Olivia refuses to date Rappers

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

While she has not been properly introduced to the game, Olivia is still a relatively big name. In 2001, she signed with J Records and was the first artist on the label. She was quickly pushed to the side when Alicia Keys was signed to the label. Even back then, Olivia made her mind up on certain things.

In 2004, Olivia resurfaced in several videos by G-Unit and the associates of the crew. 50 Cent soon announced Olivia was the first female artist signed to G-Unit Records. Olivia went from being signed to a strictly R&B record label to being signed to the most hardcore hip hop record label in the game.

During her time at G-Unit, Olivia was rumored to have been dating either The Game, Young Buck, and Lloyd Banks, at one time or another. DJ Whoo Kid recently revealed Young Buck and Olivia had a "thing" during their time together at G-Unit. Along with Game calling her a man, Olivia laughs at the allegations made against her by the official DJ for G-Unit.

Olivia decided to elaborate on her non-relationship with Young Buck. Overall, Olivia has nothing against her former label-mate. There is one reason why she would never date him, though. Young Buck's decision to become a rapper is why Olivia could never date him. Even 50 Cent, with all of his millions, could not be able to score with Olivia. From the start, she decided she could not and would not date rappers. Keri Hilson made a similar statement over a month ago, when she was romantically linked to a rapper.


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