Rihanna and Ciara start Twitter beef

Monday, February 28, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

The past few months have not been the best for Ciara. Once adored by fans and critics, Ciara would have trouble giving her latest album away. On the other hand, things have been going great for Rihanna, as her latest album topped charts. Recently, she has been under fire for lying to Donald Trump over a scheduled performance.

Rarely have Rihanna and Ciara had the opportunity to be around each other. Despite making the same type of music, they have never collaborated. But, when they were actually around each other, as photographed to the left, they appeared to be good friends. It is now obvious that picture is in the past.

Ever since 2009, all of the celebrities have created accounts on the social networking site, Twitter. Many rappers have used the sites to insult their rivals. But, in recent months, many others have also used the site to attack the characters of their rivals. Ciara was involved in a Twitter beef with her former "boyfriend," 50 Cent, last month.

The feud began when Ciara appeared on E!'s "Fashion Police" and said Rihanna used to be a nice girl, but she was "not the nicest" the last time they hung out. Upon watching the interview, Rihanna called Ciara out through Twitter. She tweeted about being a bigger star than Ciara. Soon, Ciara responded, saying Rihanna did not want any parts of her on stage or in person. Rihanna issued an apology that Ciara accepted, Rihanna was hurt by the comments and Ciara said she did not mean anything by them.


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