Chris Brown over Rihanna "mishap"

Thursday, March 10, 2011

By Mr. Hollywood
JR Staff Writer

The past two years have been rough for Chris Brown. He was on top of the world when his abusive lifestyle was revealed to the entire world. Brown was the top male R&B singer and he had Rihanna for a girlfriend. All of this ended when one of their many fights happened in public.

Brown went from being the most beloved member of the R&B community to being the most hated. With Rihanna, Chris Brown was a favorite in the public eye. But, once he publicly beat her, the media turned against him. The fight hurt Rihanna a little bit, but Chris Brown lost his entire career.

For most of 2010, Chris Brown focused on rebuilding his career from scratch. After his 2009 album failed, Brown hit the mixtape scene and created a hit. The "Deuces" single helped rebuild his career on multiple levels. Initially, Chris Brown only had a small following, but after his star-studded remix lineup, Brown was a beloved star once again.

With his career back on track, Chris Brown is ready to leave the past in the past. He went to Los Angeles and got the restraining order from Rihanna dropped. Rumors suggested Brown was angling to get back with his ex. Upon hearing of this, Rihanna said she had no interest in getting back with Chris Brown. When Brown realized what was going on, he said he was simply trying to rebuild his life. Now that everything is turning out for the best, Chris Brown said he has officially moved past the "mishap" with Rihanna.


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