LaToya Jackson talks Michael Jackson's death in New Book

Friday, June 17, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

The death of Michael Jackson was the last thing many expected to hear mid-day of June 25, 2009. Jackson had been tortured by the media for over fifteen years. At one point, he was considered the greatest entertainer of all-time. But, his friendship with underage children almost cost him everything.

Following the death of Michael Jackson, his family began speaking out. For the most part, the family blamed Jackson's doctor, Dr. Conrad Murray. It was under the watch of Murray that the "King of Pop" died. Upset fans also blame the doctor, who has since lost his license.

Now, LaToya Jackson, the older sister of Michael Jackson, is expressing her pain through a new book. Her book, which is coming out next week, discusses the last days of Michael's life, in which he was planning to make major changes. According to LaToya Jackson, Michael was planning to remove several people from his life.

LaToya Jackson also said Michael had only agreed to do ten shows, as opposed to his major "This is It" tour, which was to span the entire world. The elder Jackson said she has been suspicious of Michael's death since she first learned the news. Following his death, she found his bedroom torn to shreds and found notes that confirmed he was preparing to rid certain people from his life. Jermaine Jackson is also preparing a book, his will be released in September of this year.


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