Chris Brown makes comeback, For One Night

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It has been over a year since Chris Brown beat his way from the top of the charts. While most of his fans turned against him, Brown always had the support of BET. But, last year, the network thought it would be best if he did not have much of a role during the BET Awards, this year was a different story.

One year after the death of Michael Jackson, a tribute to Jackson was held during the ceremony. Many artists did tributes, but the one performed by Brown. During his tribute, Chris Brown broke down in tears. His display easily won the crowd over and he was already forgiven.

After he cried, each time Brown took the stage, the people could not get enough of him. To add to his tearful display for MJ, the man some poised to replace him apologized for his public fight with Rihanna last year. BET accepted his apology and they treated Brown as if "Kiss Kiss" had just been released.

But, following the 2010 BET Awards, things went back to normal for Chris Brown. Outside of the urban media markets, there is no one who brought Brown's tears. Newspapers from the major cities across the nation feel he cried to win the fans back over. He was able to win the majority of the people who saw him at the BET Awards. In addition to dissing his tears, not too many people bought his apology for his actions from last year.

For one night, Chris Brown was back on top of the game. Brown left the 2010 BET Awards on a high, but he has been deflated back to reality by the media. Surely, he has heard the names they called him after his actions were revealed. Those names have only gotten worse after Chris Brown attended the awards ceremony the other night. Despite what the media says, Brown said everything he did came from the heart and he would do it again.


Da Mad Blogger July 3, 2010 at 7:48 PM  

he did a great job. its time to move on from the riahanna scandal this kid is too talented to get the ike turner treatment!

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