Tony Lesesne, the King of Hollywood, Florida

Friday, March 11, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

For nearly twenty years, Tony Lesesne has been making moves in the business arena of South Florida. In 1992, Lesesne started InFocus magazine, which has since become a tremendous success. Lesesne has been able to keep a broad focus for the magazine, not subjecting it to categories.

Not only is InFocus one of the top magazines in South Florida, but it is also a part of the Lesesne Media Group. Outside of the magazine, the company also specializes in video production. The company produces "AutoFocus with Tony Lesesne," which runs in companion with the InFocus magazine.

Tony Lesesne has accomplished things most people only dream of, but he still wants more. Even with his company being among the most popular, each year, he saw a way to expand. In late 2009, Lesesne decided to enter the filmmaking world. Tony Lesesne spent most of 2010 working on several films and made a big name for himself.

For nearly twenty years, Tony Lesesne has been Hollywood, but not the Hollywood all over television. His company is based out of Hollywood, Florida and has a very strong presence in the community. Lesesne has used this presence to build a force in the film industry. In an effort to cut costs on his films, Lesesne has his actors filming for free. Because of his company's profile and his connections, actors are working simply because of the experience.

During his trip to the other Hollywood in California, Tony Lesesne impressed many of the big-time filmmakers by pulling something off even they would have trouble doing. Tony Lesesne began his career serving the South Florida area his InFocus magazine. He expanded by also producing several local television shows. Now, he is doing the impossible, making film after film and releasing it to the public, filmed right there in his home base of Hollywood, Florida.


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