Bow Wow and Ice Cube team up for New Sitcom

Sunday, April 10, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

Years ago, Bow Wow announced he was going to be starring in a television sitcom. During this time, The WB was still trying to attract a larger audience. Initially, the sitcom was intended to begin airing in 2003. Bow Wow rapped of the television program on "Fresh Az Imiz."

Before the sitcom, which was tentatively titled "Bow" could broadcast, The WB merged with UPN to become The CW. The merger left many black sitcoms out in the cold. Tyler Perry soon came to the rescue with his partnership with TBS. He provided the hit sitcom, "House of Payne" and later "Meet the Browns."

Ice Cube has also been a major success in the film industry and he partnered with Perry's partners. The result of these deals was his own sitcom deal with TBS. Currently, "Are We There, Yet?" is sandwiched between Tyler Perry's sitcoms and is a ratings hit, itself. Ice Cube has built a solid relationship with Bow Wow, as he has had roles in two major films produced by Cube.

After hitting it off, Ice Cube and Bow Wow have decided to take things to a higher level. The two rappers intend to launch a new sitcom, likely to air on TBS. As is currently stands, the show has no title, but the contracts have been signed. Writers are currently being selected for the new series. Jermaine Dupri has been selected to provide music for the show. While no theme has been announced, Bow Wow did hint towards his mentor, Dupri, providing music the way Quincy Jones did for "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."


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