes, it is true that Jill Scott is starring in the new Tyler Perry film, which happens to be about marriage. Just because Scott is starring in the second installment of Why Did I Get Married, she refuses to live that life over again. Following her 2007 divorce from Lyzel Williams, there has been questions of her relationship status.

Even after her divorce, Jill Scott became involved in another relationship. She would soon begin seeing a drummer in her band. The relationship would soon blossom from 2007 and into 2008. As the relationship became more intimate, Scott would end up engaged to her drummer. But, before they wed, the engagement would be broken.

Given her rather tough track record in marriage and engagements, Jill Scott has decided against getting married again. This does not mean that she will no longer date. It just means that Jill Scott will not even get involved in a serious relationship with anyone. She said that because of her age, she will simply date. Scott does not want a lazy man that will ride off of her.


Tahiry gets Joe Budden tattoo Removed

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last year, the high profile relationship between Tahiry and her rapper boyfriend, Joe Budden ended. This came after it was revealed that she had also dated Fabolous. It appeared as if Tahiry and Budden were getting serious, but after their breakup, a feud has erupted.

During their time together, Tahiry was prominently featured on Budden's internet television program, Joe Budden TV. But, following the breakup, Budden had another girl on the program. With this new woman, they took some subtle shots at Tahiry.

Tahiry would respond to the diss from Joe Budden by partnering with his rival, 50 Cent. She would take some explicit photos with him and she also appeared in his video for "Do You Think About Me." Now, she has taken things a step farther. Tahiry has removed the tattoo that reads "Joey." She made the decision to cover it up and she did so in front of the cameras of 50 Cent's website, Tahiry is said to have replaced "Joey" with a flower.


Reggie Bush talks Kim Kardashian split

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Last summer, when Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush reunited most recently, it appeared as if they were going to commit to each other. But, just like old times, they have broken up again. Unlike their other times being together, this time, they had even bought a home together. Bush had said that he was serious and Kim said that she was ready to settle down.

Within the Kardashian family, there is a competition between all of the sisters. Kourtney has given birth to a child, Khloe has gotten married and to Lamar Odom. For such a long time, the spotlight belonged to Kim and Kim only. Now that the other sisters have been exposed to fame, they are soaking up the limelight.

Given the history that Kim Kardashian has with attention, there was a lot of pressure on Reggie Bush to marry her. Bush is only 25, at the moment and Kardashian is 30. For Reggie Bush, it is best for him to wait a little while before getting married. However, Kim has a biological clock knocking on her door and the pressure from her family to get married.

While the competition keeps Kim going, it has been too much on Reggie Bush. Everywhere that he goes, he is asked about marrying Kardashian. Initially, the questions amused Reggie, but now they have become plain annoying. There is pressure from the media and pressure from Kim and her family. Trying to focus on his career and all of this is too much for Bush. He feels that he has to choose between the two. Since football is how he pays his bills, Reggie Bush has decided to focus more on his career and leave Kim behind, again.


Kim Zoliak, from Real Housewives of Atlanta, reveals Lesbian Relationship

Following her breakup from "Big Poppa," there were questions about the sexuality of Kim Zoliak. Her claim to fame is being the only white person on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta." On the show, she is shown raising her family and dealing with the other women. Last year, a photo of her an co-star, NeNe Leakes made it to the internet.

In the video, it appears as if the two share a kiss, but it was later revealed that the picture was a hoax. Following the leakage of the picture, rumors began spreading like wildfire. For the past couple of months, Zoliak has been seen out and about with DJ Tracy Young. When asked about the relationship, Kim denied being ashamed of what they have together.

Kim Zoliak said that she is one of millions of bisexual parents across the nation. To her, it does not matter who she is with as long as they are in love. Kim says that she is in love, but this time it is with another woman.


Mariah Carey scraps Remix Album

Last year, Mariah Carey revealed that she was working on a new remix album. It was to feature many of the top stars in hip hop, including Nicki Minaj and Snoop Dogg. The album was supposed to be released before the end of this month. But, after many delays, the album was finally scrapped.

