Ne-Yo confirms Collaboration Album with Fabolous

Monday, February 28, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

In 2006, Fabolous was moved from Atlantic Records to Def Jam and he began working on his fourth album. When looking for a lead single, he wanted something for the ladies. At the time, Ne-Yo had given a hook to Jay-Z for his comeback album. Jay-Z liked the track, but it did not fit the concept for his album, so Fabolous used it.

The result of Jay-Z passing up the Ne-Yo hook was Fabolous' summer 2007 hit, "Make Me Better." The song became one of the top songs of the year. Following the hit, some had crowned Fabolous and Ne-Yo as the new version of Jay-Z and R. Kelly. Fabolous had planned to record a full album with Ne-Yo.

However, Def Jam did not schedule Fabolous for a 2008 album release. When he did release his next album, Fabolous had to rebuild his buzz. In the meantime, Ne-Yo had decided to take a short break from recording music. Despite not having any music with Ne-Yo on his album, Fabolous said he still intended to record a full album with him.

Recently, Ne-Yo spoke about the rumored album with Fabolous. For nearly four years, the only person talking about the Fabolous/Ne-Yo album was Fabolous. Now, Ne-Yo has also discussed the album and he said they are working hard to put the music together. He said they plan to begin recording their album sometime before the end of this year. While it all depends on Def Jam, they hope to release their collaboration album sometime in 2012.


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