Amber Rose finally responds to Natalie Nunn

Sunday, April 10, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Last December, Natalie Nunn announced she was dating rap newcomer, Wiz Khalifa. The announcement capped off an exciting year of 2010 for the Pittsburgh rapper. Less than a month after Nunn confirmed dating the rapper, Wiz Khalifa admitted he was dating model, Amber Rose, the ex of Kanye West.

The news did not sit well with Natalie Nunn. Beginning in January, she has been making several nasty comments about the couple. Nunn said it was Wiz who came on to her. She also said Amber Rose bent over backwards to become her friend. Her return for her letting them in was them hurting her in the worst way.

Over the past few months, Amber Rose has been linked with several high-profile men. In only a week, she was tied to Fabolous, Amare Stoudemire, Wiz Khalifa, Reggie Bush, and Rosa Acosta. Nunn called Rose a whore for being involved with so many different people. Rose hit back at Nunn then, but she did not mention her by name.

Finally having had enough, Amber Rose has officially given her response to Natalie Nunn. Amber Rose went to her Twitter account to address the situation with Natalie Nunn. She said she was going to pray for Nunn so she can get the kind of help she needs. Rose went on to say Natalie Nunn is nothing more than a little girl looking for attention. Amber Rose feels as if Natalie Nunn is using her past relationship with Wiz Khalifa as a means of promotion for her own career.


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