Floyd Mayweather, Jr. to testify in Manny Pacquiao suit

Friday, June 17, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Manny Pacquiao has filed a defamation suit against rival boxer, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. The comments he made against the Pac Man, in 2009, have come back to bite him. Pacquiao has filed the suit over the comments Mayweather made about him being a drug abuser.

Two years ago, the two boxers prepared for a bout. When boxers are preparing to fight, much trash talking usually ensues. But, the trash talk was taken to another level when Mayweather brought up the drug use. Before the two could fight, they had to be drug tested and Mayweather said Pac Man was using PEDs.

Later today, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. will have to appear in court to testify about what really happened. Mayweather has appealed to the courts to have his testimony delayed. Currently, he is preparing to fight Victor Ortiz. The courts denied his plea to delay his testimony, as his fight with Ortiz is not for another three months, on September 17, 2011.


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