Amber Rose talks Kanye West, Reality Show, Pregnancy, and Wiz Khalifa

Thursday, June 30, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Despite not being a rapper, Amber Rose makes the headlines more than some platinum artists. Rose has become a part of the hip hop scene, namely due to her relationship with Kanye West. For nearly two years, Amber Rose and Kanye West dated. Last summer, the couple finally called it quits.

Many gossip websites have said Amber Rose is still not over the breakup. However, Amber Rose has done a good job at putting her life back together. Career-wise, she is with a new modeling agency. In her personal life, Amber Rose is now dating Wiz Khalifa. But, her relationship has been under much scrutiny.

Amber Rose said the next step in her life is her reality show. The details of the show have been very sketchy. When speaking on the show, Rose said she is trying to do something different. Many assumed her show would follow a similar format to those of Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. Amber Rose said her show will delve into her personal life, her businesses, and her family.

Recently, there have been rumors of Amber Rose being pregnant. Every day, there is some kind of news story about Amber Rose. The latest rumors said she and Wiz Khalifa would soon be expecting. Rose also confronted these rumors. She said she and Wiz Khalifa love each other dearly. In the future, they would love to have a child together. But, currently, she is not pregnant, as she is focusing on her career and Wiz Khalifa is focusing on his.


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