This album was to feature remixes to some of the songs featured on Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel. Along with remix songs, it was also going to feature some original tracks. Following all of the delays, the album will not be released. All of the buzz and anticipation has worn off and the album has lost all steam.

Instead, Mariah Carey will deliver an entirely new album before the end of this year. Since her return in 2008, Carey has been on a hot streak. Her new album may also feature a second disc, dedicated to Christmas. That is, if the album is released during the Christmas season.

While the remix album will not be released, singles from that album will still be released as planned.


T.I. and Tiny will marry This Year

Ever since he first came into the game, T.I. has had Tameka "Tiny" Cottle by his side. They have been dating for nearly ten years and they have been engaged for five years. Recently, their relationship took a hard blow, when T.I. was sent to prison for seven months. But, since he has been out, they have been spending time together.

Upon his release, T.I. and Tiny spent a lot of time together. But, before long, he began working on a new album. Happy to have him home, Tiny says that he spends most of his time in the studio. However, at night, he comes home to be with the family. With things getting back to normal, they both want to change things up.

Having been engaged for some time, T.I. and Tiny have decided to finally tie the knot. Together, the couple have two children, Clifford, Jr. and Major Philant. Before the end of the year, they are going to give their children the gift of married parents.


Angela Simmons denies dating Robert Kardashian and defends Jo Jo

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A little over a week ago, there was a lot of talk regarding the dating life of Angela Simmons. In her short time in the spotlight, she has been romantically linked to the likes of Bow Wow. However, last fall, she also said that she has no problems dating outside of her race. JR, along with many other outlets, reported that she was dating Robert Kardashian.

With everything going on with the Simmons family, Angela has decided to step out and be the spokesperson. First, she took aim at everyone linking her with Robert Kardashian. She did not deny enjoying his company, but she did deny ever dating him. But, this does not mean that she is not open to dating outside of her race. She also took on the rumors of her getting back with Bow Wow.

Recently, it was revealed that her younger brother, Diggy, is a talented rapper. Ever since 2007, her other younger brother, Jo Jo, has been rapping. The only difference is the fact that Diggy has the potential to be a bigger star than his older brother. Jo Jo is a part of the group, Team BLACKOUT, which has a deal with E1 Music. But, following the release of his freestyle, Diggy landed a deal with Atlantic Records.

Because of this, the urban media has been in a frenzy. The older brother, Jo Jo, has been the target of many jokes that deal with talent and ability. One website even said that Jo Jo must feel like the rest of the Jacksons when Michael made it big. This has been going on for almost a week and now Angela has taken on these websites and blogs, too. Angela Simmons demanded that the media stop trying to create a competition between Diggy and Jo Jo. She went on to say that the entire family is extremely happy for Diggy and they are wishing him the best of luck.

In the end, Angela Simmons offered a word of advice to all of the haters out there. She suggested that they all decide to get a life of their own as opposed to messing with hers.


Monica releases "Still Standing," talks Rocko

Initially set for release in 2008, Monica has released her long-awaited album, Still Standing. The album comes four years after the release of her album, The Makings of Me. Following the low sales of her last release, Monica took some time off to make sure that this album sold better than her last.

Monica has promoted her latest album in a unique fashion. She landed a deal with BET for a reality show. In an effort to promote her album, the show was titled "Monica: Still Standing." Much like the Keyshia Cole reality show, it featured Monica recording new music for the album. Now that it is out, the show is still a promotional too for her.

While it is great for Monica to finally have her album released to the public, she had to let some things go. Her boyfriend of two years, rapper Rocko, cheated on her. Because of that, Monica decided that it would be best for her to leave him. Some people work through infidelity, but Monica decided not to.

Initially, she said that she would not constantly speak about the breakup. But, in a recent interview with, she spoke on why she did things the way that she did. Many people questioned why Monica would announce the end of her relationship on Twitter. Her reason for going to Twitter to tell the people was because of the fact that she could not publicly say everything in detail. It was much easier for Monica to write out exactly what happened with Rocko.

