Rihanna working on "Explosive Album"

Saturday, June 19, 2010

In a matter of only five years, Rihanna has gone from being a pop star into an international celebrity. Her hits have multiplied and it is expected of her to top the Billboard Hot 100. Each summer, the people expect a new anthem from Rihanna. While she is still viewed in the eyes of many as a anthem creator, Rihanna wants to do more. She has had dreams of being the biggest pop star in history.

Ever since Michael Jackson recorded Thriller, artists of all genres have compared their album to his. Most music fans regard Thriller as the best album in music history. The aim of a lot of artists out there is to top this album. Many have tried, but none of them have succeeded, still artists continue to try. Usher applies this pressure each time he goes to record another album.

Four albums deep, Rihanna has slowly evolved over time, but she is still not satisfied. All of her albums are platinum successes, but she wants the acclaim. Each time Beyonce releases an album, she is met with commercial success and critical acclaim. But, Rihanna only recieves decent reviews from critics on her albums. Instead of claiming bias, Rihanna works harder to prove the critics wrong. She works as hard as she can to make each album better than her last.

Later this year, Rihanna plans to release her fifth studio album. With this album, she is hoping to make a major jump as far as critical reception goes. Teaming up with Sean Garrett in the studio, Rihanna said her album will rival Thriller for the title of best album of all-time. She said it will easily be the most-explosive album of the decade as she has gone all out. Despite only being a singer, Rihanna said her lyrical level has drastically improved. Not only is she rhyming better, but she said her topics go more in-depth.


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