Akon discusses spending $50,000 at Rhode Island strip club

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

While on tour, hip hop and R&B artists need some form of entertainment. For years, there have been rumors about various celebrities hooking up with people during their stops. With the expansion of the internet and other online media, entertainers are caught with their pants down more often.

Rappers have turned this into another way they can boast about how much money they have. Birdman went to a strip club and was said to have spent $100,000. Rick Ross claimed to have spent $1 million at the popular King of Diamonds strip club. However, one of the strippers claimed he was lying about this.

Akon is known for providing hooks for many of the popular rappers and he also needs entertainment. Recently, he was in Rhole Island and he went to a local strip club. But, when he tried to enter, he was denied because he did not have state identification. Because of who he is, Akon expected to be able to enter the club with no hassle, he was fooled and forced to leave.

In order to prove a point, Akon went to another strip club and he spent a whopping $50,000 at the club and no one complained about him being from out of state.


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