The relationship is over, but Monica has decided to remain friends with Rocko. Prior to their romantic relationship, they had known each other for over ten years. Despite his cheating, Monica said that the good in Rocko outweighed the bad. While he may have been a poor choice in a lover, he has always been a great friend to her. She felt that she could announce to the world that they were over through Twitter in order to avoid answering the questions repeatedly on the radio circuit.


Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian done again?

For the past four years, NFL star Reggie Bush has been involved in an on-and-off romantic relationship with Kim Kardashian. Their relationship was publicized by gossip websites. One of the main reasons that Kardashian received her reality show was because of her relationship with Bush. However, since they have been dating, they have broken up often.

Last summer, Bush and Kardashian reunited and it was publicized on "Keeping up with the Kardashians." There were even rumors of the two getting engaged. Reggie Bush has never confirmed or denied being engaged to Kim Kardashian. But, he has made it clear that he does love her. JR previously reported that the two had purchased a home together.

The fact that they had moved in together led some to believe that the couple had finally sacrificed for each other. One of the main reasons that Kim Kardashian broke up with Reggie Bush was because of the fact that his schedule was too busy for them to spend time. Now that she has established herself, a bit, Kim is in control of her own schedule. When she sorted through that, she committed herself to Reggie Bush. It appeared that they would remain together.

However, for the past few days, there have been rumors of the couple splitting up again.


50 Cent almost Hooked Up with Chelsea Handler

Unlike many other hip hop stars, 50 Cent has not been involved in many high-profile relationships. When he first came into the game, he was romantically linked to R&B singer, Mya. But, before the release of his album with G-Unit, it was revealed that 50 Cent was dating Vivica Fox. Their relationship was very high-profile.

Following their breakup, a lot of rumors began to circulate about their relationship. From their 2004 breakup until their collaboration for the video of 50 Cent's 2009 single, "Do You Think About Me," they had no contact. Aside from his relationship with Vivica Fox, he dated R&B singer, Ciara.

Last fall, there were rumors of 50 Cent dating Kelly Rowland after she portrayed the love interest in the "Baby by Me" video. Recently, 50 Cent took a shot at all of the dating rumors. He admitted that he missed Fox and was attracted to Rowland. But, he denied trying to date either one of them.

At this point in his career, 50 Cent said that he has to focus on his money and his businesses. Right now, a relationship would not be a good look for him. Ever since his breakup with Ciara, 50 Cent has not been involved in a public relationship. However, late night talk show host, Chelsea Handler spoke on what could have been between herself and 50 Cent. Not too long ago, 50 Cent made an appearance on her show that she will not forget any time soon.

According to Chelsea Handler, she and 50 Cent nearly hooked up. The only thing that stopped them meeting on a personal relationship was the fact that she was in a relationship. In the time since the attempt from 50 Cent to get with her, Handler has broken things off with her former flame. Now that she is single, she has offered herself to 50 Cent. Too bad, the rapper has written off relationships for the time being.


Slim Thug gets endorsement from FUBU

Ten years ago, FUBU was the top clothing line out. But, after baggy clothes went out of style in 2004, FUBU fell off. Instead, the brand has been replaced by the likes of Coogi and Southpole. For the past few years, FUBU has fallen off tremendously.

However, a few months ago, it was revealed that the urban clothing line was planning to emerge from the ahses. It was revealed that the clothing line had done more than fall off. FUBU had actually shut down, but they have a new ad campaign with Jadakiss.

With Jadakiss already doing ads for their FB Legacy campaign, they have also recruited Slim Thug to do some ads for FUBU. In the new Slim Thug ad, they have him speaking against the new slim jeans. He speaks of fitting his bank rolls into the tight jeans that are being popularized in hip hop culture.


Rihanna tops Billboard Hot 100 for Fifth Time

Monday, March 22, 2010

Barely a month after its release, Rihanna has topped the Billboard Hot 100 with her latest single, "Rude Boy." This is not the first time she has done so. Since her 2005 debut, Rihanna has not been a stranger to topping the charts.

However, her latest chart-topper has come at a unique time in her career. While she was the victim in the incident with Chris Brown, the career of Rihanna also suffered. It was not until the release of "Hard" with Jeezy that Rihanna regained play on urban radio.

