Kobe Bryant defends LeBron James against critics

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

By Sports Authority
JR Staff Writer

The Miami Heat added Chris Bosh and LeBron James to their roster to help their struggling star, Dwyane Wade. While James, and two-time NBA Finals MVP, Kobe Bryant, were winning 50-plus games each year and having deep playoff runs, Wade's teams were winning 40-plus games and losing early in the playoffs.

While LeBron James and his teams did well in the regular season and early playoff rounds, they lost when it counted the most. In 2010, there were no more excuses for James. The spotlight was all on him and his team. When they lost in the second round, to Boston, the critics got louder and louder.

The early exit in the 2010 playoffs helped facilitate LeBron James' move to Miami. Dwyane Wade, who had not won a playoff series since the Heat's title run in 2006, was glad to see two of his best friends join the Heat. But, from the start of the season, LeBron James was seemingly trying to out-do Wade, often making sure he did not touch the ball in some possessions, costing the Heat important games.

By the playoffs, it seemed as if the Miami Heat had found a happy medium between their two stars and even their third wheel, Chris Bosh. When the NBA Finals came, Dwyane Wade helped Miami close out the opening game with a win. Dwyane Wade had a spectactular game two and seemingly single-handedly gave the win to Miami. But, LeBron James ended up costing the Heat game two with selfish, careless, play towards the end of the game. Throughout the rest of the series, James' play was up-and-down.

While not needed in the "star" role, he was needed to be one of the biggest contributors on the floor, but he was not, for some reason. His attempts to rebuild his own game, hindered Wade and cost the Heat a championship they were on their way to cruising to. Because of this, LeBron James has been blasted by the media for a third season in a row. Ever since 2008, the media has been trying to create a rivalry between James and Kobe Bryant.

Due to James' inability to win when it counts, the rivalry has not yet had a playoff game. With James now a part of the Miami Heat, it seems as if the rivalry will never come. Despite this, he and Kobe Bryant have become good friends. Tired of the bad press on LeBron James, Kobe Bryant told the media to lay off of him. Despite preparing for his ninth season in the NBA, LeBron James is only 26-years-old. Many of the legends of the game did not win until they were at least 30, or more, and some never won.


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