Paris Hilton excited about Lil Wayne interview

Friday, March 25, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Over the past few days, Paris Hilton has been accused of making racist remarks. It was said that she once said she would never touch a black man, let alone date one. The statement was supposedly made by Hilton during her teenage years. Obviously, Paris Hilton no longer feels this way.

Paris Hilton turned heads a few years ago, when photos were leaked of her partying with Diddy. Around the same time, there was footage of Hilton being draped all over 50 Cent. Over the years, it is safe to say Paris Hilton has gotten over her dislike of black men. Her men of choice happen to be rappers from the way it looks.

Hilton is much like other white women around the United States, she has an obsession with Lil Wayne. Recently, she landed the opportunity of a lifetime. Her blog landed an interview with the famed rapper. Having never interviewed Lil Wayne before, Paris Hilton was a little bit nervous, but she was able to get over it.

Following the interview, Paris Hilton said she could not wait to see how it turned out. She said Wayne was so sweet, smart, and funny. Hilton also said Lil Wayne was very talented and that she is one of his biggest fans.


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