John Legend addresses Anthony Stokes' allegations

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Through Kanye West, John Legend is one of the newest artists signed to Def Jam. Over the past few years, Def Jam has been primarily focused on their R&B talent. Adding John Legend to a roster that already included Ne-Yo and Jeremih was a major plus for them.

Being signed to Def Jam is also a major plus for John Legend. With things going so well, the only problem is the lawsuit he is facing. A young man, Anthony Stokes, is accusing John Legend of stealing his song. When Legend visited UNC in 2004, he saw Stokes perform a song he used on his 2006 album.

The song Anthony Stokes is referring to is "Maxine's Interlude," which Stokes claims is his song, "Where Are You Now?" For months, Anthony Stokes has been pushing his lawsuit. He has spoken with several magazines and websites about the situation. As much as Stokes has talked, John Legend has said nothing.

Recently, he decided to break his silence and discuss the issues. John Legend said stealing a track is something he would never do. The G.O.O.D. Music singer said Anthony Stokes is making statements he knows are not true. Until he found himself sued by Stokes, John Legend said he had never even heard of the song Anthony Stokes is referring to. John Legend said he has never done anything like this and he will fight in court to clear his name.


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