Dwyane Wade wins Custody Battle over Two Sons

Monday, March 14, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

NBA superstar, Dwyane Wade, has reason to celebrate as he has picked up a major win. The Miami Heat have been impressive this season, but Wade's biggest win came off the court. For over a year, the 2006 NBA Finals MVP has been battling his ex-wife over custody of their two sons.

Growing up in Chicago, Dwyane Wade did not have much consistency. Initially, he lived with his mother and sister. One day, his sister sent him to live with his father across town. It was then when he met future Siohvaughn Wade. Because of problems with his older stepbrothers and father, Dwyane moved in with her.

Early in his NBA career, Dwyane Wade was portrayed as the young family man. Often, Wade would be shown playing with his oldest son before games. When Wade announced the birth of his second son, things were supposed to turn out for the best. Instead, Wade suffered near career-ending injuries, his team suffered devastating losses and he and his wife decided to end their marriage.

Following a rough year, Dwyane Wade put his life back together. Soon, he returned to the court and his team began to win again. Many analysts viewed Wade as the NBA's best player. Off the basketball court, Wade continued to be a consistent father. He also began dating Gabrielle Union and she became a part of the boys' life. Siohvaughn Wade has problems with that part. She felt Dwyane and Gabby were a little too close to be around children. Witnessing the way they embrace each other, she filed for full custody of the boys.

Dwyane Wade filed a countersuit and the trial began. After a year and a half of battling, Dwyane Wade won the case and is ready to move on with his life.


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