Tyler Perry extends partnership with Lionsgate

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

In 2004, Tyler Perry made the leap from being a successful playwright into a bonafide filmmaker. His film idea, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, was accepted by Lionsgate and they agreed to distribute his film. The film ended up being a box office success.

Tyler Perry gained national acclaim for his success and soon entered a partnership with Lionsgate Entertainment. For the past six years, Perry has released two films each year and each of them has been box office gold. No filmmaker in history has had a run like Tyler Perry.

In the midst of all this success, Tyler Perry's contract with Lionsgate expired. Lionsgate is very much so invested in Perry and his projects. For his sitcoms, Perry teamed up with Dembar-Mecury and they got his shows on TBS. Before long, Lionsgate acquired Dembar-Mercury, investing in all of Perry's ventures, and they landed a similar deal for Ice Cube and his film and sitcom ventures.

Tyler Perry quickly extended his contract with Lionsgate Entertainment. The deal includes his upcoming films, which could feature Perry as a star, director, producer, or writer, his sitcoms, his plays, and his own film companies.


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