Joell Ortiz is Looking for Love

Thursday, June 30, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Slaughterhouse rapper, Joell Ortiz, recently spoke out, not about new music, instead about his personal life. It would seem as if Joell Ortiz had everything he could ever ask for. After all, he is signed to one of the biggest record labels and will likely never have to worry about money again.

Despite the money and the fame, Joell Ortiz, like many other wealthy people, still wants more. Joell Ortiz recently said he was looking for the right woman. In a life as hectic as the life he has chosen, it would be wise to find the right woman. Realizing this, Joell Ortiz is on the prowl.

Crooked I, his group-mate in Slaughterhouse, said he would help his friend find the right woman. Living in Los Angeles, Crooked I said he is sure he could find a woman interested in being with Crooked I.


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