Now, the urban audience has been reintroduced to Rihanna. Her previous single, "Hard," is still going as such. The song is receiving a lot more play than "Rude Boy" in urban radio, but she is not top because of "Rude Boy." This single was also the first one that she released in 2010.

Past chart toppers from Rihanna were "S.O.S." in 2006, "Umbrella" in 2007, "Take a Bow" and "Disturbia" both in 2008, and now "Rude Boy." Her album, Rated R, was released on November 23, 2009 and is current available in retail stores.


Kid Cudi lands deal with Vitamin Water

Fresh off of his latest retirement, Kid Cudi is back to recording music. His second album, Cudder: The Revolution of Evolution, is in the works. Aside from the music, he has a television project with HBO that will debut this year. Early in his career, Kid Cudi has established himself outside of rap music.

Now, Kid Cudi can begin accepting checks from his first endorsement. Recently, Vitamin Water reached out to the rapper. They had interest in his 2009 single, "Pursuit of Hapiness." The song came off of his debut album, Man on the Moon. For their newest commercial, Vitamin Water wanted to use the song.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed, but obviously Cudi agreed to allow Vitamin Water to use his song. It benefits Kid Cudi many ways in doing this. First, his song will be featured on every major television network and he will receive a royalty check every time the song is played in the commercial. Kid Cudi is making sure he will never work a regular job in his career.


Janet Jackson reunites with Jermanie Dupri for New Song

Friday, March 19, 2010

Last summer, while she was dealing with the death of her older brother, Michael, Janet Jackson revealed that she was no longer with Jermaine Dupri. They had been together for nearly ten years, but they were hardly seeing each other. Not wanting to deal with the long distance relationship, Janet decided to end the relationship.

Because she was needed by her family, there was already a major strain on the relationship. They both decided that it would be best to move on. Despite no longer being in a romantic relationship, Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri remained good friends. For her next album, she still recruited him for production.

Not being in a relationship with Janet Jackson has not stopped Jermaine Dupri from being a great producer. As previously reported, Janet Jackson is going to sing on the soundtrack of her new film, Why Did I Get Married, Too? Her song, "Nothin'," was produced by her ex-lover, Dupri. The production of the song required that they spend a little time together.


Shaunie O'Neal blames divorce on Miami

Three years ago, it was revealed that Shaquille O'Neal was filing for divorce. The news came as a shock to many because the O'Neals were the "it couple" of the NBA. Every appearance that Shaq made, his wife was right with him. She was sitting front and center at all of the Christmas games and every playoff game.

However, following the 2007 season, things changed. For starters, Shaq did not play in the Christmas game. Then, his team did not make a deep playoff run. Becuase of this, his popularity tanked and some felt that Shaunie O'Neal had left on that account. During the late summer of 2007, it was revealed that she was having an affair.

As the season went on, Shaq would be traded to Phoenix and all talk of his divorce went away. However, last summer, it was revealed that she was filing for divorce. With the divorce almost finalized, it was revealed that Miami did their marriage in. She said that it was the women on the beach that ended them.

The temptation of the Miami women was too much for Shaquille O'Neal and he cheated on his wife. That was the reason that she cheated on him and what led to his filing for divorce.


Gabrielle Union gives up on Motherhood

For the past year, Gabrielle Union has been in a relationship with the NBA superstar, Dwyane Wade. Wade is the father of two and his sons have a great relationship with Union. Despite their strong relationship and the possibility of a big family, Gabrielle has closed the door on having children.

Because she is 37 years old, ten years older than Dwyane Wade, Gabrielle Union has written motherhood off of her to-do list. She said that because of her age, she has a better chance of adopting pets. Instead, she has decided that she will continue to "play mommy" with the kids that Dwyane Wade fathered with his ex-wife.

More than likely, she is still fertile and Dwyane Wade will probably want more children when everything slows down. But, she wants to keep things simple and let that aspect of her life go.


Sean "Diddy" Combs may purchase British Soccer Team

Hip hop mogul, Sean "Diddy" Combs is currently looking to expand his business ventures. The rapper is currently the head of his own company, Bad Boy Worldwide Entertainment. Through this company, he owns record labels, clothing lines, production companies, and fragrance lines. Already the wealthiest hip hop entrepreneur, Combs is worth over $500 million.

