Kimora Lee Simmons talks Nicki Minaj, says she is Really Sexy

Friday, February 25, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Before the Rihannas, Amber Roses, and Nicki Minajs, one of the sexiest women in hip hop was Kimora Lee Simmons. She was the wife of Def Jam founder, Russell Simmons. When he would make high-profile appearances, Kimora would be right by his side. Even in the spotlight, the two appeared to be deeply in love.

After making it past the five-year mark, it appeared as if Russell and Kimora would stand all of the tests. But, it was then when the two broke things off. While Russell and Kimora remained friends, both of them needed a change. Russell Simmons has continued to work in hip hop, alongside Kimora, but she has built her own name.

Last year, Kimora decided it was time for her to work on some projects without her ex-husband's help. She left Phat Farm and plans to create some of her own ventures. Outside of the business world, many people have asked Kimora about how she feels about the new women in the game. For the most part, she is very impressed, but she often reminds people she is one of the originals.

When Nicki Minaj was mentioned, Kimora Lee Simmons opened up on how she feels about the new rap sensation. She praised Nicki for her curves and she loves the fact that Nicki Minaj has maintained her individuality, despite being in a game of copycats. Kimora went on to say what Nicki Minaj is doing for music and fashion is definitely breathing new life into the game. But, when asked about Nicki's overall sexiness, Kimora gave her honest opinion, saying she thinks Nicki Minaj is really sexy.


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