Jerry Wonda says The Fugees are 'Definitely Getting Back Together'

Thursday, April 7, 2011

By The Music Scoop
JR Staff Writer

Ever since The Fugees broke up in the late 1990s, there have been rumors of the group reuniting. In 2004, there were rumors stating Lauryn Hill was going to release a new album, produced by Wyclef Jean. She was also rumored to be helping Pras reach a truce with Wycelf and The Fugees were to reunite.

In 2006, a brief reunion took place. The result of this reunion was their "Take it Easy" single. Initially, the reunion was heavily promoted, with the song being featured in a commercial. But, slowly, the project fell apart. Before an album could be released, each member of the group went their separate ways.

Wycelf Jean has been the only artist from The Fugees to maintain a successful career. Lauryn Hill has only released one solo album, to date. Pras has been out of the spotlight ever since the group broke up. Earlier this year, Pras and Wycelf ended their feud, but both denied this was the first step in another Fugees reunion.

Jerry Wonda was a very happy man during the 1990s when The Fugees were dominating the charts on all levels. Wonda was the manager of the group and he was a little hurt when the group decided it was best to take some time off. As the manager for the group, Wonda wanted them to continue making their money until it was really over. Now, years later, Wonda says he has been in contact with all the members and he is highly confident The Fugees will be getting back together.

Wonda was quoted saying The Fugees were "definitely getting back together."


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