With so much money to burn, Diddy is interested in taking on a new venture. Every mogul's favorite toy outside of a private airplane is a professional sports team. Now that he has the private airplane and the island to go along with it, Combs wants his professional sports team. Diddy is currently in talks with the current owners of the British soccer team, Crystal Palace.

The team was founded in 1905, but has suffered from a lack of talent. Not only is the team losing money, but the players are so bad that the team is being considered to be demoted to another league. Having Diddy as an owner would mean that he would invest in getting better. He has more than enough money to cover all of the debt and he could save the team from the edge.


Chad Ochocinco links with VH1 to Find Love

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chad Ochocinco has been all over the news, lately. There has been a lot of press regarding his recruitment of Terrell Owens to play with him. There has also been the discussion of his participation on "Dancing with the Stars." Now, the NFL star is looking to fill the shoes of Ray J.

Picking up where Ray J left off, Ochocinco will be starring in a new reality dating series. Once again, VH1 will be airing the program. Chad Ochocinco has been playing the field for some time and he is looking to settle down. Already in his thirties, the NFL star is looking for stability.

The program will be called "The Tournament." On the show, Ochocinco will have to choose from 85 women. Then, it will narrow to 16, four from each region. When it gets down to sixteen, the true competition will begin. His personality and the image of VH1 will be a perfect fit.

"The Tournament" will begin airing on VH1 during the summer.


Damon Dash moves from Hip Hop to Art

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In a time not so long ago, Damon Dash was considered a hip hop king, but after being ousted from Roc-A-Fella Records, things changed. His attempt to create a rival label failed, horribly. For the past few years, Dash has remained in the game as a voice. But, it was revealed recently that the former hip hop CEO was broke.

For people who listened to Jay-Z in the late 1990s and up until the mid-2000s, this came as a shock. Dash would often be featured in the videos of Jay-Z living like a king. He enjoyed the good life for a decade, but the Roc-A-Fella situation and bad investments ended his gravy train. Yes, Dame Dash lost it all, but he is determined to get it back.

Recently, Damon Dash spoke on his future. Even when he discusses his future, it is impossible for Dash to avoid talking about his past. Again, he said that he could never be upset with Jay-Z. With all of the money that they made, there was nothing to be made about. However, his future will not consist of Jay-Z. Instead, he is moving into the art scene.


50 Cent plans to go Techno on "Black Magic"

Ever since he first came into the game, 50 Cent has been credited as the toughest rapper in the game. There have been times when he tried to change things up. Still, for the most part, he has remained as the tough rapper in hip hop. For years, he has bullied several artists, including Jay-Z.

After trying to cater to a more "mainstream" audience, 50 Cent took things back to his roots on Before I Self Destruct. Despite taking things back, his album still flopped. 50 did not blame this on the music. Instead, he blamed this on his label, Interscope Records. Following the release of the album, he left the label.

Now, 50 Cent is an independent artist and he plans to change the entire style of his music. For his next album, Black Magic, 50 wants to have a sound similar to that of The Blueprint 3. Unlike that album, though, he wants to feature a lot of elements of techno on his album. There is no word on when he will release this album.


Tiger Woods is coming Back

Last fall, Tiger Woods was knocked off of his game right after he won a championship. He was forced out of the game on top. Because of everything that has been going on, a lot of people have been trying to write Woods off. That is easier said than done, apparently.

Over one month ago, Tiger Woods gave his speech about his return. It was then that he promised that he would return to golf, but he never said when. At the time, things did not look good for Woods. The media analyzed the look on his face and they assumed that it was over.

Yesterday, TBT: The Magazine reported that things are not always as they seem. Not only is Tiger Woods coming back, but he is doing so at the biggest event in golf. His comeback performance will be on April 8 at the Masters.


