Amber Rose says Kanye West reunion is "Unlikely"

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Early in his career, there were rumors about Kanye West's sexuality. Because of his style, many assumed Kanye West was an "in the closet" gay man. Regardless of what West did, he was always accused of being gay. In 2009, 50 Cent referred to West as a faggot.

Months later, Kanye West revealed he was indeed straight and actually dating a model. This model turned out to be Amber Rose and she had a wild relationship with Kanye West. Due to the eccentric personality of West, Amber Rose shot to fame as his girlfriend.

After their relationship went public, Amber Rose suffered several breakups with Kanye West. Last year, the two officially ended things and have moved on. West has been romantically linked to reality television superstar, Kim Kardashian. Amber Rose has been linked to Wiz Khalifa, a relatively newcomer in the rap game. Rose seems to be happy with Khalifa, making public appearances with him.

When she was asked about getting back with Kanye West, Amber Rose reflected on the times they had together. Rose said she was that "ill bitch" to the "rockstar" (Kanye West). While they had good times, the good times were not enough to outweigh their troubles. Having moved on from Kanye and him doing the same, Amber Rose thinks a reunion with him is unlikely.


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