Toya Carter says Lil Wayne enjoys being a Baby Daddy

Sunday, April 10, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Regardless of how many women Lil Wayne spends time with, his first love will always be with Toya Carter. The two met when they were children and were together throughout high school. At the age of fifteen, Toya gave birth to Lil Wayne's first child, Reginae. The birth of Reginae coincided with Lil Wayne's debut album.

Lil Wayne, as a member of the Hot Boyz, was one of the hottest rappers in the game. Even with going on tour and doing other promotional runs, Wayne stayed with Toya. During the down time, he was a family man. In 2004, Lil Wayne made things official when he married Toya, officially making her Mrs. Carter.

The marriage did not last and the two divorced in 2006. Despite divorcing, the two have remained the best of friends. As time has moved on, Wayne has three other children and other baby mothers he has to spend time with. Because of this, and his hectic schedule, Toya does not get to spend much time with her ex. But, Lil Wayne always makes time for Reginae and he still has deep conversations with Toya.

Toya said Lil Wayne enjoys being a father to all of his children. But, because of his schedule, he does not get to spend as much time as he would like to with them. When Lil Wayne does have down time, however, he does get together with all of his children and have family time. Wayne loves being in the spotlight, but he loves being with his family more than anything else.


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