Coby Bell ditches "Game" for "Burn Notice"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hardcore fans of "The Game" feared that while the show was on hiatus that the actors would find other work. Right when it was looking as if the show would not return, Pooch Hall landed a recurring role on "Accidentially on Purpose." So far, he has been the only actor from "The Game" to move on to other acting roles. But, the man better known as Jason Pitts, birth name Coby Bell, has found a new role on the USA drama, "Burn Notice."

Before he went on to play for "The Game," Bell had made a name for himself on the NBC drama, "Third Watch." Following the cancellation of "Third Watch," he began guest starring on many sitcoms that aired on UPN. His next big break would come when he was cast to play the role of Jason Pitts on "The Game." For the past three years, he has become a fan favorite on the program. But, that time has come to an end.

Recently, Coby Bell signed on to become Jesse Garcia on the USA drama, "Burn Notice." He will be a regular on the show, which means that his role on "The Game" will be reduced. While he will no longer be one of the main stars for the sitcom, he will still have a recurring role with the show and he may return if the series continues its success on BET.


Lloyd is in No Rush with New Album

Finally off of Murder Inc. Records, Lloyd is taking the time to relish the moment. In his last days with the label, he was forced to carry the entire label on his back. Despite being home to such stars as Ja Rule and Ashanti, Irv Gotti would only release albums from Lloyd. Usually, R&B artists release albums every three years, but Gotti had Lloyd releasing an album every year.

This, coupled with the fact that he was not given much creative freedom led to Lloyd declaring his independence. When he first left the label, Irv Gotti did all that he could to keep him in his contract. However, the singer was still able to get out of his deal with Murder Inc. For the next few months, Lloyd remained a free agent. Because of his relationship with Lil Wayne, it was assumed that he would replace Omarion and sign with Young Money.

Eventually, Lloyd landed with Interscope Records, but he did admit that he came close to signing to Young Money. What stopped him was fear that he would be in a similar situation to the one that he had just escaped. Now that he has a new label, Lloyd is not feeling any rush to create a new album. He is simply going to take his time when it comes to seriously recording. Lloyd will soon release a single and if it catches on, it will become a single off of his album. He has no release date set, but Lloyd wants to release his Interscope debut before the end of this year.


Diddy is exposed by Biggie's first Baby Mama

Ever since the death of The Notorious B.I.G., Diddy has often told the story of how Biggie was his best friend. Recently, he revealed that he allowed him to stay in Los Angeles an extra night, which is what partially caused his death. Still, he has always shown an image of support to the family of B.I.G.

It was not until a few years ago when Voletta Wallace, the mother of The Notorious B.I.G. revealed that she had an issue with Diddy that the people began to realize that things were not as they appeared to be. With the thirteenth anniversary of his death, many black media outlets have had stories about his death. BET actually reached out to B.I.G.'s original baby mama.

When she was asked about her relationship with Diddy, she said that there was not one. She said that Diddy had never reached out to her before his death, or after. However, she did admit that he does have a relationship with T'yanna, their daughter. Because her daughter receives major compensation because of the death of her father, she said that Diddy does not take care of her. However, he never offered to, either.


Monica leaves Rocko

For the past two years, Monica has been engaged to Rocko. He has two children by the R&B starlet. Their relationship was so close that Monica helped Rocko land a deal with Def Jam. On the label, he released his early 2008 hit, "Imma Do Me." This was followed by an album that did not sell very well.

The second album from Rocko was supposed to have come last year, as well as a new album from Monica. However, all that was delivered was a BET reality show starring Monica. On the show, it appeared that Monica and Rocko were happily engaged. Their two children also appeared on the show.

Recently, Monica revealed that things are not always what they appear to be. She revealed that her fiance of two years had cheated on her. While that was the reason that she left Rocko, Monica said that he is a good person. Rocko may be a good person, but he made an unforgiveable mistake.


Angela Simmons is dating Rob Kardashian

Monday, March 15, 2010

Just as rumors began about Angela Simmons reuniting with her former boyfriend, Bow Wow, she has been spotted with Rob Kardashian. Kardashian is the younger brother of Kim and Khloe and he is best-known for dating former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon. Their breakup is detailed on the family's television show, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians."

