Katherine Jackson to publish book about Michael

Saturday, June 19, 2010

There have been many stories about pop icon, Michael Jackson. Most of these stories have been untrue, but the media has eaten them all up. Of all of the books written about Michael Jackson and all of their authors, not many of them actually knew Jackson. The author of the latest book about the deceased pop legend does. Katherine Jackson has decided to write a book about Michael Jackson.

As the mother of Michael Jackson, she had a first-hand view of his childhood and she helped to shape it. There are many misconceptions about the way Michael was raised. Katherine Jackson may be the one to finally clear things up. After her ex-husband, Joe Jackson, publicly blamed her for the death of Michael, she may use the book to get back at him. It is more likely of Katherine Jackson to use the book as a way to honor her son.

One wish Michael Jackson always had was the people to actually understand him before they judged him. No matter what he did or how hard he tried, he was never accepted by the media. As he grew into adulthood, the media tried to portray him as a homosexual. But, with the way white women of all ages were all over him, this was clearly untrue. His love for innocent children was misconstrued and made into a sexual abuse story. The false stories of Michael Jackson raping little boys is what led to his untimely death nearly a year ago.

The book will be released next week and it will contain a picture on one page and Katherine's memory from the picture on the other page. She is expected to clearly define her son through these pictures and her memory from the provided picture. The book will be sold online through the website, jacksonsecretvault.com. Jackson has named her book Never Can Say Goodbye. Next week, she plans to take Michael's children, Michael, Jr., Paris, and Prince Michael to Gary, Indiana, the place their father grew up. She will do this on the anniversary of his death.


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