Omarosa becomes a Pastor

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

In 2004, Omarosa rose to fame with Donald Trump's help during the first season of "The Apprentice." While she did not win the competition, she became a celebrity. Omarosa was known for being the toughest woman on the show. She soon landed a role on the VH1 series, "The Surreal Life."

During her time on "The Surreal Life," Omarosa caused more controversy. She met her match in Janice Dickinson. The two immediately disliked each other. Usually, Omarosa was the dominant person on the reality shows. But, Dickinson found ways to get under her skin.

In 2009, Omarosa offered an apology to Dickinson and the two moved past their feud. Soon, Omarosa found herself with another job, working for Donald Trump. The real estate mogul partnered with TV One for a dating series, called "The Ultimate Merger." The show included several men who offered business proposals in order to win Omarosa's heart.

While she did not find love on camera, Omarosa successfully fell in love off camera and turned down Trump's offer to do a second season. Omarosa now has it all and she has found God to top everything else off. Recently, she earned her pastor's license and she was hired as an assistant pastor for Weller Street Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles. Omarosa has been dating Michael Clarke Duncan and she says her days of drama are in the past because she is saved for real.


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