Usher sextape with Tameka Foster for sale?

Monday, March 14, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Approaching a year after the divorce of Tameka Foster and Usher is still facing problems. In 2007, Usher decided to leave the playboy image behind and settle down. When he married Tameka Foster, he did it at the expense of his mother. She never approved of the marriage and did not attend the wedding.

Early in the marriage, Usher had two children by Foster. Before her relationship with Usher, Tameka Foster already had three children. It was the three children that led to Usher's mother disapproving. Not until after the divorce was Usher able to fully repair the relationship with his mother.

The lessons his mother warned him about were learned and Usher got out of the marriage. Despite the "Papers" single, Usher said he had simply fallen out of love. Usher maintains he and Foster maintain a strong friendship. But, the contents of the Raymond v. Raymond album state differently. Both Usher and his ex-wife say things are great between them.

The current status of their relationship may or may not be true, but they were into each other at one point in time. Recently, a sextape of the two was released and it proves that much. Usher now finds himself in the position of several other stars. The singer is fighting as hard as he can to stop the distribution of the tape, but it is not clear if he can stop the distribution. A film company has the rights to the sextape and is currently shopping it to X rated stores.


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