Nick Cannon forgives Eminem

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Long before her days with Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey was involved with Eminem. The two broke up and seemingly moved on with their lives. But, when Mariah Carey began dating Nick Cannon, Eminem mentioned he used to have a relationship with her.

Mariah Carey publicly denied having anything more than a friendship with Eminem. Following her denial, Eminem made a few public statements. In 2009, Carey released a single taunting Eminem, "Obsessed." Eminem responded with the scathing diss, "The Warning."

Ever since the release of "The Warning," Nick Cannon has had issues with Eminem. Often, Cannon goes out of his way to insult Em. Each time he is dissed by Nick Cannon, Eminem goes right back at him. But, last year, Eminem turned over a new leaf and he promised his family and his friends he would leave all beef alone.

Recently, Nick Cannon took a couple of cheap shots at Eminem at a comedy performance. Cannon said he was only joking around and agreed to put the beef to rest. At this point, Nick Cannon is in the middle of a great stretch. He has two beautiful children, a loving life, and his career is going well. Cannon manages rising rapper, Cory Gunz, and even produces his MTV reality show, "Son of a Gun." Aside from producing television shows, Nick Cannon is still running the TEENick television network.


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