Chris Brown addresses Nude Photos

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Last month, Chris Brown ran into a bit of a problem when a nude photo of him leaked to the internet. It was a photo of him fresh out of the shower. Many assumed it was intended for one of his girlfriends.

Apparently, the woman who received the photo had something bigger on her mind. While she may only have a few dates with Brown, she could make quick cash off the photo. The photo was leaked to the internet.

In the middle of his comeback, a nude photo leaking to the internet was bad publicity for Chris Brown. Instead of focusing on his problems, Brown ignored them. The result was his "Look at me Now" single taking off.

With over a month passing, Chris Brown has finally addressed the rumors. He confirmed what most already knew, the photo was for one of his girlfriends. Brown admitted it was him in the picture and he was actually fresh out of the shower when the pic was taken. The Virginia singer went on to say he was comfortable with his body, so he did not care who saw him naked.

Chris Brown said he was playing a video game when he saw the photo on Twitter. When he saw the photo, Brown said he laughed and said "yeah." But, when he was previously asked about the photo, Chris Brown ended the interview.


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