Aretha Franklin denies Gastric Bypass rumors

Monday, March 14, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Ever since the fall of 2010, Aretha Franklin has been involved in several rumors. Before Thanksgiving, there were rumors of the celebrated diva suffering from pancreatic cancer. A month later, there were reports of her dying from the disease. When news of her death shook the entertainment world, Franklin shocked them all when she revealed she was alive.

It turned out Aretha Franklin went to the hospital to be screened for cancer. After leaving the hospital, she learned she had a clean bill of health. When rumors of her having cancer and dying from said cancer spread, Aretha Franklin was confused. The only news she had was about her bio-pic. She was turned down by Halle Berry, who she wanted to portray her.

Recently, there were rumors of Aretha Franklin having gastric bypass surgery. It was said she was suffering from a secret illness. This illness required the diva to lose up to 80 pounds of weight. The only truth to the latest rumor was of Aretha Franklin losing 80 pounds. She has been on a diet and she wanted to get back to a healthy weight. But, Franklin has not been suffering from any diseases. Furthermore, the singer did not undergo gastric bypass surgery. Instead, she went on a diet and a workout plan and lost her weight.


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