Bilal talks Raising Autistic Son and "Little Ones" video

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Last month, Bilal released the video for "Little Ones," a song about his fatherhood. The video focuses in on the theme of Austism, something that resonates with Bilal. When his eldest son, Bashir, was four years old, he was diagnosed with Autism.

When discussing the "Little Ones" song, Bilal said he wanted to do a song for the fathers. So many times, artists create songs about the mothers and from the mother's perspective. Bilal said his song is one he did speficially for his sons.

Dealing with an Autistic son is a heavy task, but Bilal is very active in helping his son. The singer said he monitors his diet, placing him on a gluten-free diet. He has also given him a workout schedule and music to listen to.

Bilal said his son is very hyper-active and he often has to calm him down. The exercises help Bashir to calm down, along with the drum set he purchased for him. Bilal often talks to parents of other Autistic children to see how they handle their child's Autism. He said it is cool to see the different ways parents handle the issue in order to help their children.

The "Little Ones" video will be on JR later today.


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