Rihanna labels her dad a Backstabber

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

For the past few years, tensions have been building between Rihanna and her father. Things recently reached a boiling point and she has taken things public. Ever since her 2009 public fight with former boyfriend, Chris Brown, Rihanna has been upset with her father.

Rihanna said her father is a backstabber because he has gone to the media and told lies about her. She said all of this started when he gave an interview to People about her and Chris Brown. Now, she no longer trusts her father's motives. Rihanna is saddened because she used to love him so much.

The pop star said she questions what she means to her father because she is no longer daddy's little girl. Growing up, Rihanna always counted on her father. Now, he runs and tells the media stories about her in order to make money. Rihanna always expected betrayal, but she never expected it to come from her own father.

This situation is very strange for Rihanna because her father is a part of her. She continues to wonder how he could do such a thing to her. Regardless of what she felt, Rihanna has cut all ties from her father, Ronald Fenty.


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