Last year, Simmons made news when she revealed that she dated outside of her race. Her dating a white man caused a lot of news and she reminded people of what year it was. Simmons said that she is not afraid of trying something new. After all, black men date white women all of the time and no one says a thing. She feels that she can date a white man and no one react.

The union of Angela Simmons and Rob Kardashian brings about the merger of two of the biggest reality television families. The Simmons family of "Run's House" appear to be the richest black family on television, while the Kardashian family of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" appear to be the richest white family on television. Rob would be only the latest Kardashian to enjoy the company of a black person. His older sisters, Kim and Khloe, are known for their relationships. Kim has been dating Reggie Bush for years and Khloe Kardashian is married to Lamar Odom.


T-Pain talks Lil Wayne collaboration album

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Following the success of their summer 2008 smash, "Got Money," T-Pain and Lil Wayne became more than simple collaborators. The lead single from T-Pain's album would feature Lil Wayne. T-Pain and Lil Wayne had such a strong chemistry that Wayne said that they were going to form a duo called T-Wayne. An album was supposed to come last year.

In 2008, Lil Wayne dominated the game and he had multiple albums planned. He said that he wanted to release an album with Young Money and he wanted to release an R&B album called Luv Sawngs. Soon, he added a rock album and an album with T-Pain to his list. It did not take long for Wayne to have eight projects slated for 2008.

However, as 2009 actually came, it was clear that he was only going to work on Rebirth, the Young Money album, and his fourth installment of Tha Carter. Most people had written off the T-Wayne collaboration as the artists talking big. Two years have passed and Lil Wayne is currently working in the New York State Prison System. Despite what the people thought, T-Pain said that their album was still planned, but Wayne's time in prison has put everything on hold.


BET lands a Deal to revive "The Game"

Around this time last year, BET began recording record ratings. The month prior, the network had acquired the syndication rights to the first and second season of "The Game." At the time, the show was airing its third season on The CW. Despite the popularity of the series, it was cancelled at the end of the season.

Throughout the summer of 2009, there was speculation about "The Game" airing a fourth season on BET. Each time that the network would be contacted by the fans, they would say that negotiations were still going on. Then, a major breakthrough came when Drew Sidora, a recurring character on the show, announced that it had been picked up by BET.

The news was confirmed by the likes of S2S and other credible media outlets, then the entire cast reunited to begin filming in Atlanta. However, that would be a major let down as it was revealed that they had reunited to film an episode of "The Mo'Nique Show." BET promoted the episode with Mo'Nique asking the question about "The Game" returning for a fourth season. An answer was given, but BET made sure that part was edited out of the episode. Watching the behind-the-scenes on shows Mo'Nique talking with Tia Mowry about assisting her during the fourth season of "The Game."

Later, Tia Mowry would be asked about a fourth season of "The Game" and she said that the show would not be returning for another season. Not only did she say that the show was over, but she said that the set and most of the props had already been taken down. There has been no talk about "The Game" for the past six months, but recently, rumors have circulated about BET reaching a deal to bring the show back for another season. While the show will return, they were unable to retain all of the characters on the show. No word has been given, but Pooch Hall is already starring on a new sitcom, "Accidentially on Purpose," which airs on CBS.


Neffe and Soullow are still Together

Two days ago, JR reported that Neffe had left her boyfriend and father of her youngest child, Soullow. Many other outlets reported the same story, but now Neffe is coming out swinging. Other rumors circulating said that she was also about to lose her home. Now, Neffe wants her time to talk.

She said that she did not know where the Twitter message came from but she and Soullow are doing just fine. Neffe said that the two have come a lot closer following the birth of their son. The sister of Keyshia Cole would also go on to question why many black entertainment websites are trying to hate on her.

Following the rant about her relationship with Soullow, Neffe went on to talk about just how well she is doing. Being financially independent for the first time in her life, Neffe said that if someone were to walk inside of her house, they would see nothing but flatscreen televisions with PlayStation 3s attached to them.


