Angela Martini denies dating Kanye West

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Apparently, the love struggles will continue for Kanye West. Ever since his summer 2010 split from Amber Rose, Kanye West has been struggling to find a new leading woman. In the months since they have broken up, Kanye has been linked to several women, but never confirmed a relationship with any of them.

Yesterday, there were several sites reporting of Kanye West being involved with Albanian model, Angela Martini. The New York Daily reported that they had been dating for months. Kanye West had already been tied to Kim Kardashian and an unnamed eighteen year-old-model, but each of those rumors were panned.

Days before the rumors about Martini, Kanye West was caught kissing blonde French actress, Virginie Murphy. After being caught in a lip-lock, the news sites went crazy with the story. Amber Rose, on the other hand, has been in a steady relationship with Wiz Khalifa. Recently, Rose discussed their relationship, defending Wiz to the critics, saying he is easier to deal with than Kanye.

Angela Martini recently spoke to Global Grind about the rumors. She said she finds it funny that people say she is dating Kanye West when he was photographed kissing another woman. However, West was also photographed kissing a brunette. Martini has gone out of her way to say she is not dating Kanye West and will not be any time soon.


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