The Truth about Randy Jones and JR

Monday, March 28, 2011

By JR Staff

Struggling filmmaker, Randy Jones, has been making several posts online claiming to be the owner of the JR site, which has been running for a year now. Contrary to what Jones wants the public to think, JR is a fully-owned entity of TBT Entertainment Group, LLC. and licensed under the company. In 2001, JR was launched as a magazine to promote Randy Jones' film ventures.

However, the magazine only has one issue put out, to date. In 2009, TBT Entertainment Group contacted the filmmaker and a disastrous partnership was soon created. Originally, the idea was to revive the print version of JR Magazine. TBT Entertainment Group would provide the written articles and would design the magazine, Jones was to handle the printing costs.

Breaching the contract in place, Randy Jones refused to print the magazine, leaving Tevan Savage, the CEO of TBT Entertainment Group out of a substantial amount of money. Despite sticking TBT, no charges were filed and the partnership continued until the summer of 2010. A decision was made that JR would be fully owned and operated by Tevan Savage and TBT Entertainment Group, but Randy Jones could continue to market the site.

During the summer of 2010, Tevan Savage and Randy Jones were supposed to team up to officially launch the Royal Gear clothing line. Doing his part, Savage brought in designer Rudy Mardy to design the new products and Jones was to handle the initial printing costs. Jones openly lied to Savage about his business dealings, saying he had covered the printing costs, fully aware that he had not paid for a single shirt.

When confronted over his wrongdoings, Randy Jones boasted of how he did not have to do anything he did not want to do, threatening Tevan Savage (at the time a minor when Jones was 39) over the phone. As the argument ensued, Jones said "I am not dependable." The aspiring filmmaker also said contracts were not binding and that he was not going to abide by the deal, so it was officially terminated.

Jones did not have copyrights in place for either JR, which has been renamed to JR, The Black Entertainment Gudie, nor did he have copyrights in place for Royal Gear. TBT Entertainment Group, with the help of silent investors, copyrighted all of the TBT-owned subsidiaries. Randy Jones is a liar and a perpetrator who made big promises, but never delivered.

Randy Jones has never lifted one finger to type on word on any article that has appeared on this site over the past year, nor did he put any work in on the previous JR sites. Jones simply rode the bandwagon and now he is trying to take credit for something he has had no part in. TBT Entertainment Group aims to maintain a professional appearance at all times, but the company will not be disrespected in any way, shape, or form.

Randy Jones works as a security guard in New York City, during his free time, he makes films. He is a businessman in name only. Jones regularly wears a suit, but he does not know the first thing about running a business. However, he is familiar with fast-talking and lying to those who trust him. Randy Jones is a regular practice of bad business who cheated his own partner.

JR, The Black Entertainment Guide has featured contributions from Mario Tolliver, Tirrell Hill, and currently is helmed by Mr. Hollywood, The Music Scoop, TV Insider, Sports Authority, and The Film Critic. None of these names are associated with Randy Jones. For those who read the site, he is simply a reader like the rest of you and nothing more.

Randy Jones, if you have the opportunity to read this, leave Tevan Savage and TBT Entertainment Group alone, learn honesty, and move forward with your career, creating products of your own. When it comes down to it, this man just wants to look big without putting in the big work. Everyone who is a part of this company has put in work in some form, Randy Jones did not and he is not a part of this company and not a part of JR, The Black Entertainment Guide.

The man cannot even spell correctly and barely makes out full sentences. His level of comprehension is not capable of creating the articles regularly posted on JR.


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