Darius McCrary denies Karrine "Superhead" Steffans

Friday, March 12, 2010

A few years ago, Darius McCrary put all of those gay rumors to rest when he married Karrine "Superhead" Steffans. This came after she revealed to the world that she had sexual relationships with every man in Murder Inc. and the rest of the industry. However, at the time, rumors of Darius being gay were just as widespread as Superhead and her adventures with Irv Gotti and Ja Rule.

Once the media laid off of Darius McCrary and the gay accusations, he had his fill of Superhead. He grew tired of her constant lying and he said that he cheated on her with other women. At one point, the former child star became so upset that he denied ever being married to her. He is now taking those statements back as the divorce papers have been leaked to the internet.

Darius McCrary is ending the marriage because of Steffans and her constant lies. He accused her of once lying about being pregnant to keep him in the relationship. The lie forced McCrary to sleep with another woman, which prompted Steffans to divorce him. This comes after she made a name for herself for sleeping with every man with a million dollars.


Slim Thug tells all about LeToya Luckett split

There was a short period of time when Slim Thug was an item with fellow Houston, Texas artist, LeToya Luckett. Rumors of them being a couple arose when they collaborated on her debut album. Following their collaboration, they began seeing each other.

At one point, they were considered one of the most popular couples in hip hop. Then, all of a sudden, they were no longer together. Information of their breakup came after it was revealed that the couple had become engaged. News of their breakup was so sudden that it caused a shock.

Recently, Slim Thug admitted that they broke up because of his constant cheating. Not only did he cheat on LeToya Luckett, but he got one of his women pregnant. Obviously, that was too much for LeToya to handle, so she left him.


Akon launches Fragrance Line

Taking a break from his new album, Akon has expanded his brand, just as the other hip hop moguls have. Joining the likes of Diddy, 50 Cent, and Jay-Z, Akon has created his own line of fragrance. He already has partnerships set up for this new venture, proving that he has spent time in this field.

Coming with the launch of the new fragrance line is the new parent company, Konvict Cosmetics. Already, Akon has established a partnership for his new company. The first product of this partnership will be his new fragrance line. His team working on this line are confident that it will be around for years to come.

Akon is also trying his new fragrance line, properly titled Konvict, into his other work. This other work includes a youth outreach program that he has to keep the youth focused on their future. A percentage of his profits from Konvict will go to his charity, Konfidence Foundation.


Beyonce's mother wants Grandchildren

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The two year anniversary of Beyonce's marriage to Jay-Z is closing in. Right after he landed the multimillion dollar deal for Roc Nation, he married his longtime girlfriend. There have been rumors about the two for years. Most of the rumors stem from both artists being dominant in their fields. For years, people have been wondering why she was with him and if they were on the rocks.

Before they were married, Jay-Z and Beyonce had been dating ever since 2000. They have been together for ten years. Over the course of these ten years, Jay-Z has been accepted by Tina and Matthew Knowles. While they may not be able to stand each other, anymore, they both love Jay-Z. On the opposite side, the Carter family also loves Beyonce.

Because she has come to love Jay-Z as if he were her own, Tina is pushing for the two to have children. The only thing that the couple is working on at the moment are their new albums. Beyonce hopes to release her first album in two years, while Jay-Z is ready to beat the records that he set with his last album. He did express interest in having a child, though. Beyonce has said that she wants children, but she does not want to put her career on hold with the run that she is on. Now that her mother has spoken, she may reconsider and give in to her husband, who turned 40 in December.


Neffe leaves Soullow

For those who watched "Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is," they were informed of her rough childhood. Not only was insight given into her life, but they were also introduced to her family. Aside from her mother, Frankie, the most interesting character was her sister, Neffe, the single mother. When the show began, she was a single mother trying to find her way. Somewhere along the way, she began dating a man named Soullow.

Following the final season of "The Way It Is," it was revealed that Neffe was carrying his child. The story of her relationship with her new man and the baby was carried out in the first season of "Frankie & Neffe," both shows were original programs of BET. At the time, Frankie was so popular that she was featued in Sister 2 Sister and she spoke of her new family. Neffe appeared to be so happy at the time, but that time has passed.

Neffe took to Twitter to reveal that she and Soullow are no longer together. This comes after she tatooed his name to her forearm and after she gave birth to his child.

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