Ciara confirms Jive Records rumors

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Following the low sales of Basic Instinct, Ciara has been the topic of discussion by many. Keri Hilson publicly insulted her low sales and many websites have also had much to post. Before long, there were rumors of Ciara being dropped from Jive Records. It was soon said that Ciara was working to leave the label.

But, making things clear, Ciara said she was the one who wanted to leave Jive Records. At the time, they had no interest in dropping her. But, after lackluster promotion for two of her albums, consecutively, Ciara wants off. She said they can either properly promote her, or come up with a severance package.

There have been many back and forth rumors about where Ciara would end up. With all of the discussion, there has been more and more speculation and less and less Ciara. When rumors start, they take on lives of their own and are often blown out of proportion. This has been the case with Ciara's high-profile "feud" with Keri Hilson and her "relationship" with 50 Cent.

Ciara has decided to speak out before the story becomes distorted again. There were rumors of a letter written by Ciara and addressed to Jive Records. When the letter was released, many questioned if it were authentic or not. Ending all of the speculation, Ciara confirmed the letter was, indeed, written by her. She said the letter came from her heart, truly telling how she felt about Jive Records. Ciara wanted to talk to her fans and let them know where she is in life. She remains confident that everything will work out for the best.


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