Snooki removes all Ne-Yo songs from her iPod

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

"Jersey Shore" star, Snooki, was excited when she was approached by Rolling Stones to appear on the cover. On the magazine, Snooki sat on a rocket. She said she was surprised the renowed magazine featured her on the cover. Initially a rock magazine, Snooki was excited because she is not musically-inclined.

Recently, Ne-Yo has been vocal about the way a lot of things have turned out. When Sony decided to release a new Michael Jackson album and feature current stars, Ne-Yo spoke out. Along with, Ne-Yo felt Michael Jackson would have never worked with those artists if he were alive.

Upon discovering Snooki would be on the cover of Rolling Stones, he spoke out again. Ne-Yo said he thought the magazine was about music stars, not reality stars. The comments made by Ne-Yo quickly traveled through the internet, posted on several different websites. It was not long before Snooki, a Ne-Yo fan, discovered what he said and was ready to respond.

Snooki said she is sad that Ne-Yo does not support her being on the cover. Their beef is official, as Snooki is no longer a Ne-Yo fan. She said she has deleted all of Ne-Yo's songs from her iPod, including a few of the songs he wrote. Ne-Yo penned the 2006 Beyonce hit, "Irreplaceable," which was one of Snooki's favorites. Upon deleting the song, Snooki said Ne-Yo is not irreplaceable.


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