Mo'Nique invites Tyler Perry and Spike Lee to her show to End Feud

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

By TV Insider
JR Staff Writer

Years of bickering between Tyler Perry and Spike Lee have hit a new peak right before the start of summer. Spike Lee has been insulting the work of Tyler Perry ever since 2008. Perry has kept silent about these comments, for the most part. But, he recently reached his wits end and told Lee to go straight to hell.

For both of their styles to be for entertainment purposes only, both men are taking things a little too seriously. Spike Lee needs to accept there are different types of black filmmakers. Instead of his constant criticism of Tyler Perry, Lee needs to get back to making his own classic films.

Yesterday, JR posted an article which stated how important both filmmakers are to the black community. Apparently, Mo'Nique feels the same way. After interviewing Tyler Perry, Mo'Nique has decided she wants to have both Perry and Spike Lee visit the set of "The Mo'Nique Show." She hopes their visit will lead to an end to their feud.

Spike Lee is known for making serious movies and he should continue to make serious movies. Tyler Perry is known for making comedy movies and he should continue making comedies. If anything, the two should collaborate on their films. Lee helped open the door for filmmakers such as Tyler Perry and Perry has taken things to the next level with his deals with Lionsgate Entertainment and TBS. The two should be mentoring the next filmmaker who will make even more history.


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