Joe Budden publicly blasts Esther Baxter

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

Joe Budden has had his fair share of video vixens throughout his career. Following a split from one, he quickly finds himself in the hands of another woman. Regardless of the woman, each relationship has a bad ending.

Most recently, Joe Budden has been spending time with veteran vixen, Esther Baxter. After breaking up with Somaya Reece, Budden began dating her. Earlier today, Joe Budden announced his split from Baxter.

In the most public way possible, Joe Budden called out his former girlfriend. The New Jersey rapper accused her of trying to play him. Among many derogatory names, Budden compared her to Kat Stacks.

Joe Budden released a series of Twitter statuses calling Baxter out. In one update, Budden asked Baxter how she could sleep with one man while she is pregnant with another man's child. Obviously hurt by the situation, Joe Budden said he will be moving on. The rapper also called Esther Baxter a whore among other dirty names.

As Joe Budden was insulting Esther Baxter, she ended up replying to her ex. Responding to his accusation of having an abortion, Baxter said she does not kill babies, but someone else does. Baxter said she does not care what Budden has to say and accused him of being responsible for them losing their child. Esther Baxter said Joe Budden beat her while she was pregnant, causing her to lose the baby and has pictures for proof.

Not only did Joe Budden vent through Twitter, he also released a freestyle which details the entire relationship with Esther Baxter. In the new song, Joe Budden also tells about his relationship with Tahiry, another video vixen. Budden said Baxter was having sex with NFL player, Derrick Ward, while she was pregnant with his child.

There are no issues between Joe Budden and Derrick Ward. Budden said Ward was cool about everything, saying Baxter told him she left Budden in January. Ward also said he had no idea she was pregnant too.


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