Xzibit returns to TV in FOX drama

Friday, March 25, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

Initially, Xzibit was the bad boy of the rap game. He was hand-picked by Dr. Dre to take over gangsta rap. X to the Z, as he calls himself, was featured in videos by Snoop Dogg and other legends from the West. When Dr. Dre began working on the second album from Eminem, Xzibit was pushed to the side.

Following his 2000 hit, "X," Xzibit was unable to provide the game with another hit single. Soon, he was forgotten and named another one hit wonder. While most fans had forgotten Xzibit, apparently MTV had not. Xzibit was cast as the host for their experimental series, "Pimp my Ride."

Over the next five years, Xzibit proved not to be the bad guy he portrayed himself to be. Instead, he was actually a geniunely funny guy. Quickly, Xzibit became the face of MTV, as they did minor promotional work on his albums. Despite his attempts to stay in the rap game, Xzibit's claim to fame soon became "Pimp my Ride."

In 2009, the ride officially ended and Xzibit has had roles on other shows. He has made appearances on the ratings monster "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition." Now, Xzibit has landed a more secure gig with FOX on their upcoming fall drama, Weekends at Bellvue. Xzibit will be playing the role of 'Chuck.'


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