Kreyshawn denies dating Drake

Thursday, August 4, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

When Kreyshawn first made national headlines, many people took her music as a joke. Some even felt offended by her lyrics. The West Coast hip hop scene originated in the late 1980s, full of young black men, rapping about every controversial topic possible. Kreyshawn has emerged as the total opposite of this.

While most people were offended by Kreyshawn and unimpressed by her style. Drake was the first person to come to her defense, in the middle of last month. The Young Money rapper admitted he liked her music and he even called Kreyshawn a cutie pie. Because of those comments, many feel as if Drake has a thing for her.

For a little over a month, there have been rumors about Drake being involved with Rihanna. Before he made it big, Drake and Rihanna briefly dated. Their romance did not work out, but the two ended up becoming best friends. Because they remained friends, the two still made appearances with each other, which fueled rumors.

However, in recent months, the two have appeared closer and closer. While they still continue to deny their relationship rumors, other people are believers. Kreyshawn said she is not dating Drake, because she would not take away Rihanna's boo.


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